Monday, May 4, 2015

I need your thoughts for my fists!

So, Mondays here are all about A Fistful of Thoughts, but today I'm at a loss.  Nothing struck me this week as anything I really wanted to talk about (you know, aside from that amazing Xavier Dolan news) and so I'm struggling to come up with anything to discuss this morning.  So, I've decided to leave all discussions up to you.  What's on your mind?  Leave a comment with anything YOU want to talk about, and I'll respond.  


Here's What I'll Be Reading Today:
Steven reviews Ex Machina
Lindsay gears up to talk Sophia Coppola
That Moment In talks Three Amigos
Alex looks at Noah Baumbach's filmography
Jeffery wraps up Poetry Month with links
Jenna & Allie review We're the Millers
Matt gets nostalgic
Paskalis talks the Mad Max Trilogy

And because everyone has been reviewing The Avengers, we have Britt's review as well as Bubbawheat's, which happens to be hilarious!


  1. Imma let you finish, but Bubbawheat gave the best Age of Ultron review of ALL TIME!!

    I don't know what to talk about. Game of Thrones killed a character I really like who is still alive in the books, and I cried bitter tears.

    1. LOL, right! I clicked on his review expecting, since he's all about Super Heroes, this really detailed and elongated review and then I got that and I freaking cried tears of hilarity.

      I really, really need to just start Thrones. FUCK ME!!!

  2. I don't know if you've watched, at all. But, the Last Man On Earth finale was last night, and it was terrific! I just can't stop thinking about this show, and, for me, that has not been the case for a comedy, at least since the early days of The Office. The show is just genius!

    1. That's one that I wish I had caught, because everyone seems to be high on that one. Since it's only one season in, it should be easy to catch up before Season Two starts. I'll have to do that :-D

  3. I have just two questions.
    1) What's your top 5 favorite Xavier Dolan films?
    b) What's your top ten favorite films of all time?
    2 1/2) When will you cover more 2000s and 2010s years?

    1. 1) I'd rank Dolan's films like this:

      Laurence Anyways
      Tom at the Farm
      I Killed My Mother

      2) Pinning down my Top Ten is hard...but at the moment these films come to mind (in no real order):

      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
      Jules et Jim
      Pierrot le Four
      Rocco and His Brothers
      The Purple Rose of Cairo
      The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
      The Last Picture Show
      In the Bedroom
      Beauty and the Beast

      But that's always subject to immediate change.

      2 1/2) I will be talking about the 2010's VERY soon as I'm wrapping up my personal awards for 2010-2014!

  4. You've opened the floodgates! Well you know I love lists and I love Old Hollywood so I'm going to combine them into my questions!

    Who are your top 10 favorite actresses & your top 10 favorite actors pre-1960? Your top 10 favorite character actors & actresses from the same period? I'm tempted to ask which film of each is your favorite but I don't want to overwhelm you more then I already did. I'm anxious to see if we overlap anywhere!!

    1. OMG! I've actually been thinking about making a list like this for a I have been thinking A LOT about this. By pre-1960, I'm going with actors who started their career before that...because so many of my favorites were STILL acting after 1960.


      Marlon Brando
      James Cagney
      Jean Gabin
      Cary Grant
      Marcello Mastroianni
      Paul Newman
      Claude Rains
      Rod Steiger
      James Stewart
      Spencer Tracy

      or something like that...


      Ingrid Bergman
      Claudette Colbert
      Bette Davis
      Olivia de Havilland
      Audrey Hepburn
      Deborah Kerr
      Giulietta Masina
      Marilyn Monroe
      Elizabeth Taylor
      Indrid Thulin

      or something like that...

      Character actors are hard to do because I tend to just lump everyone together...I don't discriminate :-P...and actor is an actor!

    2. Great choices! After the first few top picks it always gets so hard for me to limit to ten, which you can see since the best I could do with my actress list is 13! I just couldn’t eliminate the final three. And my supporting actor was torture to get to the final twelve (I couldn’t bring myself to leave off Henry Daniell or Louis Calhern), it could have been at least twice as long.

      I knew Ingrid Bergman would be your number one, I remember you mentioning that when you did Twice a Best Actress. But I’m surprised and delighted to see Claudette Colbert at number two, she was a distinctive performer who should be better known. I don’t know too much of Ingrid Thulin’s work, I think I’ve only seen Wild Strawberries, Cries & Whispers, The Cassandra Crossing and maybe one or two others, but I like what I’ve seen. Same goes for Jean Gabin, I’ve seen Moontide and Grand Illusion but little else. Actually I love all your actors except Brando who I like but am not crazy for.

