Monday, March 7, 2016

A Fistful of Thoughts...about Twitter meltdowns, blacker-face and free shoes for everyone!

OMG, this week!  The controversy!  The ranting!  The blasting!  The...laughter!

First and foremost...are you all following Frank Stallone?  Please tell me you are.  This man has been such a Twitter treasure ever since his brother's Oscar loss and he only continues to talk about it, and his supporters are just as incredible.  For every user who blasts him for being a dick, there are those who are sending him paintings of Stallone shaped Oscars and those pushing Sly to run for president.  His Twitter page is a GOLDMINE!

A little background info; Frank went to Twitter to criticize Oscar for snubbing Sly, but he didn't just express his dissatisfaction with his brother's loss, he went so far as to try and discredit Rylance's win, basically calling him a nobody and insinuating he was undeserving (ok, he didn't insinuate, since he has no tact or restraint).  He started calling every single twitter user that disagreed with him horrendous names, often politically incorrect and clearly offensive, and even (hilariously) got so hot and heavy he was calling his supporters names because he misread their tweets.  He was a HOT MESS.  

I urge you...just spend today on his Twitter feed.

Speaking of arrogant idiots who can't keep their mouths shut (or their Twitter meltdowns under control), have you seen these celebrity readings of Kanye West's tweets?


"I think the bitch is his song."
"I could do this, but it wouldn't be good." 

And those aren't even HIS quotes.  UGH, this video is a godsend.  I didn't think anyone could top Patrick Stewart, who looked like he was having a stroke just trying to get Kanye's words out of his mouth, but they just get better and better.  James Cordon closing was perfect.

Oh look, more Twitter ranting...let's talk about Amy Winehouse's a**hole father trying to discredit the documentary Oscar win.  This man is sickening.  I love how the documentary never really heaps anything on Mitch.  It doesn't sit there and point and finger and claim he was a domineering, self-centered, piece of sh*t who drove his daughter in depression and basically killed her...but it doesn't have to because any time we see him, any time he speaks, any reaction we get, any footage it shows...all we see is a man consumed with his own prosperity, who has no regard for his daughter.

The man didn't even cry when he talked about her death.  F*ck...if one of my children died I'd never f*cking stop crying.  I'd cry while reading a grocery list.  The man is heartless and a guilty sonofab*tch.

End rant.

So, moving on from this controversy to another...just watch this and then we'll talk:

So, this is such a weird thing.  I mean, is this the first example of a POC in...blackface?  I totally get the criticism there, especially when there are other actresses who could have tackled this role without having to undergo Robert Downey Jr. style skin coloring (I mean, Adepero Oduye looks shockingly JUST LIKE Nina Simone), but...I can't help but feel like this is such a petty thing to b*tch about.  Yes, Zoe Saldana is lighter skinned, thanks to her Puerto Rican roots, but she is a POC and is actually doing her damndest to carve out a respectable career.  Shouldn't we championing her?  

Now Simone's family is "outraged" claiming that this is "raping Nina's legacy".

I understand being upset.  I do.  But in the wake of #OscarsSoWhite, this feels so...strange.  Saldana is a bright young talent who has the chops to handle a roll like this (I mean, she looks pretty incredible in the trailer) and so I kind of hate that this is being tarnished by the PC police ripping it to shreds.

BUT...there is something we should be focusing on, and thankfully Simone's own daughter brings it to light.  While defending Zoe in a way (by saying that she doesn't deserve the heat she's receiving) she directs the real ridicule in the right direction, at the writers and director for completely fabricating a story here.  While falsifying biopics to stir interest is not uncommon, it appears that the level done to here is rather staggering and that the whole film is basically a fabrication, which is a shame since Simone's story is stirring in it's own right.

So I'm so torn here, because I get a degree...but I'm still rooting for Saldana because she does not deserve something like this to ruin her career.

And now, to end on a happy note, let's talk about Abraham Attah!

I've made it no secret that I think Attah delivered the best performance in any category last year.  His tremendous performance in Beasts of No Nation was unlike any I'd seen before.  It was such a delight to see him grace the Oscar's with his presence (and present alongside the second greatest performer of last year, Jacob Tremblay) but there was something even more special about Attah.

I love when newly minted stars (and let's please mint him) actually hold onto their roots and don't lose themselves in the glitz of Hollywood.  It you're unfamiliar with TOMS Shoes, they are an organization famous for the whole "buy a pair, give a pair" philosophy, and Attah donned the casual slip ons in a way to contribute this homeland, Ghana.  TOMS offered to donate a whopping 10,000 pairs of shoes to Ghana and Attah's actions on Oscar night are such a beautiful note to his personality.  I am so proud to root for this kid!

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  1. Hey thanks for the link Drew, I miss having you around on that series though ;)

    Abraham Attah wearing TOMS to the Oscars!! How awesome is that!

