Monday, October 24, 2016

2001 Fisti Awards

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2001.  I feel like I say this a lot, but MY GOD what a year this was.  Now I know what a lot of people think of when they think of the 2001 Oscars; A Beautiful Mind's supposed undeserving Oscar win.  I'll admit, I was heavily rooting for it to win (granted it was the only nominee I had seen at the time) but even after seeing the rest (and preferring quite a few of them) I don't hate this win at all.  It's a very well made and very heartfelt biopic with solid (some stellar) performances throughout and a real arc at the end.  It isn't some cookie cutter flick.  It has thrills, romance, drama and bleeding emotion and it all feels honest.

Hate all you want, but I still love the movie.

Not enough for it to make my BP ballot, but this year was too strong for that.  

As a side note, this is the ONLY Oscar ceremony I actually turned off on purpose because a surprise win had me seething with anger, and yes that win was Washington over Crowe because as much as I like Training Day and even like Washington's performance, that was Crowe's Oscar and that loss tragically robbed one of our greatest working actors of his shot at being a two-time Academy Award winner.

But being honest, neither deserved the win in that lineup.

Now, one really interesting thing about this particular awards is that, despite how awesome this year was as a whole, 15 of the 17 awards given out here go to the five films nominated for Best Picture.  Wealth was not spread that much here, but these five films deserve every ounce of praise and accolades they can muster.

And on that note I present to you the Fisti Awards of 2001!

Award's Tally

[4 Wins]

A.I. Artificial Intelligence
In the Bedroom

[3 Win]

Moulin Rouge!

[2 Win]

Mulholland Drive

[1 Win]

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings
The Man Who Wasn't There


  1. For me, Ghost World would be my pick for Best Film of 2001 as well as for Best Adapted Screenplay. Best Director for David Lynch with Naomi Watts as Best Actress for Mulholland Dr. which would also get Best Score, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Sound. Best Actor would go to John Cameron Mitchell for Hedwig and the Angry Inch while Best Supporting Actress would be Maribel Verdu for Y Tu Mama Tambient where Chivo would get Best Cinematography. Editing, costumes, makeup, and art direction would go to Moulin Rouge!. Lord of the Rings would get Best Visual Effects and why did you nominate Pearl Harbor? Those visual effects sucked and it was completely inaccurate in how the planes were. Plus, it had a shot from the viewpoint of a fucking bomb. That is obscene and it is among the many reasons why I think it's the worst film ever made.

    2001 is an incredible year in cinema as there was so much awesomeness out there. The Oscars pretty much got it wrong that year. Here is my list of the best films of 2001 so far...

    1. LOVE so many of your wins. Ghost World is a great film and was very close to cracking in more places (especially Supporting Actress). Lynch winning for director and screenplay is aces, and Mulholland Drive was SO CLOSE to cracking my sound ballot (it was 6th).

      I haven't seen Hedwig. It was on my list of stuff to see before posting these and then I got burnt out on 2001 films and decided to move on. I'll see it one day, for sure.

      I have Y Tu Mama Tambien in 2002, where it racks up MANY noms.

      As far as Pearl movie is awful, but the effects are fine, and it's not like this year is all that wonderful for Special Effects outside of A.I. and LOTR, so it's there to complete a ballot (which as it is is only a partial ballot since I went with 3 noms and not 5).

  2. Blecccchhhhhh to into Boredom..hahahaaaa you know I was goi g to say something like that and you are reeling and doing a head smack right now:) I like American Beauty and feel it is good. I think it is sometimes the hip thing to do to talk so negatively about a film that won awards. There are some films I have not seen yet like Amelie. I also have to see Sexy Beast but knowing how great Ben Kingsley is, I would say he should get the award but wonder if he should be up for best actor...but again, I have not seen the film. I think Lord of the Rings deserves best score by far. I love the whole score and want the cd and I thought it was a crime that May It Be did not win and still vote for the song. I also give them for special effects and best costumes but do admit that Moulin Rouge was great for the costumes. I don't think Jennifer Connelly should have won the Oscar for that role but do agree that Crowe was robbed and would have given him the award. I love Tom Wilkinson but there is just much I can watch of him. Cutting his hedges or mowing the lawn😀😈

    1. LOL! I know you hate In the Bedroom, but you know I love it (top ten of all time love it).

      Amelie is such a lovable film. Sexy Beast is also quite great, and Kingsley is incredible (one of his best perfs) and definitely Supporting. It's Winstone's movie and Kingsley is only in the first half, but he's killer in the role.

