Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Mouthi Awards Ceremony

The ceremony for the 2015 Mouthi Awards took place in Miami, FL at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on December 31st at 8:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

It was hosted by music legend, Paul McCartney.

Here are the highlights:

"Please welcome to the stage, Paul McCartney!"

"Thank you, thank you!  I love you all too.  But enough about me and how much you love me.  Tonight is all about the music of today, the artists of today; the relevant ones.  Drew apparently didn't listen to the very relevant song I did with the stars of today, Rihanna and Kanye West, otherwise I'm sure it would have been nominated somewhere.  But no, the snubs were strong with this one and his taste in music is quite questionable, so I'm not sure why I agreed to do this other than for the money that I just found out he's not paying me.  Maybe I'm just a really nice guy.  Maybe I'm on drugs.  Probably both.  Tonight will be filled with moderately enjoyable music, screaming fanboys, tears of gratitude, and this b*itch."

"Please welcome to the stage, Azealia Banks!"

"Listen, I've been told to keep my opinions to myself about this lackluster lineup and it's blatant white washing.  The only true artist here is bound to lose, so Ibeyi, I just want you to know that my vote went to you.  The skinny white f*g is bound to win, or worse yet that c*nt who thinks she's a gangsta'.  I'm so sick of this complete raping of our culture.  F*ck it, here are the nominees."

"...and the winner is..."

Troye Sivan
"OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!  I don't even know where to start, what to say, nothing.  I know nothing right now.  How is this happening?  I want to thank my parents and my fans and Jack Antonoff and Alex god I love you Alex...and everyone who has been following my career since Twitter and just everyone everywhere!  I love you all!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!"

"Please welcome to the stage, Taylor Swift!"

"Awwww, thank you.  How are you?  Kisses!  So, songwriting.  It's a big deal.  I have so many processes that I had to make three separate bonus tracks on my last album to explain it all to you in such similar detail they sounded like one process told three ways, but you already know that because you all love me and have listened to my album, 1989, a few thousand times already.  So, this year I'm not a nominee, but I like to think that these incredible nominees all have many writing processes as well, since we are all, like, swimming in the same pool of artistic life, and so in that respect I am a nominee because we are all the same entity.  So the nominees are me, me, me, me and me; and not Katy Perry."

"...and the winner is..."

Miley Cyrus
"I have to say, this is highly unexpected.  This album was something very personal for me, something that stirred within me emotions I'm not even sure I'm ready to embrace, but I just want to say that I'm so touched you were moved by my words and my thoughts and my feelings and I just want you to know that you are beautiful.  Thank you."

"Please welcome to the stage, Kid Cudi!"

"Sometimes people talk too much.  Learn to focus.  Learn to channel your energies into a more streamlined and articulate presentation.  Stop destroying your vision with filler.  Here are the nominees for best EP of the Year."

"...and the winner is..."

FKA twigs

*FKA twigs was not present at the ceremony, so Kid Cudi accepted the award in her honor.

"Please welcome to the stage, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato!"

"We're so excited to be here, aren't we, Nick?"
"Yes we are, Demi!"
"Working together, in harmony with another artist is such a magical experience, and so tonight we are going to honor the five best collaborative vocal performances.  Some of these come from two harmonies within the same group, and some come from two separate artists coming together to make beautiful music."
"And most likely, one or more of these nominees will realize shortly that being a solo act will get you a lot more recognition and respect."

"...and the winner is..."

"This is such an honor.  We want to take a moment to thank Azealia Banks for her vote, but we want to spread the light of positivity and embrace all the nominees for their talent and their contribution to the art of music.  Without each other, music wouldn't exist, and without music there is no light.  We can't think of a better award to win, honestly, because this is an award that singles out our beautiful connection to each other, and it is with each other that we have built our love of music and life.  Thank you."

During this commercial break, we invite you to listen to the first of the five nominees for Favorite Song of the Year:

"Please welcome back, Paul McCartney!"

"This is the point in the show where they wanted me to embarrass myself in some SNL style skit that feels completely out of place and distracting to the purposes of the show, but I don't embarrass easily so here goes nothing!  I could do this all night, or we could move on.  It's up to you."

"Please welcome to the stage, Mariah Carey!"

"Dah-lings, stop it!  No, don't stop it.  Keep it going for just a few more...ok...ok, enough of that.  I'm so flattered.  I'm used to flattery.  One of the greatest forms of flattery is obviously a cover song.  I have done quite a few of them, and my voice caressing your words is probably the highest form of flattery imaginable.  Here are the nominees for this year's most flattering tracks."

