Saturday, September 3, 2016

2000 Fisti Awards

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2000.  This is a really weird year for me.  This is the year that I lost my Oscar virginity.  This is the year that I found God, and by God I do mean Russell Crowe.  This is the year that changed everything for me as a film-watcher.

I saw the light and the light was Gladiator.

For the longest time whenever anyone asked me what my favorite movie was, Gladiator spilled from my lips without hesitation.  Time has passed a great deal since 2000, though, and my cinephile tastes have evolved.  Gladiator doesn't even land on my BP ballot for this year.  That being said, when my friends ask me for my favorite movie, I still respond with Gladiator.  Why?  Because I'm always in the mood to watch it.  It's my happy place.  Pop me in front of a TV with a beer and a pizza and put on this movie and I'm in heaven.  Is it the best film of the year?  No, but does that matter.

Besides, none of my friends have ever heard of Mommy.

On that note, I present to you the Fisti Awards of 2000!

Award's Tally

[3 Wins]

In the Mood for Love
Requiem for a Dream

[2 Wins]

Billy Elliot
The Cell
Dancer in the Dark

[1 Win]

American Psycho
Hollow Man
Jesus' Son


  1. Your friends haven't heard of Mommy? That is sad. Here is my list of the Best Films of 2000. There's no Gladiator in the list because I think the film is overrated. Plus, I'm going by premiere date rather than theatrical release date.

    1. Love seeing In the Mood for Love at #2. I like Almost Famous...but it's not a film I love as much as a lot of others do.

    2. I pretty much sobbed and sobbed and cried uncontrollably for an hour after seeing 'Dancer in the Dark'...vowing to never see that film again. It definitely had an effect on me! Good movie.

    3. Dancer's finale is heartbreaking...just crushing. I cry every time.

  2. Oh the year 2000... and I was 16 years younger! It's so weird b/c it doesn't feel like it was that long ago, but it was. I distinctly remember seeing 'Crouching...' 'Gladiator,' 'The Cell,' 'U571,' 'Castaway,' and 'Perfect Storm' in the theater. I actually will always have a bad memory associated w/ Perfect Storm b/c I went to see that film by myself when my now husband (then fiancee) dumped me! It probably wasn't the best breakup film to see. Clearly we reconciled and have been married ever for a long time now, but that was a bad movie month for me!

    1. Ouch, that would have been rough. I had a similar experience with (500) Days of Summer...not the best film to see when you're having relationship troubles.

  3. Goddamnit I feel old! I was only 3 on 2000 XD But seriously, I only watched Gladiator for the first time in the last year and it really was everything everyone said it was! xD I still need to see In the Mood, and Dancer is EVERYTHING for me this year XD Also I think I'd give Phoenix a joint win for his work in both Quills and Gladiator! ;)

    1. Phoenix's work in Quills is a quiet storm of revelatory work...but his Oscar nominated work in Gladiator always feels a bit too OTT...I don't hate it (and I love the film, obviously), but I vastly prefer his work in Quills.

      LOL, YOU feel old? I was 15 back in 2000.

    2. Yeah, I was like 22 in 2000! So no, neither one of you are old!

  4. LOVE that you tell people your favorite movie is Gladiator. It’s one that I usually watch for a while if I catch it on TV. Still love it!

    I’m SO here for the In the Mood for Love wins and the resurgence of Requiem for a Dream!

    Sad that Clooney and Peet fell off, but they have great replacements.

    Just What I Need!!! Ugh, your Song lineup is awesome! I still haven’t seen Frequency, but I’ve always liked that Garth Brooks song.

    1. Yeah, Gladiator is just that film that I'm always in the mood to watch.

      I felt bad knocking Requiem off my BP ballot...but it still walks away with three wins, and despite Aronofsky losing in Director now, he still has a Fisti for his screenplay.

      I think my growing dislike for Clooney in general hurt him here. I still really love what he does in O Brother...but the way I feel about him then is how I feel about Ruffalo now and so the swap was very easy to make. They were always battling over the 5th spot, anyways, but realizing that I could have given Ruffalo the win here gave him the edge. Like...I honestly debated doing that.

      That Brooks song gives me ALL the feels...and the way it's played in the film...UGH...lump in the throat, tears down the cheeks EVERY TIME!

    2. LOL, I totally thought you gave Requiem MORE noms. :/

    3. I think it balances out to the same amount, actually...I took it out of BP but gave Burstyn a nom, which she didn't have last time.

      Director/Screenplay/Film Editing/Sup. Actress/Score were always there.