      LOTR has a good score, for sure, but this year was rich in that category and I stand by my 5.

      Crowe...Wilkinson...we're winners either way!

    2. I have to re-listen to the other scores but I just fell in Love with the LOTR score. Isn't this the year where they picked that rap song to win best song?? Bleccchhhh. I meant to say The Others is excellent and Nicole Kidman was excellent in that role. When the kids find what was hidden under the leaves and they look up to see the 3 walking towards them, I was in total freak out mode. I would give a nod to Fionala Flannigan also( not sure I spelled her name correctly).

    3. I had to go look at what other movies came out and I would have to give Jude Law a nod fro Enemy at the Gates and Billy Bob Thornton and Peter Boyle from Monster's Ball. One thing I'm surprised you didn't pick was the great movie Glitter...hahahahaaa

    4. The rap song was the following year, for 8 Mile, and it's one of the most deserved Song wins ever!

      Flannigan is amazing in The Others.

    5. Jude Law was good in Enemy at the Gates, but FLAWLESS in A.I., thus his nom for the latter.

      Glitter...shame, shame, shame...

    6. I had to get you with Glitter...hahahaaa I can't rap my head around Rap and hate the me old. I do love Jude law in AI and I agree with you on his acting performance in AI which I love and don't understand why so many don't

    7. For some reason I think many are over Jude Law, which is a shame considering how incredible of an actor he is.

  3. All my awards would go to Amelie for this year, I mean fuck, that movie is now one of my all time top ten! Mullholand Dr. is the ultimate in mind fuckery, never seen In The Bedroom, I got turned off from AI after a review I watched from the Nostalgia Critic a few years ago, and Moulin Rouge was WAY to cartooney for me even by Baz Luhrmann's standards. Also I kept wanting to punch Nicole Kidman's face in whenever her character was on screen, so annoying! And now that I say so Amelie and Rouge are basically on the same level of absurdness, aren't they? lol. I think I'd also give supporting actress to Frances McDormand for The Man Who Wasn't There, watched that recently and it was so effective!

    1. LOVE the Amelie love. It's such a delightful film. It's very different from Moulin, though, so I get you loving the one and hating the other. Moulin is OTT from start to finish, but I feel like it works within Baz's world and feels organic despite how preposterous the whole thing is. It's the definition of 'spectacle' and I just adore it.

    2. Speaking of spectacle, looks like we might be doing a film analysis for Hugo for my English class! I've never actually seen Hugo all the way through lol

    3. Hugo is a beautiful film.


    4. I'll have to finish at some point then! btw this isn't really related but are you into video games at all?

    5. Nope. Don't have the time.

    6. Hmmm, would you be at all interested in watching one in the form of a movie?

    7. Possibly...depends on the subject, I guess.

    8. Cool! I'm thinking of doing a second blog for gaming and doing some kind of awards for games. xD

    9. You could always just post them on your current blog. It's not like your blog name has anything to do with film, so you could very well make it a blog about all your artistic interests. Hell, I post music awards here (and my site specifically has FILM in the title). I'm all for keeping things in one's easier to keep track of and to maintain traffic.

    10. This is true. xD btw could you do me a favor maybe? I have to interview people from different age groups for a project in my psych class, and I was wondering if you'd be willing to help? The "interview" is only a word doc with 10 questions on it by the way xD

    11. I do appreciate you thinking of me, buddy, but I barely have time to check my email, let alone do an interview. Sorry.

  4. I'll disagree slightly with your loving paean to A Beautiful Mind at the top. I thought it was a fine movie the first time I saw it, but I find that it has less and less to offer me with rewatches.

    The Royal Tenenbaums didn't get a lot of love from you for these awards, and I'd put it in more places. It's also worth saying that two of my favorite movies of all time were from this year. Amelie was rightly nommed in a number of categories by you, but The Devil's Backbone goes ignored. I get that horror isn't an Oscar-y genre, but there's some real beauty in that movie.

    Love the win for Marisa Tomei in a great role for her.

    It's also evident that you like Moulin Rouge! and A.I. a lot more than I do.

