Friday, September 4, 2015

4 Ways a Best Picture: It's a Wrap!

Alright, it's the moment of the truth.  The incredible Britt, Wendell, Kevin and Jeffery have spent the better part of a year (believe me) researching this project and now we've reached that pinnacle moment when all will be revealed!  It's ranking time!!!

So, we have two things to rank.  First, we have individual years.  This is the complete score given to a group of winners.  Then we have all the individual films/scores and where they rank alongside the bounty of winners we saw.  

We have 56 films to rank!

So, let's start with the years graded and their ranking.  Remember, the highest score a year could garner was 400 points.

2005 ~ 163 Points
2010 ~ 242 Points
2003 ~ 255 Points
2006 ~ 257 Points
2012 ~ 266 Points
2001 ~ 270 Points
2014 ~ 273 Points
2013 ~ 286 Points
2008 ~ 286 Points
2007 ~ 289 Points
2002 ~ 300 Points
2011 ~ 303 Points
2004 ~ 303 Points
2009 ~ 309
I have to say, I don't think I saw this coming.  I mean, 2009 winning overall surprises me a tad, but this top five is pretty crazy, right?  That's what I love so much about this project though, and these rankings, because they allowed us to grade an entire batch of winners, and so consistency becomes key here.  Take 2004 for instance.  I don't think there was a single film there that is beloved, but not a single film that is hated either.  Consistency.  Take then, 2014, which ranks in halfway up the list and contains a BP winner that was pretty much loved by all...and yet it had a foreign winner that had the majority of us rolling our eyes and an animated winner that met with mixed emotions.  It wasn't consistent.

But, I know what you're really waiting for...the full list!  Remember, the highest score a single film could garner was 100 points.

Happy Feet ~ 27 Points
My son was looking at me like 'Dad, WTF.' I'm looking at my wife like 'Can we leave?' And this chick is crying!!! I wanted to say "Are you serious, right now." ~ Wendell
Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit ~ 30 Points
Wallace, Gromit, a giant carrot, a giant rabbit…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~ Drew
Crash ~ 39 Points
The Barbarian Invasions ~ 40 Points
I was like, “Dude, I get it. You’re brilliant and flaunted your intellect all over the globe. Feel free to shut up at any time.” ~ Wendell
Ida ~ 43 Points
Like, this isn't even a movie! #WhatAreYouTalkingAbout #DotDotDot #GoBackToPoland ~ Drew
March of the Penguins ~ 44 Points
For real, though. When did they start giving Oscars to the Discovery Channel? ~ Kevin
No Man's Land ~ 45 Points
It didn’t help that this film felt like it was shot entirely in someone’s backyard. ~ Britt
The King's Speech ~ 46 Points
The theatrical trailer for The Social Network was better than The King's Speech. ~ Kevin
An Inconvenient Truth ~ 47 Points
I've seen climate change slide shows on BuzzFeed that are more eye catching than this. ~ Britt
Tsotsi ~ 50 Points
Actions speak louder than words, Gavin Hood…and David’s actions prove he’s nothing more than a heartless monster and so FUCK YOU for trying to make me forgive him! ~ Drew
The Counterfeiters ~ 51 Points
I feel like I have so little to say about this, but I had such a non-reaction to this film. It made me feel absolutely nothing. ~ Drew
The Great Beauty ~ 52 Points
It's beautiful and funny and cool as shit and then it goes on and on and on and on. I liken it to visiting a museum. Good for an hour or so. Then, you start checking your watch. ~ Kevin
Inside Job ~ 54 Points
Whenever he started speaking, all I could think about was how much better it would have been to have Morgan Freeman narrating. ~ Wendell
Rango ~ 55 Points
This movie gave me a headache. ~ Jeffery
Big Hero 6 ~ 56 Points
Scott Adsit's brilliant portrayal of Baymax. That is the intelligent and fun. Just that character. The rest sucks ass. ~ Kevin
Fog of War ~ 57 Points
Man, I just care so much. ~ Kevin