  5. So now you're... 31? Cool! Oh and for the record, I may be 19, but most people think I'm like, 40, cos I look OLD! XD But back to movies, I still need to see more from this year before I do my awards for it, but I defiantly wanna give actor and actress nods to the kid and Monica Bellucci from Melena, and Michelle Yeoh for Crouching Tiger :P

    1. Woooooooot? omg it's so good! How haven't you seen it? XD

    2. I just never got around to it. It was never a priority...but I'll have to change that.

    3. You better! It's like an Italian Summer of '42, accept it actually has personality XD

    4. Man what do you do to deal with stress? Cos right now I feel like Natalia Swan's character in Black Portman... wait wut

    5. Err...that's for a whole other conversation.

    6. Sorry. I have a cold rn and an avalanche of college work so my mind's kinda fried atm ^^;

    7. Great to hear :3 I think I'm starting to feel better too haha. I wanna do a 2010 awards now but I still need to see so many films XD Any suggestions?


      All of the above ;-)

      Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    9. Gah! Paint keeps being uncooperative. I still don't understand how you make your images look so nice in such a bare-bones program xD

    10. I've never had any issues with it. Works fine for me :-D

    11. But it's stuff like not being able to move images around when you put them somewhere and not being able to crop stuff that's REAL annoying >~< Ooh! What if you made like, a guide to show your process when you make them? That'd be convenient for people xD

    12. lol, but you can do all those things, rather easily too.

    13. True. But still, doesn't make it any less creepy that Paint is somehow harder to use the Photoshop xD

    14. At least for me it, keeping in mind I've hardly touched in since about 8th grade xD

  6. Who are these people you're hanging out with who've never heard of Mommy? I'm seriously concerned about your choice of friends. :-P

    I haven't see In the Mood for Love. I'll check it out.

    1. LOL...I'm the sole cinephille in my group, sadly...which is why I need my blogging friends.

  7. 2000 is a very special year to me. The Oscar ceremony where Gladiator won Best Picture was the first ceremony I've ever watched and it was pretty much the first year that really got me into movies.

    Also, these nominations are giving me so much life! LOVE the Parker Posey nom, "Just What I Need," Christian Bale winning Best Actor, and Bjork!

    Excellent stuff!

    1. YASSSS!!! You and I broke our Oscar cherries on the same year!!!

      Posey was inches from taking the Fisti, to be honest. I still debate back and forth between the two...but Morton haunts.

    2. Parker Posey makes my Supporting Actress ballot. But I actually go back and forth between her performance in Best In Show and Scream 3. SUCH an underrated actress!

    3. I need to rewatch Scream 3. I know so many note it as the worst in the series...but I remember it rather fondly.

    4. It isn't my favorite of the series but Parker Posey steals every scene she's in.

  8. I love that you love Gladiator. Often when a big spectacle wins many awards and accolades, it seems to be the thing to disparage it which I think is sad. I'm glad it won the awards but I also have to say I did not see many of your picks. I have a huge list by now and will be 180 before I see them all:) I love the music from gladiator especially that last song so that would be the Oscar for me. I'm glad you recognize The Cell here. I would vote them for best Art Direction and Best Costumes actually. I love Michelle Yeoh in Cruching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and am tempted to give her the Oscar for best actress. I am also amazed at how many films came out that year the same year as Gladiator like Cast Away and Erin Brokogich because I thought they came out a couple of years later.

    1. No, 2000 was a year for a lot of greats and a lot that are considered somewhat classic films of the aughts. I came very close to giving The Cell costumes...but as much as swords and sandals are done a lot and sometimes feel repeated...the authenticity and simple lavish quality of the costumes in Gladiator is possibly the best I've ever seen in the genre. Just brilliant work.

  9. Excellent year, but I must say our BP ballots would look very different. Basically, your ballot for editing would be my BP list, swapping out In the Mood for Love for Almost Famous or Love & Basketball. I haven't seen In the Mood. Shame on me. Requiem for a Dream would be my winner with Ellen Burstyn getting rewarded individually. Still, such a rich year for movies.

    1. Requiem is my #6 and it pained me so much to drop it, but a recent viewing of You Can Count on Me just slayed my heart and bumped it up.

      Love & Basketball is so good...such an underrated film.

      Agreed that this is, indeed, a fantastic year!

  10. Well that didn’t last long! We couldn’t have been closer in ’64 or farther apart this year! We match in exactly zero categories even our lineups are pretty dissimilar. Part of that is I’m missing a few key films from your list and part is that I hated a couple you seem to love.