      I agree an actor is an actor but especially in studio era Hollywood there was a definite hierarchy with many performers rarely if ever top lining a film (and if they did they were B’s) but popping up in support in dozens and dozens of films, actually working under what were classified as feature player contracts. Those reliables were the ones I was thinking of. Anyway after all that preamble here are mine, more or less in order of preference, with the film that contains my favorite performance of theirs:

      Linda Darnell-A Letter to Three Wives
      Susan Hayward-The President’s Lady
      Ida Lupino-The Man I Love
      Gloria Grahame-The Big Heat
      Judy Garland-A Star is Born
      Margaret Sullavan-The Shop around the Corner
      Bette Davis-Dark Victory
      Priscilla Lane-Saboteur
      Barbara Stanwyck-Christmas in Connecticut
      Doris Day-Love Me or Leave Me
      Ingrid Bergman-Notorious
      Veronica Lake-I Married a Witch
      Marilyn Monroe-Niagara

      John Garfield-The Breaking Point
      Richard Widmark-Pickup on South Street
      Robert Ryan-About Mrs. Leslie
      James Mason-A Star is Born
      William Holden-Executive Suite
      Clifton Webb-Titanic
      Robert Mitchum-The Lusty Men
      Edward G. Robinson-Scarlet Street
      Charles Laughton-Witness for the Prosecution
      Cary Grant-Holiday

      Supporting Actress:
      Thelma Ritter-The Mating Season
      Eve Arden-Mildred Pierce
      Claire Trevor-Born to Kill
      Agnes Moorehead-Dark Passage
      Lucile Watson-Watch on the Rhine
      Mary Wickes-White Christmas
      Spring Byington-Louisa
      Connie Gilchrist-A Letter to Three Wives
      Angela Lansbury-The Manchurian Candidate
      Edna May Oliver-The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

      Supporting Actor:
      Claude Rains-Notorious
      Jack Carson-The Hard Way
      Sydney Greenstreet-The Velvet Touch
      Alan Hale-Dodge City
      George Sanders-All About Eve
      Lee J. Cobb-12 Angry Men
      Adolphe Menjou-Stage Door
      Cecil Kellaway-I Married a Witch
      Charlie Ruggles-The Pleasure of His Company
      Larry Keating-The Mating Season
      Louis Calhern-High Society
      Henry Daniell-Camille

    3. Oh, my lists were entirely alphabetical. I couldn't rank them, but Brando, while in the top five, would be below Steiger and Newman.

      Bergman is my #1...alphabetically AND personally.

      And I love so many of yours, but I'm also so underversed in classic Hollywood, especially pre-1960 (because, like, I'm obsessed with the 60's) so I've seen like one movie here and there for many of your picks.

      And I should have listed Stanwyck. She's definitely in my Top Ten.

    4. Ha! I don't know why I didn't realize yours was alphabetical, probably because I looked at your actresses first and knew Ingrid was your #1 so just assumed that it was by preference.

      Like I said it's brutal to winnow these lists down. Immediately after I posted this I realized I hadn't listed Fay Bainter in my supporting actress list and was furious that I'd forgotten her, although I don't know who I could have possibly taken out to include her.

      Yes Missy Stanwyck belongs on any top list. Of the giant iconics, Davis, Crawford, Kate Hepburn etc. she was the most versatile able to do the intense drama but relax into her comedy roles with more ease than any of the others.

    5. Yeah, it's really Stanwyck's comedy that sets her apart because she does it, but doesn't overdo it. She wasn't a theatrical actress, but a gritty and honest one.

    6. Her lack of an Oscar angers me, to be honest.

    7. While Stanwyck got the honorary award, which was the least they could do for her, her not winning a competitive one is a classic case of oversight. But then the fact that she only received four nominations when she should have been up in the Bette Davis range of noms is another example of the way she was undervalued.

  5. Dude, how epic is that Dolan news?! Can't wait for that one. And thanks for the link!

    1. It's the most epic thing I've heard all year!

      And you're so welcome :-D

  6. Thanks for the link-love. BTW, did you read my Cannes marathon line-up?

    1. No, I didn't. I'll need to check it out ASAP!

  7. I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I'm kind of at a loss. Like, it's not bad, but it's not one of Marvel's best. These movies are getting tiresome, even if most of them are perfectly fine as pieces of entertainment. Honestly, I think I prefer Insurgent to the new Avengers movie. :/

    1. Really!?!? I hated Divergent...but I do hear that Insurgent is better.

  8. This or that?

    Opening Friday Night in a packed house or Sunday matinee with a few others?