    1. You are not alone in your feelings towards A Beautiful Mind.

      The Royal Tenenbaums was in my Top 12 of the year and managed to rack up 4 noms, while resting in the top 12 of a lot of other categories, so while it didn't get 'a lot' of love, I still loved it.

      I...haven't seen The Devil's Backbone. It's one of those films that has eluded me for years. It's been on my watchlist forever and yet I've never actually watched it. I will have to make it a priority at some point.

    2. The best way to describe The Devil's Backbone is to start with Pan's Labyrinth. Realize that the budget was smaller, so it has much less in the way of effects. Change the girl into a boy, the setting from a fascist military camp to an orphanage. Make it a ghost story instead of a fairy tale.

      That sounds like a lot of changes, but the two films are spiritually connected in a lot of ways. They are very much siblings.

    3. I'm a very big fan of Pan's Labyrinth, so I'm intrigued for sure!

  5. I love everything about these Fistis except AI. I HATED that movie so much. lol.

    I need to watch In The Bedroom. I've seen bits and pieces, but never the entire thing. Huge oversight on my part.

    1. NOOOOO!!!! You HATE A.I.?!?!?! UGH, I love that movie with all my heart.

      In the Bedroom is a VERY slow burn of a film, but it packs a wallop and is one of the best character studies on grief I've ever laid eyes on.

  6. Don't ask me to pick favorites for this year, I can't do it. I mean, where to stop with my Best Picture category with Amelie, Devil's Backbone, Fellowship of the Ring, Ghost World, Gosford Park, In the Bedroom, Memento, Monsters Inc., Moulin Rouge, The Others, and The Royal Tenenbaums?!?! (And not to mention Takashi Miike's brilliant, bonkers Audition if you count it in this year)

    At any rate, my winner is EASILY Fellowship of the Ring, with only Moulin Rouge and Amelie putting up a good fight. Gun to my head, Memento and Tenenbaums round out the Top Five but ONLY because of the gun.

    Actress is Kidman (WINNER for Moulin Rouge! and The Others), Tautou, Spacek, Witherspoon, and Zellweger. I LOVE your nom for Dunst, though. Haven't seen that movie since it came out, but remember her being really good in it.

    Actor is John Cameron Mitchell, Hackman, McGregor, Pearce, and Wilkinson (WINNER).

    Supporting Actor is Broadbent (LOVE your win for him), Law (what a GENIUS performance), McKellen (WINNER), Owen (in Gosford Park), and Pantoliano (in Memento).

    Supporting Actress is Mirren, Moss (WINNER for Memento), Paltrow (VERY CLOSE runner up), Smith, and Tomei (LOVE her win here). Although I really could just nominate all the women from Gosford Park and be perfectly fine with it.

    Among the other delights in these Fistis is Yann Tiersen's lovely buoyant score for Amelie getting the win. I love that music SO MUCH.

    I don't really love A.I. as much as I probably should. The ending just ruined it, frankly. It was a pretty long movie as it was, but then everything after he jumps into the water just lost me. I found it completely out of sync with the rest of the film preceding it to the point where it almost completely spoiled the whole thing for me. However, up until that point it's pretty great, and cinematography, editing, costuming, production design, and scoring are all top-notch. It would win none of those categories for me, though, because they would all (except Score) go to Moulin Rouge!, which is so superbly original and perfect in all those respects. It still feels new every time I see it, which is no small feat.

    1. I'm so...not into LOTR. I watched all three for the first time a year ago and I watched them in succession and they just rolled into each other as one giant blur or overlong scenes that basically felt like redundancies of "run", "fight", "run", "fight" and I just didn't care after hour #37.

      That said, the rest of your BP ballot is delicious.

      NO WATTS IN ACTRESS?!?!?! What the hell?

      Love that Wilkinson is your winner. Love that you nom Owen. UGH, the Gosford women. I came close to nominating Scott Thomas over Mirren...very close. They are all so uniformly brilliant.

      Tiersen's score is one of the greatest of all time, and while I know that some balk as a win for him because a lot of his previously recorded music is used in the film, the fact remains that he DID record new music for the film and it is used and it is glorious.

      I loved the ending of A.I. and felt like it grounded it in a very real and beautiful place, but that film just takes me places many films don't.

    2. I.... haven't seen Mullholland Drive.

      SHUT UP! I KNOW!