    We start at the top! I’ve long meant to watch In the Mood for Love, Asian cinema is probably the biggest lack in my viewing, I’ve heard wonderful things and the story is appealing just haven’t gotten there yet. And I D-E-T-E-S-T-E-D Dancer in the Dark but I’m a fan of your other three picks.

    My Choices:
    Billy Elliott
    Thirteen Days
    Wonder Boys-Winner
    Donaldson's strong but overlong rendition of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 13 Days just misses being my choice, a bit of tightening would have turned the trick. Instead I choose Hanson observant serio-comic Wonder Boys which I know isn't for everyone. I originally saw it with my sister in the theatre-I loved it, she hated it.

    Ack! Only one match, although Hanson is in your long list, and that one’s for a film I thought was well directed but that I’m not a fan of.

    My Choices:
    Roger Donaldson-Thirteen Days
    Curtis Hanson-Wonder Boys
    Ang Lee-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Christopher Nolan-Memento-Winner
    Steven Soderbergh-Traffic
    Runner-Up-Ridley Scott-Gladiator
    I didn't like Crouching Tiger very much but Lee's direction of yet another genre was inventive. Donaldson and Hanson handle the more linear storylines of their films well but the multi-faceted Traffic and the fractured Memento each required careful balancing. Both are well done but I thought Nolan brought all the pieces together more adroitly.

    A little closer here, but once again I haven’t seen your winner. I’m not much of a Bale fan, he’s a fine actor though often too fussy and affected but strikes me as such a jerk there has to be something else about his films to draw me in and American Psycho doesn’t have it. We match twice and Bell and Crowe were so close to making my final list.

    I was expecting Russell Crowe to be your winner, I remember you mentioning this is where you discovered him, but there was a lot of excellent work in the actor category. Have you seen much of his early Australian work? The Sum of Us is so moving and Proof is a terrific character study, there’s also the obscure Rough Magic (which was made in the US) with Bridget Fonda that he made just before L.A. Confidential.

    My Choices:
    Javier Bardem-Before Night Falls
    Michael Douglas-Wonder Boys-Winner
    Colin Farrell-Tigerland
    Ian Holm-Joe Gould’s Secret
    Mark Ruffalo-You Can Count On Me
    Runner-ups-Jamie Bell-Billy Elliott, Russell Crowe-Gladiator, Rob Morrow-Maze, Ray Winstone-Sexy Beast
    Some very fine work by all. Ruffalo's rambling brother balances Laura Linney's uptight Sammy perfectly. I remember being blown away by the then unknown Farrell and his intense performance as the grunt in Tigerland. Holm is truly astonishing as the bearer of Joe Gould’s Secret but this was between Bardem and Douglas. While both are consistently strong actors and there is hardly a fault in Bardem’s vivid work I've never found Douglas slickster mode particularly convincing so his return to a more human, lived-in role is welcome especially when he does his strongest work in years.

    1. I kind of love when we are so off...even though I ADORE those rare moments (like 64) when we are so in-sync. I just love the idea of spreading wealth and differing opinions, which gets so lost during actual Oscar seasons since everyone pretty much nominates the same films/performances.

      So...I hated 13 Days. It was just SO LONG...and it FELT it. Traffic is a very good film that has gone up and down for me almost every time I watch it. Memento is a great little film, but I count it 2001 since that's when Oscar nominated it.

      Wonder Boys is a really great little film. I loved the book but always avoided the movie because it felt like one of those stories that reads better than it plays, but Hanson captured so much of the spirit of the book.

      Bale was born to play Patrick Bateman. Bateman is a self obsessed jerk who lives in a very dark world, and Bale is TERRIFYING in this very satirical way. He captured Brett Easton Ellis's world flawlessly.

      Crowe is, as I've noted, my favorite working actor. I just adore him, and Gladiator introduced me to him...but he'd probably rank #4 for me. Bale, Ruffalo and Bell (in that order) place above him. Still, such commanding and raw work and a very worthy Oscar (even if his work the year before is better).

      Farrell is a force in Tigerland. This year was so strong though.

      Again, I have Sexy Beast in 2001...but I love that Ray Winstone grabs a runner-up spot from you. He's so good.

    2. Love that you picked The Wonder Boys as that is such an under-rated film. We all love Russell Crowe even if he is now a bit more doesn't affect his acting at all!

    3. I like my Crowe anyway he comes, even chunky.

    4. Oh shit, I forgot about Memento! Thanks, Joel. That would be on my BP ballot. That would be on my BP ballot, scratch what I said about Almost Famous or Love & Basketball possibly making it.

