Saturday, July 18, 2015

Updated Oscar Predictions Pt. 7: Eyes on the prize...

Let's wrap up these mid-year predictions with a look at my ridiculous assumptions as to who will win.  I know that there is no point to any of this, and yet...I want to do it, so indulge me.

[4 Wins]

 Best Picture
Adapted Screenplay
Supporting Actor (Neeson)

[3 Wins]

Inside Out
Animated Film
Original Screenplay
Original Score (Giacchino)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
 Visual Effects
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing

[2 Wins]

Costume Design
Art Direction/Production Design

The Danish Girl
Lead Actor (Redmayne)
Makeup & Hairstyling

 Film Editing
Supporting Actress (Rossellini)

[1 Win] 

Beasts of No Nation

Sing Street
 Original Song

Lead Actress (Mulligan)

But what do I know?


  1. I really hope Eddie Redmayne doesn't win again, its DiCaprio's moment in the sun!
    Don't think Inside Out will pull-off Best Original Screenplay, it has an inventive story and everything but it isn't nearly as great as people are saying it to be.

    1. I'm really not sold on DiCaprio taking it this year, not with Redmayne crossdressing.

      And I disagree on Inside Out. It is, in my eyes, just as original and great as people are saying, and I think it has a serious shot at winning in that particular category if the studio places all their chips there and campaigns it in that light. That category could be weak, especially if the films to beat wind up being Adapted stories.

      But, you never know.

  2. God, that picture of Redmayne O_o

    1. Hehe, I thought of you the minute I saw it!

  3. Oh it will be interesting to review as we get closer to December.

  4. Very interesting. I can see some of these happening. The Redmayne role and performance are exactly what the Academy is drawn to regardless of whether it is worthy or not. As for Silence, does it even have a firm release date? Isn't it still in post-production?

    1. The film has no set release date as of yet, but the film is finished filming and should be in the editing phase now. Scorsese says next year, the studio says this November, and with the state of this race...I'd say it would be smart to drop the film now.

  5. A lot of these seem plausible like Star Wars for its tech awards, Inside Out for Best Animated Feature, and Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor. I have to admit, in that set photo of Redmayne, he kinda looks like Marilyn Manson. On the inside, he's probably thinking to himself "I'mma be winning awards for this shit!" I also like the idea of Carey Mulligan winning Best Actress. She's a phenomenal talent and her possible post-Oscar career could easily fare better than others that have won the same award (i.e., Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, etc.) since she picks such great projects.

    1. Mulligan is the only option this year. She has to win. SHE HAS TO!!!

  6. LOVE!!! I might post mine soon. :D

  7. Replies
    1. I'm working on it at the moment. Trying to have them ready to post by the beginning of the month.