"...and the winner is..."

Ed Sheeran

"Sweet!  I just want to thank Drew over here are A Fistful of Films for tirelessly pimping my music to everyone he talks to.  I know.  Word gets around.  This award is awesome, by the way.  Also, to everyone who listens, streams, downloads, buys my music.  It's the fans that make this profession so incredible.  Covering other people's work is a tough gig, you know.  You have standards and notions to live up to, and so it's nerve-wracking but so rewarding when you can actually pull it off, so thank you for validating this decision."

"Please welcome to the stage, Tove Lo!"

"Making music is such a personal experience, but sometimes it's nice to have someone take the time to make your vision just that much better.  Here are the nominees for Best Remixed Track."

"...and the winner is..."

Banks & Salva
"Hello everyone.  I'm so grateful for this award, this honor, and sharing it with Salva is an added joy.  Our chemistry was so well suited for this collaboration, and chemistry is so important for any working relationship.  I'm sorry Salva couldn't be here tonight, but wherever you are, this is for you."

During this commercial break, we invite you to listen to the second of the five nominees for Favorite Song of the Year:

"Please welcome to the stage, Heather Mills!"

"Please welcome to the stage, Blake Shelton!"

"Country music is full of rich stories about people and places and stuff, a lot of stuff, and here are the best songs that tell those stories."

"...and the winner is..."

"Thank you Blake.  Telling stories is what my whole life has been about, and I'm just so blessed to have an outlet to let my stories be heard.  This song, this win, it means everything to me and I just want to express my deep appreciation for this moment.  Thank you."

"Hi, me, I'm still here.  We're not done talking about those stories and people and places and stuff.  Not entirely sure what stuff...I just sing about it.  Here are the best albums that tell those stories or something like that."

"and the winner is..."

Kacey Musgraves
"Oh my goodness!  This is beyond my wildest dreams right now.  I'm just happy that I get to make music I love, but making music that you love means so much more to me.  I'm blessed that Taylor Swift wasn't nominated this year, since no one who makes real Country music can compete with her awards success, and I mean no disrespect because I loved her last Pop record.  Everyone that made this record possible, that made this experience all that it was, and it was amazing, I just love you so much.  And to my fellow nominees, I'm just as shocked as you are."

"Please welcome to the stage, Phantogram!"

"The amount of work that goes into making the perfect electronica track, developing the perfect beat, conceptualizing and then ultimately bringing to life the perfect track...well...these nominees understand that work all too well."

"and the winner is..."

V V Brown
"This is such an incredible honor.  I work hard to push boundaries and limits and set bars for myself and others and it feels remarkably gratifying to know that it is paying off in a way that makes all of this possible.  Thank you."

"Once you have the perfect track, it's time to create another, and another until you have the perfect album.  Here are the nominees that have achieved that very feat."

"...and the winner is..."

"I'm not even sure how this is happening.  How has this happened?  I'm pinching myself and probably will continue to pinch myself for the next year in complete disbelief over the fact that me, a girl who pretty much started my career digging for cassettes in the garbage to create my work and now here I am, in front of you, pinching myself.  I'm pinching myself!  Thank you so much!"

"Please welcome to the stage, FKA twigs!"

"I've just remembered that she's not here.  She just didn't show up.  Who does that?  Why didn't I do that?"

"...and the winner is..."

Susanne Sundfor
"I didn't expect this so I'm not really prepared.  I'm very thankful but I think I need to sit down right now before I puke."

"...and the winner is..."

Susanne Sundfor
"Are you kidding?  I guess I'll try and compose myself for a minute and just say that this album is so special.  I had such a specific vision and I produced most of this on my own and to have this album that I personally consider this little gem, this hidden treasure of sorts, be embraced and discussed and loved; I'm speechless.  Thank you so much!"

During this commercial break, we invite you to listen to the third of the five nominees for Favorite Song of the Year:

"Please welcome to the stage, Iggy Azalea!"

"Hey everybody!"

"No.  She be gone.  This un-special nobody has no business pretending to be urban and make money off of my people and my culture and my stories.  I'm gonna handle these categories.  Songs about my people sung by my people, except that one white b*tch.  Here are the nominees for best songs of the year."

"...and the winner is..."