    5. It's a great film, for sure.

    6. I agree that 13 Days is overlong, it could have hacked out 30 maybe even 40 minutes (most of Costner's family story-but I'm guessing that he wouldn't have stood for that) and been a tenser, tighter film but being a history buff that aspect pulled me in. But as it stands now it would never be my winner.

      Funny even our order of actor placement is so far apart (excepting the unseen by me Bale) my list would run in this order: Douglas, Bardem, Holm, Farrell, Ruffalo, Winstone, Crowe, Morrow, Bell but all do great work.

    7. LOL, but I love that we're so off...because I totally appreciate why you love Douglas and Bardem even if they are at the lower end of my ballots/top 12.

  11. Actress:
    Like the rest of the film I hated Bjork’s performance in that godawful Dancer in the Dark. I haven’t seen Love & Basketball and while I found some things to admire in Gillian Anderson’s performance I find her a chilly distant actress who I have trouble connecting to. Looks like two matches are as close to an agreement as we’ll be getting this time.

    My Choices:
    Joan Allen-The Contender
    Brenda Blethyn-Saving Grace
    Ellen Burstyn-Requiem for a Dream-Winner
    Laura Linney-You Can Count On Me
    Tracey Ullman-Small Time Crooks
    I didn't care for the film but watching Ellen Burstyn disappear down the rabbit hole of addiction just knocked me out. Her only close competition was Laura Linney's lovely work in You Can Count on Me.

    Supporting Actor:
    It’s been so long since I’ve seen Billy Elliott I don’t have a very clear memory of Gary Lewis’s performance other than he was good, I just don’t remember him being extraordinary.

    My Choices:
    Robert Downey, Jr.-Wonder Boys
    Albert Finney-Erin Brockovich
    Jason Isaacs-The Patriot-Winner
    Joaquin Phoenix-Quills
    Stanley Tucci-Joe Gould’s Secret
    Runner-Ups-Benicio Del Toro-Traffic, Joaquin Phoenix-Gladiator
    To me Finney was the only stand out element in the passable but overpraised Brockovich. Downey, whose manic energy to me is best in measured doses, adds a great deal of flavor to Wonder Boys. Tucci’s quiet, careful Joe Mitchell who discovers both a kindred spirit and cautionary tale in Joe Gould’s Secret is beautifully observed. Phoenix was having a great year with strong work in Quills, The Yards and Gladiator where he holds his own not only against the pageantry of the film but the testosterone packed performance of Crowe. I really thought The Patriot was a piece of poorly done tripe with one excellent piece-Jason Isaacs performance of the utterly detestable Col. Tavington. With his ice blue eyes and equally icy demeanor he wipes everybody off the screen, the modern day Richard Widmark.

    Supporting Actress:
    Wow not a single match, though we both have performers from Best in Show, just different ones. Both Coolidge and Posey were fantastic in that movie full of terrific work. Virgin Suicides is such an odd view and Dunst was good she just didn’t blow me away. Requiem was such a thoroughly unpleasant watch I’ve blocked most of it except Ellen Burstyn’s work, Connelly was okay but again nothing compared to her. I saw Jesus’s Son in the theatre, thought it passable and haven’t thought of it since. Morton’s an exemplary actress so I’m sure she’s very good but sorry to say I have no memory of the performance.

    My Choices:
    Marcia Gay Harden-Pollack
    Laura Linney-The House of Mirth
    Bebe Neuwirth-Tadpole
    Catherine O'Hara-Best in Show-Winner
    Julie Walters-Billy Elliott
    This category seems rather thin with much solid but no really showpiece performance save the extraordinary and unique O'Hara. She had a lot of quirky competition in the crazy quilt of Best in Show but still managed to stand out with a loopy hilarious piece of work.

    1. I'm sad that you hated Bjork's performance. I know that Dancer in the Dark is one of those films that...turns a lot of people off. My ex HATED IT with a passion, but I just loved it. So hard to watch and it makes me shake with anger at the end, but the whole of it just feels so raw and honest, and Bjork's turn is, in my eyes, one for the ages.

      I kind of agree with you on Finney. Like, he's the best thing about the film...and I do find the film overrated and over praised...but I still like the film.

      And Gary Lewis just ruins me. His performance is very 'small', but what he does while he's just watching Billy is heartbreaking and so inspired. He just embodies 'good dad', and he makes my heart sing. The more I rested on that performance the more I was moved to give him the win.

      We are SO OFF on Supporting Actress. I love how you kind of dismiss my whole ballot with "yeah, she was fine"...LOL! I'll tell you this, if I had considered Tadpole here (I have it in 2002) then Neuwirth would be me winner. SHE SLAYS!!! I love that performance SO MUCH!

