Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fisti Best Picture Predictions for 2016

I don't normally do this, but I'm bored and with each new trailer released I find myself wanting to talk more and more about what I perceive I'll think to be the best films of the, I've compiled the five films I think have the greatest chance of landing on my personal Fisti Best Picture ballot.

And here's why:

It's Only the End of the World ~ Xavier Dolan

Why?  It's f*cking Xavier Dolan and we all know my allegiance to him.  The reviews out of Cannes were...hard to read, but the jury fawned over his film (Grand Jury Prize) and Dolan's films just speak to me in ways that make me not care what anyone else has to say about it.  In fact, half the harsh reviews called out things as faults that, on paper, sounded like total pluses to me.  Besides, this, MY GOD YES!!!

La La Land ~ Damien Chazelle

Why?  I wasn't as taken with Whiplash as everyone else, but Chazelle's style was so prominent that you can't help but admit the talent there, and this looks like a delicious throwback to the years of Hollywood glitz, glam and MUSIC and you know how much I ADORE that.  Charm to spare, this looks like a visual and emotional masterpiece!

The Lobster ~ Yorgos Lanthimos

Why?  I haven't seen this yet (I know, I know) but everything I read about it has me so intrigued.  I love the idea of something so bizarre being so engaging, and Lanthimos has impressed me before.  It has the feeling of an quirky indie and yet it looks so mature, and I'm drooling all over this cast.

Moonlight ~ Barry Jenkins

Why?  This looks like it could be that one movie that just ruins me from an emotionally mature perspective (i.e. Carol).  Early word is that this is a masterpiece of modern cinema, and the story is certainly ripe to be one of those films that hits home and stays there.  Stories like this deserve to look and feel this rich and honest.

The Red Turtle ~ Michael Dudok de Wit

Why?  Um, this should be self explanatory.  It's an SILENT, ANIMATED film about the MAGIC of FAMILY...queue all the tears I have left in my eyes for the rest of eternity.  Given my current circumstances, I probably shouldn't see this in public with anyone else, and yet my eldest daughter has already said she wants to see this with me so...she will see her father a puddle, I assure you.  Word out of Cannes was that this is, without question, a masterpiece and will emotionally ruin me.

What else?  Two films have my attention and I speculate could make a play here as well, one being Loving and the other being Scorsese's passion project, Silence (if that does get released this year).  I'm also hopeful for Manchester By the Sea, and as much as I hate much of his filmography, Arrival looks really intriguing to me.

This is obviously just a broad guess based on synopsis, trailer, components, cast, directors and my personal feelings towards the projects, but who knows...this very well could be what my ballot looks like come this time next year when the Fisti Awards are complete.