      See, watching all the LOTR movies in succession was a mistake. For me, the first was so magical and so tremendous at world-building. It's a fantasy masterpiece.

      I totally understand people who loved the ending of A.I., but it didn't work for me. I was a VERY cynical person at the time.

    3. When I walked out of the theater back in 01...I hated it. I've since seen it many times and with each watch I love it more and more.

      See Mulholland Drive. No lie, Watts gives a performance FOR THE AGES!

  7. Looking at your BP lineup I think we’re going to have quite a bit of disparity this time since several of those are films that I disdain.

    Ack! We share only one choice-your winner and not a single one of your others are films that I enjoyed much at all. Moulin Rouge is beautiful looking but I was bored, I never understood what all the shouting was about over Mulholland, Amelie was sweet but no more and A.I. was something I might have liked better if it had ended at the proper place. In the Bedroom is a dark sad story but beautifully done.

    My Choices:
    The Deep End
    Gosford Park-Winner
    In the Bedroom
    The Others

    Well at least my winner is in your long list. I love my other four but Altman's application of his signature overlapping style to both an Agatha Christie style mystery and a Merchant/Ivory period piece is dazzling.

    I usually like Spielberg and there are some good touches throughout A.I. but the blown final portion of the film left me cold.

    My Choices:
    Robert Altman-Gosford Park-Winner
    Todd Field-In the Bedroom
    Richard Kelly-Danny Darko
    Ray Lawrence-Lantana
    David Lynch-Mulholland Drive

    Well were a little closer here with two matches and my winner again in your long list. Both Lynch and Kelly created twisty unhinged worlds in their films. Lawrence and Field somewhat suffocating ones but with the cream of the British acting world at his disposal Altman expertly guides us though the complicated maze of Gosford Park, keeping it constantly involving and fun.

    And were back to one match though this time our match is your winner and he was my runner up. Wilkinson is just brilliant in such a complex part.

    My Choices:
    Lior Ashkenazi-Late Marriage
    Ryan Gosling-The Believer
    Anthony La Paglia-Lantana-Winner
    Nanni Moretti-The Son’s Room
    Tom Wilkinson-In the Bedroom
    Runner-Up- Stefano Accorsi-His Secret Life, Paul Dano-L.I.E., John Cameron Mitchell-Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Alan Rickman-Blow Dry

    Gosling is chilling in Believer and Ashkenazi terrific showing the frustration of dealing with the pressures from his family to relinquish his bachelorhood in Late Marriage. Moretti and Wilkinson are great dealing with very disorienting and tragic situations but my vote goes to the underappreciated La Paglia who offers a portrayal of great subtlety in Lantana. I was surprised to see you have him in supporting, to me he was the anchor of the movie.

    1. YAY, I love when we're all over the place...and I love it even more when your ballots are littered with noms that I was sad to snub.

      Lantana and The Others are GREAT films, but Gosford Park is the one films I was aching to nominate for BP/D and just missed...I love it SO MUCH! I'm so happy it wins both awards from you. Tremendous film.

      I have Ashkenazi in 02...where he wins (spoiler). Brilliant performance/film that haunts in all the right ways. I placed LaPaglia in supporting because the whole film felt like a well oiled ensemble with no real clear lead, for me. Similar to my feelings on L.A. Confidential, where many claim Crowe the lead and I firmly place him in supporting.

    2. Moulin Rouge... BORED YOU? That's the first time I've ever heard THAT ONE lol!

      I'm also now kicking myself for forgetting Late Marriage and Lior Ashkenazi. GREAT film/performance.

    3. You can talk about Ashkenazi and his brilliant performance in that brilliant film when I post my 2002 Fisti Awards ;-)

  8. Actress:
    This was a category with a rich field of choices, the strongest of the entire year-even our long lists don’t share many names. That’s great but made winnowing down to five so tough. While I appreciated the weirdness of Mulholland Drive in some ways I ultimately didn’t like the film but one thing I did admire was Watts, an actress I usually find unimpressive, just not enough for her to make my final five.