      But for me this was pretty much always Morton. She breaks my heart in a million pieces in Jesus' Son...a film I otherwise don't care much for. She lingers...haunts...her stare betraying her inner emotions so beautifully.

      Harden...bored me. But Pollock was a film I couldn't care less about, to be honest.

      Linney was probably my #6. Such a sharp little performance.

    2. I meant to say in my own response that I'm glad you both love Best in Show. I love that comedy and I meant it say that Jennifer Coolidge should have been up and Catherine O'Hara is perfect in this show but I also love Eugene Levy in this as well and may have given him a nod as well. Walking with 2 left shoes alone made me laugh

    3. The whole ensemble was just uniformly wonderful. It's Guest's best film, just a pitch perfect comedy that makes awkward so accessible and normal.

    4. Now I didn't dismiss everybody in your Supporting Actress, just 3/5th! :-)

      I loved both Coolidge and Posey in Best in Show. In a big ensemble like that it's often hard to choose a standout and I think most go with the character that strikes a cord with them principally, for me that was Catherine O'Hara.

      Dunst really was fine I think it was that I just couldn't get into the film. Maybe I waited too long (I only saw it this year) and it had been hyped to the skies by many. After I watched I just didn't see what was so wonderful about it, it depressed the hell out of me.

      I hated Connelly's character (and Leto's too) so much that I checked out when they were on screen and she did nothing to pull me back in.

      I wish I could say something good about Morton's performance...I do admire her as a performer...but to be honest I remember more about who I went to see the movie with and the restaurant we had dinner in after than I do about that boring movie!

    5. I'll admit this about Morton's film...I don't care for it, but her performance still stays with me. I just felt SO MUCH behind those eyes.

      Dunst, same. Her Lux haunts me.

      Connelly, same. Like...UGH...the complete absence of soul raped by her addiction...OMG, she crushes me. Her final scene, the complete obliteration of who she was and all she'll become.

      The three are a trifecta of depression, but so honest in their vanity...just raw realism.

  12. For a variety of reasons--pageantry, story, editing, action sequences, and more--Crouching Tiger is my favorite movie of 2000. I think it's a terrible shame that in the actual Oscars its presence removed the possibility of a nomination for In the Mood for Love, which is heartbreaking and beautiful, and probably my second-favorite movie of 2000.

    1. Yeah, Oscar's inability to embrace more than one film from a given country (and really, more than one foreign film period, it feels) is a real shame.

  13. Man...these are always soooo impressive. Amazing work, as always.

    Now, 2000 was a year where I thought I knew my shit, but after reading this...unsurprisingly, I know nothing. The way you look(ed) back on Gladiator? That's the way I felt about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Easily my favorite movie of the year (at the time?) and one of my all-timers, without doing any leg work, Ang Lee's breakthrough film would have swept my awards.

    But now it looks like I have a lot to see. I think I need to start with Billy Elliot...and then In the Mood for Love. And then everything else.

    Oh, but I did see Hollow Man. So...yeah. There's that.

    1. LOL, Hollow Man...I remember that theater experience quite vividly.

      Crouching Tiger is such a great film and one that has aged so well.

      I hope you like Billy Elliot. It's a charmer, but it has this earthy honesty that is usually stripped out of these types of films. It's feel good but not Hollywood, if that makes sense.

  14. Hello Drew!! Glad you're doing the year 2000, my initial thought is Gladiator. Gladiator. Gladiator. How could you not put it on the best list??? :\ But then again, I haven't seen In The Mood For Love, ugh I know, I need to rectify that soon.

    I love that you've got Bale AND Crowe in the leading list, I think Jamie Bell beat both in BAFTA? Man how could I forget Gary Lewis in Billy Elliot??? I was just watching Not Another Happy Ending and he plays another memorable dad in it. What an eclectic picks in the actress category. I still haven't seen 'Requiem' and not sure I want to, to be honest.

    P.S. I have your fave miss Cotillard in this month FFTF btw ;-)

    1. I know, I kick myself for not having Gladiator in my BP ballot...but you can't include them all.

      Bell did win BAFTA, and I remember Crowe even mentioning Bell quite a few times in his acceptance speeches as someone who should have been nominated for the Oscar.

      I'll be over shortly to check out what you have to say about Goddess Cotillard!!!

    2. I love that Russie is such a good sport losing to Bell who's a young teen at the time. It's ok for not having Gladiator in your ballot, I actually still think his performance in The Insider is much superior to his role as Maximus.

