Monday, March 21, 2016

Major Blog News

Alright, so I know that most of you are aware that my blog disappeared last weekend.  It was deleted, as well as my Twitter account.  Many of you were worried and some of you were very kind enough to reach out to me and to ask how I was, to make sure I was alright.  I'm ok.  I'm not great, but I'm ok.  I deleted my blog in a very rash decision to distance myself from it for personal reasons I don't want to really get into, but it ate at me because it felt so...abrupt and I didn't want to go out like that.

Here's the thing...I don't know if I want to do this anymore.

I've had some really alarming personal events take place over the past week, and I'm not sure when things are going to normalize for me...and until they do...I just can't do this.  I love blogging and I love this blogging community, but I have other things that are, at the moment (and really, in every moment) just more important.  

Still, leaving as I did, without a trace...just gone...felt wrong too.

I want to personally thank a few bloggers who truly showed their true colors (in the best way) to me this week, so Josh, Kevin, Mario, Britt, Stephanie, Joel, Mariah and Shane; thank you for caring and asking me how I was doing.

And Sati, I want to especially thank you.  Your email was so sincere and really touched me, and your RF piece was very sweet.  It is because of you that I decide to boot this back up and address this.

So, what's happening?  Well, I'm leaving you for now,  but I wanted to leave you properly and so I had worked up a special collection of posts about a very special movie to me, and it felt a shame to just not post it...and it also felt like the perfect way to say goodbye to you all.  So, immediately after this is posted, those posts will go live.  (for a link to the whole series of posts, click here)  After that, I'll bid you adieu.  I'm going off the grid for a while.  I don't know if I'll come back, or to what extent I will.  I will leave the blog alive and I hope you all keep me on your blog rolls for if and when I post something (most likely a Fisti Awards or something like that), but this is my somewhat farewell to the blogging world.  

Know that I love you all, and I will miss you very much.  


  1. Oh Andrew, I really hope you're okay. I've been scouring our blog all week trying to find an email address for you to get in touch. I can safely speak for us all when I say that you'll be sorely missed.
    A Fistful of Films will forever be in our blogroll should you post anything new.
    Sending you as much virtual love as I can,
    Allie x

  2. Not gonna lie, I got a bit excited to see this pop up in my blog roll this morning. I hope you work through everything (I know it will be hard, but you can do it) and we'll be here when you return, I'm sure. :)


  3. Well thank you so much for this! You've made my day and I'm so glad my e-mail convinced you. It would be a terrible loss for our little community to lose years of your work. But of course this is just me being selfish - what I want the most if for everything to work out for you with things that are most important to you. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you to be happy!

  4. Just sent you an email. ((Hugs)) to you and yours.

  5. Nice to hear from you again. I was also worried what had happened, but didn't have your e-mail. You're blog was a hangout place for the community and I'm sure many will miss that aspect, including myself. No shame in having other priorities. Wishing you all the best for the future!

  6. Wish you all the best. Hope things work themselves out for you. Your insightful reviews and comments will be missed, but I'm really glad that we will be able to dip back into old ones!

  7. Oh my goodness, I was trying to find a way to e-mail you but because I suck at anything computer related o had no idea how to. Contact you. I am saddened, first off for selfish reasons because I love your blog, your reviews, your support. Second, I am sad to find out you a refining through such a difficult time and this is the more important reason. Your personal life does take importance. You do not deserve the difficult path you have(i am assuming this). I send all my support to you and if you ever need a listening ear, I will be there...just email me:) I will keep this open for sure and hope I will see you here again since you love this blog and I know you do. Prayers to you and I know you will come through this time stronger and loving film even more. All the best!

  8. Thanks so much for giving this post and back your brilliant work. I told my wife the other day about your leaving and how it has affected me, and one of the things that came out of that conversation was just how great your writing is. It really is. It lets us in to who your are, and that is something I think we connected on.

    I thank you sincerely, man, for being such a strong presence in this blogging community, for giving me so many shoutouts and involvement in your projects. It has been such a blessing to find a community of movie lovers to share my ideas with.

    Be well, brother, and we'll be here if and when you come back. All the best, and much love.


  9. I'm glad it's back up. Just announce you're going to go on a hiatus first. I would understand. Besides, we can't be doing this every day. I was starting to get used to your posts as it's part of my own daily routine and I need the routines or else I go nuts.