    The hero saves the day, but dies or the hero doesn't save the day to set up the sequel?

    Theater with state of the art sound system, but no popcorn or theater with average sound system and the best popcorn you've ever had?

    1. I read this last night while I was drunk and I was SO CONFUSED!


      I get it now.

      1) Sunday's cheaper and I can stay awake for the whole thing! Lol, I'm so old.

      2) Hero saves the day (or doesn't) and dies. Sequels, mostly, suck.

      3) Um, kick ass theater for sure! I don't usually eat at the movies :-) As long as they have beer, I'm good.

  9. You can't be at a loss! :) One can look at the films that just came out but you could pick a week from history that made news or the films that came out in this month back in the year you were born. I saw your list for pre 1960. I love the list and would add John Wayne as I love him and Joel McCrea. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly would also be on the list. Gene Tierney, Louise Brooks, Cyd Charisse (just for her dancing). Now what about Directors? Hitchcock, Ford, Cocteau, Renoir, Wellman, Lang, Hathaway would be on my list

    1. Directors would be fun...pre-1960, right?


      or something like that...

    2. I don't know what I was thinking...because Orson Welles would clearly be my #1 and I forgot to list him at all. Stupid me.

    3. All wonderful talents, mine would be more Ameri-centric, I ended up with 20!! So I guess it's tier one and tier two:

      Alfred Hitchcock
      Michael Curtiz
      Douglas Sirk
      Fritz Lang
      Mitchell Leisen
      Preston Sturges
      Vincente Minnelli
      Nicholas Ray
      George Cukor
      Billy Wilder

      John Ford
      William Wyler
      Howard Hawks
      Joseph L. Mankiewicz
      Robert Siodmak
      Ida Lupino
      Raoul Walsh
      Frank Borgaze
      Fred Zinnemann
      Cecil B. DeMille

      Orson Welles's first two films and Touch of Evil are masterworks but otherwise I've always him an uneven director. Most of your foreign directors I'm just not familiar enough with their overall catalogs to have a solid grasp of the consistency of their work.

    4. Minnelli is one I should have listed, or at least would be hanging around close to my Top Ten.

      Welles was just a complete visionary, to be honest. Some of his films feel uneven, but that is more due to studio tampering than his direction itself. If only we were able to see his 'complete' works!

    5. Oh gosh-yes Welles would be even if he only made 2 films ever. Minnelli is another and I love that Ida Lupino is on the list for Joel. I would have to pick F.W. Murnau also. So hard to pick just 10

    6. I'm not familiar with Lupino as a director, but I want to be!

    7. While all of Ida's films have interesting directorial touches-she was very focused on social issues in her pictures, and I love, love, love The Trouble with Angels, her best film and a good place to start if you haven't seen it is The Hitch-Hiker with Edmond O'Brien.

    8. I will check that out ASAP!

  10. Hey Drew! I knew you'd be super excited about the Dolan news. Cool that his career is on fire right now. Speaking of French cinema, well this French actor's been on my mind a lot, like A LOT. I thought this would be more like a *fling* type of crush but it turns out to be quite intense. I definitely start to learn the language as a lot of his films are in French w/ NO subtitles. Oh and there's a Mpls Comic con this past weekend, so that was fun, I just posted my recap yesterday.

    In any case, hope you'll participate in FFTF later ;-)

    1. WHICH ACTOR!?!?! Is it the one you posted about the other day? The post inspired by Sati's crush post? And I'll definitely be checking out your FFTF!

    2. No I haven't done anything w/ the crush post yet, but I will be talking about him in FFTF. His name is Stanley Weber, he happens to be the son of renowned French actor Jacques Weber. I've mentioned him a few times in my blog, he's one of the movie-related highlights of April for me. He's so fiiiiiineeee [ok sorry, just got to get that out of the way.... :P

    3. LOL, I look forward to reading the post!

    4. Good luck trying to understand French movies, I learned it for 6 years, 4h a week and all I understand from movies is "garcon". They speak like machine guns fire.

    5. Yeah, learning a language and understanding it within a film is hard.