    3. His work in The Insider is masterful.

  15. 1. Why is there a fuckload of comments here whereas my highly disturbing saga of descent into madness gets so little?
    2. We desperately need The Nice Guys review from you

    The fact you don't do silver and brown medals and don't rank these here makes me so confused but randomly:

    1. Love the inclusion of RDJ for Wonderboys, I adore that movie and he is a laugh riot in it. Yey for Douglas among nominees too
    2. LOVE that Bale is your win
    3. Shocked no Requiem for cinematography. Saw this on 4AM on my birthday because I'm fucked in the head and the cinematography is unreal there

    1. 1)'ll notice a lot of comments come from the same people.
      2) I am strongly considering this...when I have the time.

      I used to do silver and bronze and rank but it got too hard to make edits and changes because of the images so I figured it was easiest this way.

      1) Wonder Boys was the last film I saw before compiling these and I just loved it. Such a charming little film.

      2) There was no other...he's THAT good!

      3) Cinematography was SO HARD this year. A lot of beautifully lensed films, that's for sure. I honestly can't even think of who I'd snub in favor of it...that list of 12 is pretty strong, IMHO.

  16. I fucking hate this year. Because, while I CAN put together a Best Picture Five (Croughing Tiger, Dancer in the Dark, Erin Brockovich, In The Mood for Love, Requiem for a Dream), it just really doesn't feel right to leave out Almost Famous, American Psycho, Before Night Falls, Best in Show, Billy Elliot, Bring it On, House of Mirth, Love & Basketball, Traffic, and You Can Count on Me.

    I am SHOCKED at your lack of love for Erin Brockovich, one of the most rewatchable films of the '00s - a very entertaining film to watch, but it doesn't hold the audience's hand. It's an incredibly well-crafted star vehicle of the likes Hollywood just doesn't make anymore (and still didn't back in 2000, really), and more's the pity for that.

    Supp. Actor - I LOVE your nom for Gary Lewis. He is just pitch perfect as Billy's dad, and that last scene? DEAD. I'd have him, Finney, Del Toro, Levy, and then Willem Dafoe getting the win for that BRILLIANT performance in Shadow of the Vampire.

    Supp. Actress is not much easier! LOVE that you mention Coolidge, as she is a DELIGHT in Best In Show (she's the character that I quote most). In fact, I'm always tempted to just leave Oscar's lineup as it is this year, since it's GREAT.... BUT FOR the Best In Show ladies (Coolidge and O'Hara are my picks of the litter) and Jennifer Connelly. I do know, though, that Kate Hudson is always my winner (let us just forget the rest of her career...) EXCEPT WHEN I decide whether Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi are Supporting or Lead. Because both of them wipe the goddamn floor with the others!

    1. It's not that I lack love for Erin's just that I don't love it that much. LOL. I like it. It's certainly watchable and all that, but it's always felt so light to me.

      But I'm not Soderbergh fan, honestly.

      YASSSS, Gary Lewis just breaks me, and that final scene...his face...just a brilliant performance. I tried so hard to see Shadow of the Vampire...but I couldn't find a copy of it anywhere!!!

      Supporting Actress is so full and so vibrant and so's so hard to cut anyone. Hudson and Winslet were on the cusp of snagging a nom, but I couldn't cut anyone.

    2. OH MAN. Shadow of the Vampire is SO GOOD. It's not even streaming on Amazon? After seeing it, you'll kick yourself for not doing so before doing these. Because Dafoe is MASTERFUL. One of my all-time favorite performances. Malkovich is pretty good as the lead, too.

      ...NOT A SODERBERGH FAN?!?!? Well, why don't you just rip my heart out and tear it to pieces while I watch, Drew?!?!? lol. I think he's brilliant, even though I don't like all of his films.

      ALSO: PLEASE tell me the only reason why Michelle Yeoh didn't make any of your 12-wide actress lists is because you couldn't decide whether she was lead or supporting, either?!?!?!

    3. LOL...I'll try and repair your heart with my Sunshine Blogger post.

      Also...yes to Yeoh. I couldn't decide if she was Lead or Supporting...and Ziyi always takes my attention there.

    4. ARGH IT HURTS SO MUCH, because Yeoh is SO GOOD. Ziyi is too, and while I'm PRETTY SURE she's a lead, I sometimes think she's supporting. Either way she'd make my ballot, and win Supporting.