    I haven't been following the whole thing about Frank Stallone nor Nina Simone, but about the latter, I feel bad about Saldana in a way. I mean if she feels strongly about miss Simone and she turned in a good performance, it's disheartening that she gets flak for not looking *Black enough* to portray her.

    1. I'll be by later today to comment, for sure!

      Attah is just amazing.

      And I'm with you 100% on Saldana.

  2. OMG-Patrick Stewart was so funny. This was hilarious. I think Kanye really needs counselling and some meds. I don't get why there is negative reaction to a black person portraying...a black person. I really don't and wonder if this is all a "there is no such thing as bad publicity" going on here. I don't know enough about Any's life and her dad but if he is as bad as you say...he is then truly disgusting. Attah deserves accolades for doing such a wondrous thing and sadly, he doesn't get the notice that Kanye does

    1. I doubt that the studio is happy about the uproar her casting is seems like it could be a detriment to the film instead of a bolstering.

      I really hope Attah becomes a star.

  3. Stallone's, some people should step away from Twitter.

    Kanye West is also one of those people, and I've never seen that video until now. That's brilliant.

    The Zoe Saldana thing is so weird. I get why people are bothered too, but the whole "You're not black enough" thing seems slightly petty. Though admittedly, I haven't read much into the matter. Saldana is a very successful actress that is a WOC, I feel bad that she's getting shit on for this.

    1. LOL, I think a lot of celebrities should walk away from Twitter.

  4. I guess I understand why blacks are upset about the casting of Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. But I think the reason Saldana got cast is not just because she is a woman of color, but because thanks to her involvement in Avatar, Star Trek, and even Guardians, she has some box office clout. Sure, there are names like Viola Davis and Adepero Oduye that could've played the part. But Saldana is a very capable actress and it's unfortunate she's getting criticized. Especially after the movie is finally coming out after a few years.

    1. Saldana is carving out a serious resume for herself, and I just feel bad that she's not being supported...

  5. Thanks for the link! Seriously when Stallone wrote "Michael Rylance' instead of "Mark Rylance" I lost mys hit completely. Pure gold. It reminds me of this Foxcatcher guy melting down last season except this one doesn't have an actual tragedy in the background so it's just purely hysterical

    1. LOL, Stallone was a bounty of twitter blessings...BOUNTY!

  6. Thanks for the link-love.

    To me, Frank Stallone is just nothing more than a recurring joke made by Norm MacDonald as someone that is just a lame one-hit wonder coasting on his brother's success.

    Stop with these celebs reading other people's tweets and lyrics. It just makes them look stupid.

    I do want to see Amy just to say "fuck you" to her father.

    What is up with the whole Zoe Saldana-Nina Simone thing? I saw the trailer and thought, "this might actually be good". Plus, I applaud Zoe for taking a risk and do something as I'm actually rooting for her.

    Any kid that is willing to wear something that isn't glamorous and not be caught up in the Hollywood bullshit is fucking cool with me. I like that Abe kid and I'm down for that True Detective film with him and Jacob Tremblay. They could teach Will Smith's spoiled little shits a thing or two.

    1. Recurring joke is right.

      Amy's father is a monster.

      I'm all for Attah and Tremblay starring in anything together, as long as it isn't some corny remake of a kid's film.

  7. Regarding the Zoe Saldana controversy. If you think about the history of colorism in America (and beyond), you'll understand why this is such a grave error on their part. Also, if you are familiar with Nina Simone as an activist, she was very proud of her complexion (even talked and sang about her browner skin tone and fuller body shape). She was unapologetically black, and she has transformed into something white hollywood wants her to be in order to be able to digest her. It's disgusting. Yet another example of how Hollywood doesn't care about biopics of PoCs--particularly heroic ones.

    1. It's probably not my place to have an opinion here, but I thank you for sharing yours, and I respect it. Like I said, I understand being upset...but I guess to a degree, but like I said, I'm probably not in a place to truly take a side.

  8. Thanks for the link, man! Frank Stallone's twitter feed has had me DYING. Almost as much as Kanye's. I cannot roll my eyes hard enough when I'm not laughing. Although that video of people reading Kanye's tweets is PERFECTION.

    1. I died watching that video. The words coming out of their cannot believe he tweeted all that!

    2. I almost wish he would run for President against Trump just to see which of them would be the biggest blowhard.

    3. Dear lord, that would be...something else.

  9. Brother Stallone's tweets are hilarious. I still wish Sly would've won! And that vid of celebs reading Kanye's tweets is gold. Thanks for the link!

    1. I still need to see Creed...but Sly's loss is justified in the fact that it brought us his brother's Twitter meltdown.

  10. Haha, Frank Stallone and Kanye are gifts to the Twitterverse.

    Blah. Amy's father is despicable.

    I'm also rooting for Saldana, but Nina looks like a misfire.

    What Attah did is so awesome. I really hope Beasts isn't the last we see of him.

    1. I hope Attah becomes an indie darling (can you can actors darlings?)