    My Choices:
    Margherita Buy-His Secret Life
    Glenn Close-The Safety of Objects
    Charlotte Rampling-Under the Sand
    Sissy Spacek-In the Bedroom-Winner
    Reese Witherspoon-Legally Blonde
    Runner-Up-Stockard Channing-The Business of Strangers, Dakota Fanning-I Am Sam, Isabelle Huppert-The Piano Teacher, Nicole Kidman-The Others, Tilda Swinton-The Deep End, Naomi Watts-Mulholland Drive

    Reese's sunny megawatt star performance as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is certainly the most enjoyable of the year, that she manages to instill so much depth into what would seem a surface character is impressive. Buy is compelling as a woman who finds herself both suddenly widowed and confronted with secrets exposed beyond her imagining. My choice though came down between the troubled mothers portrayed by Glenn and Sissy and Charlotte’s baffled wife whose husband vanishes. Rampling goes so deeply under the surface of Marie to show how she slowly comes to grips with something no one can ever be fully prepared for. Glenn’s deeply conflicted Esther is beautiful work but as the flinty controlling Ruth Sissy, turning her earth mother persona inside out, reveals a whole new layer of her talent. She should have won the actual prize this year.

    Supporting Actor:
    Broadbent, an actor I really like, didn’t do much for me in Moulin Rouge but the picture left me cold overall. I loved Kingsley in Sexy Beast but I had him in 2000 so I left him there. Glad to see Cox made your list.

    My Choices:
    Adrien Brody-Harrison's Flowers
    Brian Cox-L.I.E.-Winner
    Hayden Christenson-Life as a House
    Edward Hermann-The Cat's Meow
    Goran Visnjic-The Deep End
    Runner-Up-Alan Bates-Gosford Park, Ray Liotta-Heartbreakers

    Some really great work, and Visnjic’s brooding somewhat feral work is my runner up, but Cox’s complex performance is pretty much unbeatable.

    Supporting Actress:
    Looks like the closest we’re going to get this time is two picks but at last we have a match!! I haven’t seen Diaz because a movie costarring her with Cruise is my idea of nothing to do but Winslet is very fine in Iris though I D-E-T-E-S-T-E-D O’Connor’s character in A.I. Tomei though is just staggering.

    My Choices:
    Kelly MacDonald-Gosford Park
    Helen Mirren-Gosford Park
    Doris Roberts-All Over the Guy
    Kristen Scott-Thomas-Life as a House
    Marisa Tomei-In the Bedroom-Winner
    Runner-Up-Barbara Hershey-Lantana

    MacDonald, up against a cast full of some of the finest performers around, gives such a quiet intricate performance that the audience doesn't realize until the end just how sharp she is. Mirren, superior as always, nails her big scene but the remainder of her role is filled with revealing touches. Kristen shows the complexities of her character dipping beneath the surface to make a part that could have been one note come alive. Doris Roberts's part is small but her wise, warm reading of Esther adds a poignancy to the film that would be absent otherwise. Tomei shows that all the derision thrown at her over her win for My Cousin Vinny was undeserved with her dynamite piece of work as the damaged woebegone Natalie.

    Though I wasn’t a fan of either film those tech wins for both A.I. & Moulin Rouge are deserved, that was an area of strength for both.

    1. UGH, Actress was SO HARD TO NARROW DOWN, but I love that you nominate Rampling. Such a brilliant performance. I haven't even heard of His Secret Life or The Safety of Objects. I'm surprised with all your love for The Deep End that Swinton misses your ballot.

      Cox was my runner-up and almost snagged the award from Broadbent, but I just adored his showman so much...messy, chaotic and OTT but infectiously so.

      KST for Life as a House...over her tremendous work in Gosford Park? I almost nominated her over Mirren to be honest. I just love everything KST does with her body, all the time, she's such a full bodied actress...but Mirren's final scene is a complete film stealer.


    2. I absolutely ADORE your nom for Doris Roberts in All Over the Guy! It's too much of a cameo for me to ever do the same, but it really is wonderful. I also LOVE Kelly MacDonald in Gosford Park, and she never gets any love for that performance.

    3. Tilda is tremendous in Deep End but with such a crowded category she ended up as my sixth place finisher which I think really shows just how packed it was.

      Have you seen the film The Deep End is based on, The Reckless Moment with Joan Bennett and James Mason? It's great and both the leads are incredible.

      ALL the performances in Gosford Park are so good with KST one of the best but I didn't want my list to be just a litany of that cast and she added an awful lot to her role in Life as a House in a part that could have been a nothing.

    4. I need to see this All Over the Guy movie, apparently. Never even heard of it.

    5. To be honest, Joel, I haven't even seen The Deep End...I was just curious why Tilda didn't make your ballot. I'll have to seek out both movies now.

