Monday, May 25, 2015

A Fistful of Cannes!

In place of the usual Fistful of Thoughts, it's only appropriate that we have A Fistful of Cannes this week, since it wrapped yesterday morning and the winners have been announced.  In normal Cannes fashion, there was a lot of WTF going on, with a real nail biter for the Palme that resulted in a lot of controversial reactions.  Of course I have no opinion, since I've seen none of these films, but let's go ahead and break this on down, winners style!

Palme d'or

Dheepan [Jacques Audiard]
Apparently, Dheepan didn't get the same kind of rousing response from critics in Cannes as films like Carol and The Assassin, and so this win is being questioned by many and being perceived as a weak win.  I don't care what anyone has to say, honestly, since I have loved both of the Audiard films I've seen (Rust + Bone and A Prophet) and so I'm all for him being a Palme winner.  

Grand Prix

Son of Saul [Laszlo Nemes]
Son of Saul, a Holocaust drama, is getting a lot of great ink out of Cannes, and many thought it was going to win the Palme.  Apparently this was a favorite of Xavier Dolan's, so I'm very intrigued to check this one out.


Hou Hsiao-hsien for The Assassin
The Assassin losing the Palme apparently caused a real stir, since the press interviews with the jury seemed to focus on why this won for it's director and NOT the Palme itself (that and the tie in Actress, which we'll talk about in a second).  I know nothing about this other than the fact that the reviews were great and the film is a martial arts film, which doesn't sound very Palme d'or to me, but now I'm really intrigued. 


Vincent Lindon for The Measure of a Man
While it seemed almost clear that Michael Caine was the frontrunner for the Actor prize once Youth screened, once Lindon's performance was seen and reviewed, it seemed like Caine was out of the race.  Some thought that maybe we'd see a tie, but by that point many were talking about Roth's performance in Chronic instead of Caine and so, it appeared that Caine was SOL.  He was, for it was Lindon's performance in The Measure of a Man that won out with the Cannes jury.  No tie hear; that was saved for...


Rooney Mara for Carol & Emmanuelle Bercot for Mon Roi
This is blowing my mind right now.  Cate Blanchett's reviews out of Cannes were, like, astronomically good.  Like, frontrunner for the Oscar (although I'm not predicting that yet) good, and this happened.  Her co-star, Mara (who also had very good reviews) wins the Actress award in a TIE with an actress who is not Cate Blanchett!  Yes, despite lesser reviews, Dolan was apparently a scrappy fighter for getting Bercot recognized, and she was.  I have to say, I'm VERY excited for Carol, and less excited (although optimistic) for Mon Roi.


Chronic [Michel Franco]
I missed the reception for this, but I've seen on Twitter a few calling this win for Chronic a joke, so I'm not sure if it's hate for the film itself or for Franco.

Prix du Jury

The Lobster [Yorgos Lanthimos]
I'm not going to lie, I think The Lobster is my most anticipated film of the year.  Lanthimos is such an interesting director with a lot to say and a very unique voice, and the reviews for this film have been very, VERY good (which I have to admit I was a little shocked to see).  I'm awaiting his masterpiece, and maybe this is it.  I really liked both Dogtooth and Alps (although I didn't love either), but they showed so much potential, and from what I gather, this capitalizes on that potential.  And that cast!


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  1. Looking forward to all of these. Admittedly, I'm even more interested in Dheepan now. The Lobster looks SO good. Can't wait!

    I'm reviewing Tomorrowland, er, tomorrow. ;)

    1. The Lobster, on paper, sounds so weird and yet, those reviews...those stills...that cast...MY GOD I NEED THAT MOVIE!

  2. "Yes, despite lesser reviews. Dolan was apparently a scrappy fighter for getting Bercot recognized." This is the type of thing that irks my nerves about movie awards. I tend to look at it from a pro sports MVP voting mentality. At the end of the year, the winner is the player the voters legitimately believe had the best season, not which guy buttered them up the most (far as I know). I'm sure I'll repeat this during Oscar season, so I'll stop here. Still looking forward to seeing a number of these later this year, or early next. Thanks for the link!

    1. This stuff happens all the time. I hate it most during Oscar season because it catches on and that 'undeserving' winner wins everything. I'll hold off all judgement until I actually see the film...but it doesn't look promising.

      Shame, Dolan...SHAME!

  3. I think there's some great stuff here, but only time will tell. Cannes isn't always a great predictor.

    1. Cannes is a very spotty predictor because most of the stuff seen and recognized is foreign, but we're bound to have at least one if not more of these films pop up in the foreign race, and Carol in particular looks set to take Oscar by storm.

  4. There are always moments where one sits there, blankly, saying WTF?? I will await your reviews on these films once you can see them

  5. Thanks for the link Drew, have u read my review yet? Curious to see how we stack up on that one :) I'm looking forward to The Lobster too, hadn't heard of it until Cannes, Son of Saul too but that looks like really painful to watch.

    1. I'll be getting to your review soon! I planned on reading it yesterday, and then my family insisted that I stay away from the computer considering that I had the day off.

  6. Judging by Rooney Mara winning Best Actress, I'm guessing she is the true lead or at least has more screentime than Blanchett. But I'm pretty stoked for Carol to come out. That one might finally put Todd Haynes in the Best Director lineup. The Lobster also looks promising. I loved Dogtooth and think Yorgos Lanthimos has a creative mind.

    1. From what was said during the jury interview, it looks like they wanted to reward the more understated performance, i.e., the one that isn't going to get as much attention in the coming months. Blanchett and Mara are co-leads (it's a very Thelma and Louise type situation), and while the book centers on Mara's character as the POV, word is the script has shifted to focus more on Blanchett (thus the name of the film being the name of her character). Mara is most likely still go Supporting (supporting actors have won at Cannes before as well) and is looking pretty set for a nomination, maybe even a win, at this point.

  7. Yeah, this year's festival was underwhelming but still quite fun. BTW, did you read my post-mortem of the marathon? I think you will be happy at who won the marathon's Palme d'Or.

  8. OMG don't see Tomorrowland, go see Mad Max! :) Thanks for the link! I must say I don't know 3/4 of these people and movies but I'm super happy for Rooney Mara and I'm so looking forward to the Lobster. Also YAY for positive reviews for Macbeth

    1. LOL, I already saw Tomorrowland...because of...children. I want to see Mad Max SO BADLY but I can't get anyone to take all these kids off my hands...and the fact that my wife has no desire to see the film also kind of dampens my chances of seeing it in the theaters.

      Macbeth looks so good!

  9. Thanks for the link! And this was a really interesting read for me, as before now I knew nothing about the Cannes movies. Looking forward to seeing some of these :)
    - Allie

    1. I try and follow (and somewhat cover) these every year.