Departures ~ 57 Points
Once he put on the diaper, I pretty much checked out. ~ Drew
Amour ~ 59 Points
I fucking hate this movie. ~ Britt
The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King ~ 62 Points
Everyone talks about these false endings and I’m wondering if I just zoned out because by the time I got to Return of the King I literally thought it was never going to end. ~ Drew
The Secret in Their Eyes ~ 62 Points
It's probably going to be better than the Julia Roberts remake. ~ Britt
Slumdog Millionaire ~ 63 Points
LOL, I don't think I've ever heard anyone call Dev Patel fascinating ~ Drew
Argo ~ 64 Points
I thought the whole Affleck snub thing was sort of over the top and ridiculous. ~ Jeffery
Brave ~ 64 Points
My wife reminded me that I was being a real dick about watching it with her that one time ~ Kevin
Nowhere in Africa ~ 66 Points
Honestly, I would have killed for some ugly cry face reaction, personally. ~ Drew
The Sea Inside ~ 68 Points
I would find this movie extremely hard to like if Bardem wasn’t such a phenomenal actor. ~ Kevin 
Wall*E ~ 68 Points
I'm in the camp that the opening of WALL-E is a masterpiece (stunning animation, sound design) and then the movie quickly dissolves into shrill territory. ~ Jeffery
In a Better World ~ 68 Points
Only problem with a subtitled film in a language you're not familiar with was every time someone called Anton a "Swede" I was like "He is?" ~ Britt
Shrek ~ 70 Points
I really find the computerized animation in this film fugly. Even though that may be OK since it’s a film that embraces fugliness. ~ Jeffery
Taxi to the Dark Side ~ 70 Points
Like, I wrote down, "this made me fucking sick" and that's really all I retained from this. ~ Drew
Chicago ~ 71 Points
Gere is always a massive flaw, LOL! ~ Britt
Spirited Away ~ 73 Points
Chihiro’s parents sucked. They deserved to get turned into pigs. ~ Britt
Born into Brothels ~ 73 Points
Maybe that’s why most prominent people she talked to about her ‘project’ looked at her like she was an idiot. ~ Drew
The Hurt Locker ~ 73 Points
It was nothing but Avatar vs Hurt Locker because ZOMG the directors used to be married! ~ Britt
Toy Story 3 ~ 74 Points
Obviously NOTHING you said is correct, you know, outside of the fact that the original Toy Story is great. ~ Drew
20 Feet from Stardom ~ 74 Points

Chills. Tears. ~ Kevin
Ratatouille ~ 76 Points
Oh my God, I think we did marry the same chick. ~ Drew
Frozen ~ 76 Points
I watched this again on Christmas Eve while wrapping presents. It's a good movie to watch while wrapping presents. ~ Jeffery
A Beautiful Mind ~ 77 Points
Why did he have to punch that guy? ~ Britt
The Artist ~ 77 Points
You're not the one who should be apologizing. ~ Drew
Murder on a Sunday Morning ~ 78 Points
He sucked down so many cancer sticks, though, I swear I could see his lungs blackening through his shirt. I got 2nd hand smoke through my TV. ~ Wendell
Searching for Sugar Man ~ 79 Points
He's like Bob Dylan if Bob Dylan wasn't an asshole and cared about his fans. ~ Kevin
Million Dollar Baby ~ 80 Points
I should’ve speared them. That was on me. I failed, LOL. ~ Britt
Are you sure those notes are private? ~ Wendell
Up ~ 81 Points
Are you kidding? Up sucks. How could the Academy even nominate it!!!!!???? ~ Kevin
The Incredibles ~ 82 Points
A sequel is always in the works. ~ Jeffery
12 Years a Slave ~ 84 Points
I'm sure that's how everyone saw Roots. ~ Britt
A Separation ~ 85 Points breathing STOPPED. Full stop. Not lying. I sat there and was clutching the sofa and was like...WHAT!?!?!? ~ Drew
Undefeated ~ 86 Points
I feel so bad about this - but I just do not give a fuck about small town football. At all. ~ Britt
The Departed ~ 89 Points
Anthony Anderson's best role to date. ~ Britt
Bowling for Columbine ~ 90 Points
Also, Charlton Heston proved he’s not just a wooden actor but also a shitty person. Like, he’s just all around an overrated individual. ~ Drew
No Country for Old Men ~ 92 Points
To quote this overrated flick, Kevin: “You can’t stop what’s coming…” ~ Drew
The Cove ~ 93 Points
Someone actually said (or wrote) "those dolphins could've escaped if they really wanted to?" OMFG!!! What the hell is wrong with people? ~ Wendell
The Lives of Others ~ 94 Points
I'd sell out for millions. ~ Britt
Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) ~ 94 Points
I mean, would it really be any different had it been named Batman (or the Unexpected Virtue...)? ~ Wendell
Finding Nemo ~ 96 Points
Fucking horror stories and even that can’t rain on my Finding Nemo parade. ~ Britt
Man on Wire ~ 98 Points
Kind of tacky. ~ Jeffery
So there you have it!  The final ranking, and what a deserving winner!!!  Again, I want to thank everyone, not just my fellow panelists (you guys are amazing) but also all of you who read and commented and debated right alongside us.  You guys rock!  We'll be back, and we can't wait to see what you have to say about this next years crop of winners...once we know what they are!!! 