The Weeknd
"I wanna thank The Mouthis and Drew in particular...make some noise for Drew...I wouldn't be accepting this award if he didn't love this song so much.  It's been a crazy year and one I wouldn't trade for anything so thank you, all of you, for being a part of it."

"Yes, I'm still here.  This category is tainted.  Some of these so called 'urban' artists are not urban.  May the true urban artist win and not some mess of a poser."

"...and the winner is..."

Kendrick Lamar
"First and foremost, thank you God.  I know he is the reason for all, not just all that I have but all good in this world and so, everyone here, thank God for what he has blessed you with.  Coming up from nothing to achieve all that I have, all I want to say is that you too can achieve all that you dream.  We can rise and we can become.  Rise with me!"

"Please welcome back to the stage, Paul McCartney!"

"A little rock, a little roll, it's time to talk about something I know.  Here are the nominees for Best Rock Song of the Year."

"...and the winner is..."

Florence + the Machine
"This is so wonderful.  I'm not sure what to say other than that this wouldn't have been possible without all the people in my life who continually push me to be better than who I am.  Thank you."

"Still shaking, still dancing, still rocking and rolling.  Let's check out the albums!"

"...and the winner is..."

Florence + the Machine
"Please welcome to the stage, Jessie Ware!"

"I'm so excited to be here tonight to present the awards for Best Pop Song and Pop Album.  I've never considered myself a pop star, and maybe that's because I'm not really a star, and yet this industry and this music in general has been so kind to me that to express my appreciation for others in this industry making this music is so special to me.  So, here are the nominees."

"...and the winner is..."

Troye Sivan
"This doesn't make sense!  This song means so much and says so much about who I am and where I'm from and the person I've become.  I want to be that voice.  I want to make it OK for everyone like me to be driven wild and accept who drives them wild and this feels like a step in that direction, so thank you so much!"

"And now we have Pop Album of the Year."

"...and the winner is..."

Demi Lovato
"Thank you so much.  This means the world, coming from a fan, coming from someone who understands and appreciates all I stand for.  You're an inspiration.  All of you are inspirations to me and I will use that to be all I can be, and more."

During this commercial break, we invite you to listen to the fourth of the five nominees for Favorite Song of the Year:

"Please welcome to the stage, Vance Joy!"

"Last year, when I was nominated for this award, I was beside myself with joy.  It was an honor just to be nominated, and among such incredible company.  All the nominees tonight should feel the same way."

"...and the winner is..."

Charlie Puth
"This year has been such a crazy year.  I just want to say when you dream it, make it happen!  Thanks to everyone who has been there for me, supported me and continues to support me, and to my fans, those I have now and those I hope to have in the future.  And thank you God, for without you this wouldn't be possible.  Also, Porsche, I'd like to thank Porsche."

"Please welcome to the stage, Sia!"

"Don't look at me."

"...and the winner is..."

Demi Lovato
"I can't even get out of my own head right now.  This is so incredible, and amid such talent like Adele and Florence, who I just adore, and the beautiful Andra are flawless, girl.  And Kat.  Your album is sic.  I want to work with you so badly right now.  Can we just take a minute to soak in this category.  I'm so blessed, so honored and so humbled to be here.  Thank you so much!"

"Please welcome to the stage, The Black Keys!"

"This award is specifically here to reward the best complete unit of a band.  We lost last year, which kind of sucks.  Four of you will lose, which will suck for you but not for the winner.  Here are the nominees."

"...and the winner is..."

Highly Suspect
"Wow!  We want to thank the fans who have embraced us and the community as a whole for readily making us part of their own.  The response to our album has been overwhelming and this just caps off a great year for our band.  Doesn't suck to be us right now!  Thank you!"

During this commercial break, we invite you to listen to the final of the five nominees for Favorite Song of the Year:

"Please welcome to the stage, Ed Sheeran!"

"It's a massive honor to be here presenting the award for Favorite Song of the Year.  When they asked me to present this award I was shocked but of course I had to say yes.  These five tracks are such incredible representations of this year in music and they are all songs I'd have been proud to be a part of.  Let's refresh our memories of the nominees."

"...and the winner is..."

Troye Sivan
"This is f*cking insane.  I'm dreaming, right?"  Song of the Year?  WHAT?!?!  Best day ever!"

"Please welcome to the stage, David Letterman!"

"Before we get into Album of the Year, I was asked to present a countdown of the Top Ten Albums of the year, and then I was told it was a Top Twelve, which I wasn't prepared for...and then I was told it was really just the bottom seven and I was confused, but I'm here and so here we go!"








