Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Season Full of Awards: SAG ~ Nominations

Captain Fantastic
Hidden Figures
Manchester By the Sea

La La Land missing here makes sense even if I predicted that they'd still nominate it.  It is a two-person show with little mention ever of the supporting cast, so the fact that they stuck with ensemble heavy films makes sense.  Captain Fantastic kind of came out of nowhere though.  I had heard rumbling that it could play well, but I didn't believe it.  I guess I was wrong.

Supporting Actress
Viola Davis for Fences
Naomi Harris for Moonlight
Nicole Kidman for Lion
Octavia Spencer for Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams for Manchester By the Sea

So, it is now looking like this is our lineup.  I didn't believe the Spencer nom but she hit here and the Globes so it looks like consensus has settled on her within the ensemble, and she's a previous Oscar winner who many think was snubbed back in 2013, so this makes sense.  What an F-You to #OscarsSoWhite, too, if we get three actresses of color in one category.

Supporting Actor
Mahershala Ali for Moonlight
Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water
Lucas Hedges for Manchester By the Sea
Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins
Dev Patel for Lion

Ali and Bridges are locked in for the Oscars, but this category still feels ripe for a surprise, especially since Silence is a late contender with multiple options going for it in this category alone.  I have faith in Hedges, who has cleaned up this season by proving he's more than just a 'breakthrough' contender.  Almost everyone has nominated him here.  Sadly, Oscar isn't always kind to young actors, and so he could still be snubbed, but I am predicting a nom for him.  Grant and Patel could both happen...but right now I think one of them will be left off for the likes of Liam Neeson.

Lead Actor
Casey Affleck for Manchester By the Sea
Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge
Ryan Gosling for La La Land
Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington for Fences

So, this was the kiss of death for Tom Hanks.  I think he needed this to stay in the race.  I don't think this will be our lineup.  I'm still a little hesitant to trust in the Garfield nom.  I think that Silence could cause confusion as to which performance to nominate and that could lead to him being snubbed.  I also don't wholly trust in Mortensen, who has felt like a fringe contender at best all season.  I still hold out faith that Edgerton will get in.  He didn't hit here, like I expected, but supposedly screeners went out very late and so that could explain it.  His role is such AMPAS bait and so I hate a strong feeling he'll surprise come nomination morning.

Lead Actress
Amy Adams for Arrival
Emily Blunt for The Girl on the Train
Natalie Portman for Jackie
Emma Stone for La La Land
Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins

LMAO a thousand times for the randomness of this Blunt nomination.  OMG!!!  This has made my year.  So...we can count her out immediately, which frees up a spot here (which we know is going to Huppert), but I still think we could see a surprise in the form of Ruth Negga (I know, this seems crazy) replacing Streep.  Adams, Portman and Stone seem locked in.  Whoever takes this will most likely take the Oscar (cough*Stone*cough).


  1. Even if he doesn't win I'd love to see Hugh Grant nominated. He such a reluctant celebrity, which is his right, but almost every time he decides to work he's wonderful and it's painful to think that he's never been given a nod when someone as ordinary as Amy Adams is staring down her umpteenth nomination. GRRRR!

    It's not only that I don't personally like her, I don't-she seems sour and bitchy-but of all her nominations only the first was deserved. Even though I detested Junebug she was quite good but after that she somehow became a fall back choice for work any competent actress could do.

    I'm not happy about the apparent category fraud, and I'd love to read Oscar winning actress Michelle Williams, but I'd love to read the same three words followed by Viola Davis's name so if this is the path she has to take to it I supposed I'm resigned to that fact.

    1. OMG, I love that you call out Adams because...I kind of totally agree with you. She was luminous in Junebug and then...completely average everywhere else, and all the hoopla over her became so overdone I was just turned off.

      That said...what she does in Arrival is the best she's ever been and is completely deserving of the Oscar nod/win in my humble opinion.

      And, from what I hear, Davis going supporting isn't really fraud. The role has ALWAYS gone supporting at the Tony's except for the year she played it and ONLY because the Tony's have a rule about the title card names appearing in the Lead categories, and since she was a name big enough to be on the title cards, she had to be placed lead. The role is, from what I hear, a supporting role since the story is all about the husband.

      Still...I would much prefer Williams win, since she's the better actress...but I'll be ok with Viola's moment...I guess.

    2. I wasn't aware of that title card rule which makes me feel better about the whole situation. Then I'm all for Viola Davis winning since it is a true supporting turn considering she should already have the one Meryl Streep won for one of her worst and most affected performances in The Iron Lady. Plus she's supposedly excellent in the film...always the best time for a win though as Meryl's last win shows not essential unfortunately. At least her previous two were for better work.

      I'm not sure Michelle Williams is a better actress than Viola Davis. They're vastly different performers but both are very skillful purveyors of human emotion. But I definitely hope Williams wins one day.

    3. I am a moderate fan of Viola...but I do find her affected mostly, which is a shame.

      Williams has a more raw, honest quality to her work. Her emotional moment don't feel as calculated. Her work in Blue Valentine and Wendy and Lucy is just masterful.

    4. Having seen Fences on Broadway with Viola and Denzel, I can tell you: Her role FELT like a lead role. My understanding about the film, though, is that it's more of a borderline case because of the tendency on film to have the camera on the person who's speechifying. And that feels about right, since he definitely has a larger speaking part but she's "onstage" for most of the play.

    5. Yeah...I still hear that it's gray...

  2. Replies
    1. I had a feeling this would happen here.

  3. When I saw Emily Blunt's name, I wondered if it was a typo like that year IMDb had Kristen Bell as a Golden Globe nominee for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But nope lol. Like, she was excellent in it, but come on. I'm really rooting for Negga. Loving worries me because both performances are very understated and they might not be flashy enough for the Academy.

    Huppert not getting in for her rapey movie, that was shocking.

    1. The Huppert snub wasn't really shocking since SAG rarely embraces the foreign critical success unless she's in the hunt for a win. They snubbed Cotillard in 2014 as well, despite her raking in critics wins.

      Blunt...she's this year's Hilary Swank!

      Loving worries me, too, but I'm holding out hope even if it's foolish. If voters just WATCH THE MOVIE I can't see how they wouldn't place both names near the top of their lists.

  4. Still hoping for a Hupper nod I mean fuckin' hell what does the woman have to do to get one? Also we saw Manchester last night. It was awesome and Casey and Lucas are getting nominated for sure. As for Michelle, well, she probs get nominated, but she ain't winning SHIT for this part.. She's only in the movie for like, 10 minutes and her character doesn't let her dot o much besides that scene ehre she's bawling in the trailer. I thin this is either Viola or Naomi's year. I like Naomi cos of her James Bond work, but this is probs going to Viola cos she's WAY overdue at this point.

    1. Viola will most likely win this...but if Viola were not in this category, Michelle would take it IN A WALK. Minimal screentime or not, her reviews are RAVES and she has practically split all critics wins with an actress who isn't even a dark horse for a nomination, so...Williams won't only get the nomination but she'll actually contend for the win and most likely come in second.

  5. LOL, I should've tweeted for proof, but I totally called that Blunt nom! It's such a SAG thing to do. I watched Captain Fantastic, and Mortensen is great. The film doesn't feel like an Oscar one at all though, so I'm conflicted. He might get in anyway. :/

    1. I believe you. Poor Blunt...what a string along for a performance with no chance of an Oscar nom!

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