  1. I love how you picked out quotes from everyone for each movie. That's a nice touch. 2009 is a worthy winner, great films all around. It's funny how one awful movie can bring down a decent year's score.

    Thanks again for putting this together.


    1. Gurl, you gave me such a bounty of awesome quotes to work with!

  2. If Inside Out wins Best Picture will you review it twice?

  3. Most amazing to me is how big a gap is between 2005 and every other year. It's generally a 10 point or less difference from one spot to the next, yet that one is almost 80 points behind the year ranked ahead of it. Wow. Just goes to prove how bad Oscar was that year.

    Just imagine where 2014 would rank if we actually liked Ida.

    I'm with Britt. That was a really nice touch including a quote from one of us about each movie. And I totally see what you did with your quote and the pic you used for Departures. Sneaky. In a good way.

    1. 2005 was a complete and utter mess.


  4. ''The theatrical trailer for The Social Network was better than The King's Speech'', LOL!

  5. Interesting to see where everything placed in sequence. Poor 2005, and how much better it would have done if that piece of twaddle Crash hadn't foolishly been chosen but Brokeback Mountain had rightfully won, although the rest of the winners were a ragged bunch.

    I'm not surprised to see Man on Wire finish on top, it was so well liked by the group and really is an extraordinary film but Birdman in the second slot is a surprise. I thought it was fine but I'd never place it second among all these films.

    Great work from all on this long, complex project.

    1. Minor correction, Joel. Birdman took third. Point taken, though. Thanks for following the project.

    2. Also, on the Birdman front, despite the fact that we liked this more than you, Joel, you have to admit that out of the batch of winners being ranked, it's not that surprising that it ranks so high. I mean, from a technical aspect, it's much more exciting and memorable than something like The King's Speech or A Beautiful Mind, and from a modern standpoint it has all the makings of a film that cinephiles will remember and laud. It's basically the cult movie that actually won the Oscar...the film that, had it not won, would be remembered as the film that Oscar should have had the guts to recognize, so it's high ranking makes sense.

  6. Likewise, I agree that adding the quote for each movie was a nice touch. Thanks one more time for hosting this roundtable, Drew! What a great time.

    1. Yeah, I was really happy with the way that the quotes worked with each ranking...and yes, this was such a great time!

  7. Poor King's Speech:) I love that movie and I also love March of the Penguins which held me riveted but I am once who can spend hours enthralled in a museum:)

  8. Polarizing opinion but Happy Feet is better then the majority of this list (like just 10 are a bit better 'cause Happy Feet is already awesome).

  9. Cheers to all of you on this incredible project, and what a great way to celebrate! I'm not very surprised by the films in the top 5, but expand that to the top 10 and it's much more surprising (namely since Finding Nemo is the only Pixar in it. WTF, guys?!?!).

    1. I blame Britt for Toy Story 3 not rightfully being in the top 3.

  10. I love this list, despite the fact that I disagree with almost all of it.

    Once he put on the diaper, I pretty much checked out. ~ Drew

    Made my day, Drew.

    1. I assure you, my quote was more entertaining than the movie!


      And I'm so happy that you love the list despite disagreement. That's the fun of all this blogging stuff.

  11. OMG! This is amazing!!

    2009 is probably the most balanced year of winners, so it's great to see it at #1. And Man on Wire!!! Like, that top 10 is great, but WOW! :D

    1. Yeah, that Top 10 is pretty great, and the Top 4 (5 since there was a tie) is pretty pitch perfect.