"Please welcome back to the stage, your host Paul McCartney!"

"It's almost time to go home!  Here are the nominees for Album of the Year!"

"...and the winner is..."

Susanne Sundfor
"I'm beside myself right now.  I had no idea I even had a chance at this award, and I'm humbled to have my music loved so deeply by a fan.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this honor, and this only fuels me to make my next album all you hope it to be."

"That's it, folks.  Go home."


  1. wow, fun post, props for putting this together! Those McCartney gifs are amusing and cool idea to have him as your host :)
    Pimp the Butterfly is in my top 5 so we agree there. Sundfør's album I've been enjoying and is hovering just outside my top 10. Nice to see Here by Alessia Cara get a few mentions. Before I forget, Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Chris!!! McCartney, for some weird reason, was the only choice for host. I really have no idea why he popped into my head, but once he did there was no other answer.

      LOVE Here and was so glad to nominate it, and Lamar was mere inches from snagging the big prize (he's my clear runner-up), but at the end of the day, Sundfor's album was just so perfectly constructed and edited. Ten Perfect Songs should have been the album title.

  2. LOVE!!! Excellent work, buddy! Looking forward to the next ceremony. :)

    You know I love your wins, and it's awesome to see TOP, Dahlia, Bleachers, Bjork, Glen Hansard, Purity Ring, and Catfish and the Battlement get multiple noms. And, of course, Goulding and Jepsen getting in Pop Album!

    Jessie Ware presenting the Pop awards...*this* is my kind of awards show.

    I really wish I could've found room for an Ibeyi win, too, and it's great to see artists like Blur, Melody Gardot, Daya, Ryn Weaver, and Ghost Culture pop up.

    I love "Here", but I couldn't decide if it should go in Pop or UC. Either way, I think it would've just missed.

    Happy New Year!

    1. EEK!!! Thanks, bro! I was so nervous this was going to be such a flop ceremony. LOL.

      I love that this is your kind of ceremony. Hopefully the next one will be even better!

      For Here, I feel like it has this swag to it that the remainder of her album doesn't. It feels very urban, very R&B to me. I almost like Seventeen more...which feels far more pop to me.

  3. Well I really really don't know contemporary music, don't I? I never heard a song by Taylor Swift :P I only listen to soundtracks and Lana Del Rey, but new Adele record is pretty good though Hello is the best song imho. Oh and I do know Gaga and Florence but that's it :) This must have taken you so much time, very fun post!

    1. I really like 25, but it's just a lot of the same, unfortunately. I loved Send My Love to Your New Lover...and wish she had spliced into the album more tracks with that upbeat feel, but she knows her way around a ballad, so apparently that's what she wanted to give us.

      Hello is beautifully sung.

  4. This post is fucking amazing, bro! Impressive stuff. It has also made clear how little I know about current pop music. To be honest...I avoid it. I have listened to both Taylor Swift's and Ryan Adams' 1989, and I adore both. The only new music I got into (besides those) in 2015 was Jason Isbell's "Something More Than Free" and My Morning Jacket's "Waterfall," both brilliant records. I'm still stuck for the most part on what I listened to in college, which is seeping further and further into the past every day.

    1. LOVE Jason Isbell! He's going to pop up in a ceremony soon, so be on the lookout!

      So glad you liked this post :-D

      I'll have to check out the My Morning Jacket album...I haven't heard of them.

    2. Oh, man. My Morning Jacket has been my favorite band for a decade. They seriously put on the best live show...ever. And I've seen a lot of bands live. Saw them twice in 2015, seeing them at least twice in 2016. Already have tickets to see them two nights in a row at Red Rocks on Memorial Day Weekend. So fucking stoked! Definitely check them out. They've been around since '99 and have seven studio albums. Their eighth will be out this year.

    3. I'll add them to my listen lists right now!

  5. Aside from the Paul McCartney stuff, this is one awards show that I will never want to attend. I basically hate all of these people. Ed Sheerhan is a talentless ginger and Taylor Swift is a bitch. They're lucky Lemmy isn't around anymore because if they were in the same room with him. He'd kill them one note of his bass at a loud fucking volume.

    1. Well, Paul McCartney did say I had questionable taste...but I stand by it. I'm glad that I like all kinds of music and can appreciate what every genre brings to the table.