    5. Now I want to rewatch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

    6. I want to do that pretty much daily lol.

  17. OKAY I had to leave the lead categories for a separate post because there is SO MUCH GOOD there.

    Actor - I mean. Jaime Bell. Christian Bale. Mark Ruffalo. Javier Bardem. Tom Hanks. Geoffrey Rush. And those are just the great ENGLISH-SPEAKING performances! Because Tony Leung and Chow Yun-Fat are every bit their equals. Patrick Fugit is also terribly underrated in Almost Famous, Russell Crowe is pure power in Gladiator (an excellent Best Picture winner that I respect more than I love), and Dennis Quaid's perfect Dad in Frequency always tugs my heartstrings. It's a battle to the death between Bale and Bardem for the win, and I honestly don't know which one ends up victorious.

    Actress - FIRST OF ALL. I LOVE that Paltrow makes your longlist. Bounce is sort of underrated now and she's really good in it. HOWEVER. This category is a cakewalk for Julia Roberts, one of the best Best Actress wins of my lifetime - a perfect marriage of star and role (and director, it must be said) that never coasts on charisma but instead digs deep into character in every way. It's a surprisingly physical performance from her, and both her toughest and most vulnerable character. She's vivid and unforgettable. All of which could also be said about Bjork... but as BRILLIANT as she is, I can never quite shake the feeling that she's basically playing herself in Dancer in the Dark. In a way. When Deneuve said "She cannot really act, she can only be," I really think she's right. AND NOT IN A BAD WAY. But it just takes her that much of a notch downward. Beyond that, Linney is beyond moving in You Can Count on Me; Chung is stunning perfection in In the Mood for Love; Dunst gives one of the best teen movie performances of all time in Bring it On, pure joy and spunk; Anderson moves you while barely moving a muscle in House of Mirth; and Burstyn is harrowing in Requiem for a Dream. And all that's without even mentioning the Crouching Tiger ladies.

    See? See why I HATE this year?!?

    1. Rush uses his ham perfectly in Quills...possibly his finest performance. I'm SO GLAD you mention Quaid. Frequency is one of those films that is so underrated and just dismissed but as odd and hokey as it is at times, it's such a rich depiction of a bond between fathers and sons and Quaid in particular is remarkable. I almost wish I'd placed him in my Top 12 now!

      Julia Roberts is very good...but cakewalk? GURL! Linney, of the actual nominees, is superior (IMHO), but if anyone is cakewalking, it has to be Bjork. Acting or just being, whatever, she IS Selma and that performance could NOT have been given by anyone else.


    2. I am totally completely 100% agreed with you on Bjork, but I give/subtract points for degree of difficulty, and Roberts was playing a real person while Bjork was playing (a very slightly tweaked version of) herself. But yes, she is beautiful, wonderful, singular, riveting.... every single good adjective in the book.

      It PAINS ME that Laura Linney hasn't won an Oscar, and it pains me EVEN MORE that she wouldn't even win one from me. Every single time she gives a great performance, there's someone better that year. And my love for her knows no bounds (almost... NO ONE could make me see that ridiculous new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shit, NOT EVEN Her Loveliness) in large part because of You Can Count On Me. It's a perfectly, beautifully modulated performance. But Roberts does that, too, and coming from her, it's a revelation.

      I have ALWAYS loved Frequency and have never understood why people don't like it.

    3. Linney's lack of Oscar is sad...and I find myself in a similar boat because I don't think I award her either. Maybe it's because she's too natural, to a point where someone else always feels as though they are acting better...even if they aren't. Like...she's luminous...always.

    4. Well.... not ALWAYS.... Hyde Park on Hudson, anyone?

      ...yeah, I didn't think so.

      But yeah, I think you may be right on the "too natural" thing. It's very easy to undervalue.

    5. Yeah, I didn't see that :-P

    6. Do yourself a favor. DON'T.

      Unless you really, REALLY LOVE Olivia Colman. Like, BEYOND ALL REASON love her. And EVEN THEN, just watch only her scenes. The movie is AWFUL.

    7. LOL, for Coleman I'll just rewatch The Lobster.

      Or Broadchurch!

    8. Right! Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz for all the Oscars!

  18. Best Picture: In the Mood For Love
    4 runners up: Traffic, Unbreakable, Yi Yi, Battle Royale
    Best Director: Wong Kar Wai, In the Mood For Love (Soderbergh comes close for Traffic)
    Actor: Tough call between Bale's Psycho and Ruffalo in You Can Count On Me, but Bale gets the slight edge.
    Actress: Bjork, Dancer In the Dark
    Supporting Actor: Benicio Del Toro, Traffic
    Supporting Actress: Parker Posey, Best In Show
    Adapted Screenplay: Wonder Boys
    Original Screenplay: Edward Yang, Yi Yi
    Cinematography: Christopher Doyle, In the Mood For Love
    Best editing: Stephen Mirrione, Traffic
    Score: James Newton Howard, Unbreakable

    1. Love the wins here! In the Mood for Love is just cinematic heaven. So glad it's your winner as well.

  19. Love this!! It's funny because I was about to do 2000 myself next.

    Requiem For A Dream for Editing and Score is pretty much a no-brainer. Glad you gave them recognition. Remember getting the absolute chills from this one track in Mansell's score. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. Also like Bjork for Best Actress. She gave a truly brave performance in Dancer in the Dark.

