Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 January Music Report Card

Alright, so I can't bring myself to post a music post every week.  It's too much work, but what I'd like to do (cross your fingers I stick with it) is write up a little summary of the month in music with my picks (from that month's crop) for the big three with The Grammys (SOTY, ROTY, AOTY).  

January already started us off well, with a few GREAT albums and some songs that I expect to hang on to for at least the majority of the year.

Let's start with SOTY (which honors songwriting and musical composition).

05 ~ Give [You Me At Six]

04 ~ You're Gonna Live Forever in Me [John Mayer]

03 ~ Advice [Kehlani]

02 ~ Lights Off [Charlie Cunningham]

01 ~ Lips [The xx]

Moving on to ROTY (which honors the best overall song of the year).

05 ~ Utopia [Austra]

04 ~ In a Body Like a Grave [Japandroids]

03 ~ Lights Off [Charlie Cunningham]

02 ~ Lips [The xx]

01 ~ In My Feelings [Kehlani]

And then we have the big one, AOTY!

05 ~ Future Politics [Austra]

Like Florence Welch gone electronica, Austra's new album does not disappoint.  Beautifully composed and delicately diverse from track to track.

04 ~ 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory [Dropkick Murphys]

Swift kicks to the eardrums; these high energy pieces create a cohesive and rambunctious album that surprises from start to finish.

03 ~ Lines [Charlie Cunningham]

Pure atmospheric sound, just a beautiful composition from start to finish.

02 ~ SweetSexySavage [Kehlani]

Like the ghost of TLC, this album is straight up 90's pop/r&b perfection, with a Rihanna edge.  

01 ~ I See You [The xx]

As a fan of their previous work, this is their MASTERwork; so much texture and depth and diversity here.  A truly passionate album.