      And, while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, calling Ed Sheeran a talentless ginger is kind of ignorant. I mean, you don't have to like someone's music to appreciate that they have talent. Not only is he a very talented singer/songwriter, but his musicality is incredible. I've seen him live, seen him build an entire set around a single guitar, and it's a work of art.

      But if you hate him and Swift so much, steer clear of my 2014 Mouthis ;-)

    2. I'm sorry but you think Ed Sheerhan has talent? That's like John Mayer is this generation's Eric Clapton.

    3. Ed Sheeran>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eric Clapton>>John Mayer

      And I'm only half joking.

      Sorry, not sorry.

  6. My goodness the work involved to put this all together! I don't know too much about the music scene but I had to snicker at some of the stuff you wrote. Great writing

  7. Wow, this is impressive. Really. You did something very interesting with this post. Congratulations.

    Now, on the the sad stuff. (If I skip a category it's because I didn't listen to the album/song)
    Wow this are some of the most questionable choices ever. That Miley Cyrus record is just plain bad. Sorry but I can't describe any other way. A lot of music critics that I follow said this is the second worst album of the year. I tried to listen to it, it was abysmal when I got to the half of it. And mostly why for song writing?
    At the best collaborative vocal performance now. Are you serious? Marvin Gaye is one of the worst songs of the year, to put it bluntly. Afternoon Delight is a better sex song than this (and it was the worst just a year ago). I do really hate Meghan Trainor and every song she is on, just because of her smug persona displayed on every song.
    I do hate Ed Sheeran, but his cover is actually pretty good. I agree a lot here.
    I do disagree a bit with Stressed Out, I do Like the album a lot, I do enjoy the song but I much more prefer Tear in My Heart.
    I just love the song i, it's one of my favourite songs of the last couple of years. Just the best thing. But The Hills is a close second, can't deny it.
    There were so many great hip-hop albums this year, why just one (tho, the best one)? This year is one of the best year in hip-hop (underground, not on the charts).
    Now to the Pop. Please listen to Confident and then Blkkk skkkn Head, that's all.
    I'm sad to not see Jess Glynne's I Cry When I Laugh, but I love to see EMOTION, and Delirium (tho this is the weakest Ellie Goulding album).
    I disagree with a few choice but solid "award show" overall.

    1. LOL, yay!

      I'll never deny my taste is some...but taste is so subjective that really, everyone's taste is questionable to someone else.

      Miley's album is effing glorious. Music critics (critics in general, really) can suck it. Most of them get paid to talk out of their butts and really many of them have lost so much love for what they write about that they phone it in. Her album is so experimental, so personal, so raw and so honest. I only wish half the industry had the guts she has to really lay it all out there. Listen to those lyrics...remember what they're about...see the depth in what she's saying. Her whole record is basically about having your childhood raped out of you by the industry and living in a world where people only want you for what you can give them to the point where our deepest and most meaningful relationships come from those who don't take from us, our pets. The crushing loss in her words was too much to ignore.

      Marvin Gaye is a perfect pop song, but besides all that, that collaborative vocal has nothing to do with the song itself and everything to do with the vocals...and Puth's voice in particular is silk.

      Ed Sheeran is god.

      That whole TOP's album is pretty spectacular, to be honest, and I teeter on changing up which song I nominate every day.

      Confident is a perfect Pop album. Like, perfect...but I will listen to Blkkk skkkn Head and judge for myself.

      I agree that Delirium is Goulding's weakest effort, but upon quite a few re-listens, it's still extremely solid.

    2. Music is the most subjective out of all arts to me. You can't really blame someone for liking Miley Cyrus or let's say Iggy Azalea. What I always say: art is in the eye (in this case the ear) of the beholder. You like what you like, and I hate what I hate.
      With Confident, I meant the song.
      I honestly agree with the fact that the majority of critics really are shity but I'm more into the YouTube music critics the ones that don't get paid to say shit and do it more out of passion.
      With Ed Sheeran is more my fault than anything. I do like Sing a lot and love Don't, but not much else. He does folk music that isn't something I like all that much, but he makes just some really uninteresting songs that also get overplayed here. And not that he is completly bad at what he is doing, he is just overrated IMO.

    3. Ah, that's where we differ in our Ed Sheeran relationship. I love folk music!

  8. Bravo!!! This is an amazing post. I am floored by how much effort went into putting this together. The speeches, the gifs, and all those damn categories!!! I'm applauding as I type this.

    Wait, it's impossible to applaud and type at the same time, but you get my point.