    I'm glad we do match up on Best Picture. I actually have Memento in 2000 too because I wasn't aware it was released in 2001. IMDb dates are really pesky. Also, would give a little more love to Traffic. I think that film is absolutely brilliant and the crowning achievement of Soderbergh's career as a director. Would also give more love to High Fidelity and Andrew Dominick's Chopper.

    1. I look forward to seeing your personal awards for 2000. Hope you get them up soon.

      Glad to see we match up with wins in a few places. And yes, that score is amazing...and I know the track...absolute chills!

  20. Drew!!! So sorry it has taken me so long to get to this post. I'll focus mostly on Best Picture. Of your five, I've only seen two. The American ones. You know me. Never seeing the movies from other countries, except I did see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. More on that soon....Anyway, my ballot would look like this (this is a top five basically):

    The Virgin Suicides (winner)
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    High Fidelity
    The Legend of Bagger Vance
    You Can Count On Me

    We match up on one, You Can Count On Me. Lonergan's film is a work of pure love, man. So fucking powerful. I'm down with your noms for Linney and Ruffalo. In fact, I would call them winners.

    I went with Crouching Tiger as my Chinese flick, since I haven't seen In the Mood for Love (and really regret it---I will now!!), and I went with Bagger Vance because...fucking Matt Damon and Golf and the Depression Era South and Fuck Spike Lee! High Fidelity is a gem that made me feel okay for being me...a music and movie snob.

    The Virgin Suicides is one of the first small films that just fucking blew me away. It, Crouching Tiger, and Bagger Vance are the only of my five I actually saw in 2000. It's the Virgin Suicides that has lasted. That cinematography, that score by Air plus the great 70s soundtrack, that Kirsten Dunst (ugh!!! Be still my beating heart!). Great adaptation of the novel. Love that you gave it some recognition in a few of those areas.

    Best in Show would be down in the teens on my year end list, but it's a great one. So funny. Higher up for me in the comedy realm would be the piece of genius that is The Whole Nine Yards and the piece of I don't even know what that is O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    Great stuff as always, Drew! And I love Gladiator too. Just not enough to give it awards. It won plenty anyway.

    1. YASSSS!!!

      I've missed you buddy!

      I knew that you were a massive fan of Virgin Suicides, so glad to see them your winner here. I also love that you adore The Whole Nine Yards! That's such an underrated flick, and Amanda Peet was actually on my Supporting Actress ballot for the longest time (she still makes my Top 12).

      UGH, You Can Count on Me...just UGH! not a fan of Legend of Bagger Vance...but maybe I should see it again...maybe.

  21. Hi! This is the first time i comment on this blog, my nominees for 2000 would be:

    Best Picture:
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (winner)
    In The Mood For Love
    Requiem for a Dream
    Battle Royal

    Best Director:
    Aronofsky, Nolan, Inarritu, Kar-wai, Lee (winner)

    Best actor:
    Guy Pearce – Memento (winner)
    Russell Crowe – Gladiator
    Christian Bale – American Psycho
    Willem Dafoe – Shadow of the Vampire
    Tom Hanks – Cast Away

    Best Actress (a very strong line-up)
    Michelle Yeoh – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Zhang Ziyi – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Ellen Burstyn – Requiem for a Dream (Winner)
    Maggie Cheung – In the mood for love
    Björk – Dancer in the Dark

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Emilio Echevarria – Amores Perros
    Oliver Reed – Gladiator
    Benicio del Toro – Traffic
    Takeshi kitano- Battle Royal (winner)
    Stephen Tobolowsky – Memento

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Jennifer Connelly – Requiem for a Dream (winner)
    Harriet Sansom Harris – Memento
    Carrie-Anne Moss – Memento
    Catherine Deneuve – Dancer in The Dark
    Kate Hudson – Almost Famous

    1. Hi Omar! So happy to have you visit and comment.

      This truly was a great year, and I love so many of your noms! I need to see Battle Royale, apparently. I've heard of it and know it has a strong cult following, but I never personally sought it out. I'll have to change that.