  10. All the best mate, hope everything works out. Sorry to see you go, it's been a pleasure reading your work and musings over the last couple of years. Hope to see you back before long :)

  11. I was so scared and shocked when I saw a convo on Twitter that mentioned you were just gone - and that's when I realized I had no way to contact you and reach out and make sure you were okay! In the grand scheme of things we barely know each other, but losing this blog felt like a real deep loss. All that wonderful writing! All those thoughtful lists and awards! All those Celine Dion gifs!

    Anyway, thank you for restoring it. And I hope things get better for you soon. Blogging - and this lovely community I've found - actually saved me during a pretty rough time in my life, and I'm ready for it to do so again right now actually.... so I hope you don't abandon it completely. We are all here for you. But you need to do what's best for you. Just remember, to paraphrase one of my favorite films: Everything WILL turn out right in the end. I don't know how, it's a mystery. But it will.

    Oh, and barring another life-changing catastrophic event like what happened to me a week ago, I'm watching Mommy tomorrow, so... at least there's that!

  12. Drew,

    Glad you were able to come back to close out with a grace note, I know there was concern when the blog just vanished. I, and everyone else, will miss your insights and fun posts but real life must always take precedence over all else.

    So I hope you are able to resolve whatever is in front of you and if you feel that it's right for you return to the blog. Until then take care and best wishes.

    P.S. I'm going to have to watch Mommy before going through your series of post on it, but I'll look forward to them once I have.

  13. I love this and hate this all at the same time.

    I love that you came back and gave us a farewell gift, but I hate that it's a farewell gift.

    Obviously, whatever you need to deal with is much more important than maintaining an internet presence. I hope it works out favorably for you. I've got lots more to say, but rather not completely hijack your moment. I'll finally compose that email I've been agonizing over since last week.

    In the meantime I will work my way through the series on Mommy. And I will definitely keep you in my blogroll should you decide to bless us with something else.

  14. I truly hope things work out; keep your head up. You have a fantastic blogging presence and are an amazing writer. Sometimes I put this on the back-burner too for months at a time, but boot it back up with posts when I feel inspired. See you around the blogosphere :)

  15. I'm really sad to see you go. Whenever you comment on my posts, it always meant a lot to me since hardly anyone ever does. Nowadays, whenever I make a new post, I always hope you will share your thoughts because it means a lot knowing I have fans out there.

    But I understand why you're leaving. Life can be a real bitch sometimes. But when days get tough, the best you can do is work through them and a better tomorrow will come your way. That, your friends here in the blogosphere, promise you. If you decide to come back, we'll be here.

    Stay golden!

  16. Hope to see you back again man! Best wishes and luck for all time! ^^

  17. Hope to see you back again man! Best wishes and luck for all time! ^^

  18. Really sad to hear this. Hope everything works out well for you. I just wanted to let you know that you have been my biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging, especially The Blazing Reel Films Awards so I am really sad to see you go. I know we haven't known each other for a very long time but A Fistful of Films was hands-down my favorite site in the entire blogging community and I can't say I enjoyed reading anyone's writing in the entire blogosphere more than yours. I hope to keep coming back here in the future and reading your old work.
    Stay Blessed my friend. Wish you the very best.

  19. It was really sad to see you go, but sometimes the offline world pulls us away in the best and worst ways. I really hope everything works out as smoothly as possible and we'll be here for when you return. :)

  20. It's sad to see you go, but I hope everything will be better for you. The blogsphere won't be the same without you.

  21. I'm very sad to see you go, but I totally understand that sometimes we need to take a break or perhaps bid our blogs adieu.

    I'm not sure what's going on in your personal life...and we don't need to know. All I will say is that you're awesome and I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the years. You have a unique insight that will be missed!

    I hope you return one day soon, but if not I wish you all of the best!

    Drop us an email every now and then to let us know how you're doing :)

  22. I can't believe I was this slow at what was happening. Hope you're ok and everything works with what you're going through. I may not comment all the time - but I do read :) I love your view on everything I've read so far.

    All the best man and hopefully see you back on the bloggersphere!

  23. Whatever you are going through, I wish you well and I respect your decision about blogging. I pray that you are ok Drew and that you will get things sorted out. I shall miss your presence in the blogosphere, but understand there's more to life than the movies :D

    God bless you.

  24. Wow. Andrew. I just found out about your blogging departure today. I think March has been a very bad month for us. Something happened to me too early this month and it was the reason why I took a 2 week break which was actually sort of a maybe-I-should-stop-blogging-all-together-break. In the end I just felt I had to keep some aspects of life normal even if everything else isn't as it was.

    Anyway I hope everything works out for you, all the best.

  25. Again, I'm thrilled that you put the blog back up, buddy. Looking forward to any future posts, and best of luck.