    A few observations...

    The Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey presentations are spot on. Much props for that.

    I'm not sure whether to respect or disrespect you for actually listening to a Miley Cyrus album. Sorry, I just can't do it. And I'm so disappointed she didn't drop an F-bomb, flip us off, or flash a tit during her acceptance speech. I mean, we are talking about Miley Cyrus, right?

    Haven't heard the Jewel album, but glad to know she's still making music. I'll have to check that out.

    Haven't heard the Bjork album, but sad to know she's still allowed to make music. I won't check that out.

    Kendrick Lamar is the right answer...though I will say you nominated the wrong damn song. The Blacker the Berry is THE ONE from his least for me.

    Never heard of Florence & the Machine, but in every pic you have, album cover included, she looks depressed as hell. She looks like Lorde started drinking heavily, aged poorly, and never got over growing up in shitty neighborhoods. Therefore, I must listen to this album.

    My inner-sleaze can't thank you enough for all the pics of Ms. Lovato. Her music? Meh.

    Paul McCartney rocks! Still!

    Again - great, great post!

    1. YAY!!! Thanks for taking the time to read through and comment about so much!

      I'll tell you this, I listened to acceptance speeches and interviews for EVERY SINGLE PERSON here...both presenters and that I could try and get it right (or as close to right as I could). That's one reason why Miley was so tame. Her acceptance speeches are usually pretty controlled and heartfelt. Now, when I have her present...that may be a different story.

      Speaking of Miley...get on it. Like Bangerz is BRILLIANT! Dead Petz is also a tremendous album. She's not some Disney Pop Princess anymore. She actually tries to do something different, meaningful and artistic with her music now. Girl is all grown up.

      Love me some Bjork...but I completely understand why people also hate her.

      Lamar's entire album is PITCH PERFECT. Like, I could have nominated any one of those songs, and I almost swapped i out for King Kunta at the last minute, but I didn't have the time to make a new image.

      Florence + the Machine is one of the greatest music acts out there. LOVE them.

      Lovato is so HOT, yes, like...I almost wanted to nominated the music video for Cool for the Summer for it's own award...which I won't name because it's...not safe for work...but UGH.

      I also happen to love her music ;-)

  9. Wow, what a fantastic post! I am in awe of the amount of work you put into this. I haven't listened to any of these albums. Seriously. I am still listening to the same stuff I listened to in high school. And it was retro even back then.

    1. LOL, well my Tuesdays are going to be dedicated to getting everyone into current music releases, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the first entry!

  10. OMG this post. Nice job, you obviously spent a lot of time on this. I wish I would've actually listened to most of these so I can comment on them. lol

    1. There is still time! Spotify is a beautiful thing.

  11. I can't believe I am JUST NOW commenting on this, but I'm JUST NOW catching up with music from 2015, and all I can say is that there is not nearly enough Carly Rae Jepsen on this list. Run Away With Me is easily THE pop song of the year - that sax opening is just heavenly and it doesn't slip at all from there. Between her and Ellie Goulding and Little Mix (definitely give them a listen) and - grudgingly - Demi Lovato, pop had a VERY good year in 2015.

    Also, not enough CHVRCHES. That album still slays me. And also the Janet Jackson album is SO great; her best in a LONG time and one of the most cohesive albums of the year. And - no Years & Years?!? King and Shine are two of my favorites of the year and the album is pretty good too. Nothing kept me dancing more this year than Galantis. And I'm a sucker for her anyway, but Kylie Minogue's Christmas album is for the ages.

    Caught up with Susanne Sundfor recently because of this and her appearance on the PopJustice list and I LOVE HER. OMG.

    Love all your mentions for Florence. SO GOOD and overlooked in comparison to her last two albums. Also happy to see an appearance by my bae (as the kids are saying now) Sam Hunt. SWOON. Also, ALL the gifs in this post are priceless, but my favorite gif+caption combo is Sia. I nearly snorted my coffee.

    1. Love the Jepson and CHVRCHES love, and Josh will appreciate that more since he's been a huge advocate for both and is the only reason I gave Jepson's album a shot (and it is extremely fluid and well produced).

      UM, and what is your beef with Demi, pop-Goddess? Her album was pop-perfection.

      SO HAPPY you love Sundfor. She's incredible. Love that you love Sam Hunt too. He pops up in 2014 too ;-)

      Those will come soon.

      EEK...the Sia gif/comment was my favorite too!