    6. Reckless Moment & Deep End are very different beasts even though they stay true to the original basis story of the novel just tweaked in various ways.

      Reckless Moment was directed by Max Ophuls in between Letter from an Unknown Woman and La Ronde and bears much of his style while hewing to the conventions of 40's filmmaking. Deep End on the other hand is more meditative but still manages a tense vibe. What both have in common is a showpiece performance by their female lead and a very strong supporting one from the main male performer.

    7. Daniel-I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my admiration for Kelly MacDonald in Gosford! She's never flashy but in her quiet way she drives that movie and her last few scenes are so sharply played while staying true to her character.

    8. Well, we know I'm a fan of I'm all in for Reckless Moment!

    9. Judging/ranking the Gosford women is so hard because that whole cast is so uniformly brilliant, and those actresses bring so much naturalness to their performances, but MacDonald is very, very good.

  9. Goddamn, do I fucking hate In the Bedroom and Tomei's atrocious performance. I do love AI. Saddest movie I have ever seen in my entire life, though. Never gonna see it again but it's beautiful and waaaay ahead of its time maybe even if it was released today.

    You're not nominating Connelly? I think she was a fantastic win. I actually do find the movie to be extremely cookie cutter (that scene where they paint the stars is one of the worst things I've seen) but her performance elevates that movie

    1. Tomei...atrocious? WTF! That performance is ACHINGLY beautiful...just everything...UGH.

      I'm do like Connelly and her perf and do not hate her win as many do, but Supporting Actress was super crowded so I threw her in Lead (since the perf is somewhat borderline) and she made my 12 there.

      And YES, A.I. is heartbreaking and yet so beautiful and rich and ahead of its time for sure.

  10. So many great films! So many great noms/wins!

    Love that Lantana nabbed two noms! LaPaglia would've been my win in either category. Easily one of the most underrated performances of the decade for me.

    In the Bedroom and Mulholland Drive just missed my top 5. LOVE that A.I. made your new BP lineup, and that Spielberg win is awesome! I still think time will be very kind to that film.

    Ugh, I could give Art Direction to either Moulin Rouge! or A.I. Honestly, it's a coin toss.

    Glad that McGregor (and Cox, of course) made the cut this time. I wish I had room for him!

    I still like A Beautiful Mind, so no complaints from me. Devastated that Crowe lost the Oscar, but I do think Washington's upset is one of the coolest Best Actor wins in recent memory. So, I have mixed emotions on that one.

    1. Knew you'd be happy about the Lantana noms, and that Spielberg win! Moulin and A.I. were practically tech category dominant, and they certainly deserved those noms/wins. Coin toss, for real.

      I've healed from the Crowe loss, but I was a newbie to Oscar and was not happy with that shock. Washington's perf is very showy and fun and it is a very 'fun' win, but over Crowe and Wilkinson?


  11. I really admire your moxie in giving Best Director to Spielberg. Bold bold pick. I am one who just never figured out how to feel about A.I. and then never watched it again. What I remember is how unreal great it looks.

    I must admit that Mulholland Drive is a conundrum I never bothered with again after the first time. I regret I haven't seen it since. And Moulin Rouge was better back then. I have no desire to see it again at this point. Amelie is a stone cold classic in a great year for comedy (see the 5-6? on my list below).

    I really like A Beautiful Mind as well. But it wouldn't make my top five. The true winner for me, you, and what should've been the Oscars is the masterpiece that it In the Bedroom. I have NEVER been more affected emotionally than the first time I watched that movie. It is as if it was yesterday. Good God! That cast. Those performances. Great pick!

    My 2001 Top Ten:

    10. Wet Hot American Summer/Super Troopers
    9. A Beautiful Mind
    8. Ocean's Eleven
    7. Monster's Inc.
    6. Amelie
    5. Vanilla Sky
    4. Donnie Darko
    3. The Royal Tenenbaums
    2. Y Tu Mamá También
    1. In the Bedroom

    Great stuff as usual, friend!

    1. YASSS to the In the Bedroom love. So happy to have a fellow believer in it's power.

      I hope you give Mulholland and A.I. another shot to see how you feel about them now. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

      Also...I have Y Tu Mama Tambien in 2002...otherwise it would have made my ballot for sure.