Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fistful of Thoughts...about messy myths, blossoming foreigners, another sequel, stabbing starlets and Idris Elba's bigger, blacker...Bond!

So, I was away this weekend.  It's always nice to have a getaway of sorts, but coming home and catching up on blog related things is always hectic and crazy.  I've missed so much.  I have a slew of comments to catch up on on reviews I had set to post while I was away (thank you guys for stopping by in my absence) and I have all of your blogs to visit this morning as well...and there's work, which is going to have to wait a few minutes while I compile my obligatory Fistful of Thoughts post for Monday!

Hold up, coffee's done.  I'll be back!

So the MTV Movie Awards were last night.  We won't be talking about them today.  The last MTV Movie Awards I actually watched was 2000, the year that Gladiator made me realize I should watch The Oscars instead.

But, we have a bunch of other stuff to talk about, so let's get to it!

First...apparently they are going to adapt The Odyssey again.  This time, it appears that they are going to aim this at teens since they have enlisted everyone behind The Hunger Games films to get this off the ground.  I have absolutely no expectations for this.  Adapting a YA novel and a classic piece of literature are two VERY different things, and I'm not convinced that this is the right fit for the project.  This could honestly go all sorts of wrong, and we all know they'll be courting Jennifer Lawrence for this as well; but I have a feeling she's smart enough to smell disaster here.

So, it's not new news that Nyong'o finally found a suitable (we hope) follow up role to her Oscar winning role in 12 Years a Slave, but now it's been announced that the Oscar nominated Captain Phillips' breakout, Barkhad Abdi finally has one in the works too.  The film is called The Wolf Who Cried Boy, and it sounds interesting (Abdi plays a limo driver who handles stolen copper) to say the least.  What is nice about this news though is that we are seeing two seemingly difficult actors to cast (Nyong'o should NOT be hard to cast, but apparently Hollywood can't find a place for her) getting work, and we should be applauding this.  I hope that Abdi doesn't become a cliche actor, one who is typecast, but I have a fear there is no other place for her (like, he's not going to ever be a leading man), but we can hope and pray that Nyong'o gets a chance to spread her wings.  I want so badly for her to do a romantic comedy.

So, The Incredibles is finally getting a sequel!  I know that we're always griping about sequels, and we're always talking about how Pixar needs to get their head back in the game and write something original, but this news is kind of awesome since it's really the only Pixar film that screamed SEQUEL from the very beginning and yet they apparently thought it a better idea to give films like Finding Nemo (a masterpiece but far from a sequel starter) and Cars (we didn't even need to first one) a second coming.

I can't wait for this!

Oh, and Scarlett Johansson is being courted for a Creature from the Black Lagoon remake.  I have no idea what to think of this.  With all the incredible film choices she's been making, this feels like a poor one, but maybe I should see the original first.

Ok, so I said I didn't watch the MTV Movie Awards last night, but this morning the internet was buzzing with a particular trailer that aired last night and so, well, here it is:

So, when the news was announced a while back that this was coming our way, I debated starting a blogathon about 'Films We'd Love to See Given a TV Series', since Fargo was already on the air and L.A. Confidential was being formulated as well, but I was pretty busy with Twice a Best something or other and didn't have the time to juggle both...and then life moved on and I forgot.

What do we think of this?  I'm intrigued, and I was kind of from the beginning as well, but adapting this into a series feels like it might just be a never ending circle of redundant cliches.  I mean, even the trailer is pretty much filled to the brim with moments that emulate the very same thing we saw in the original film, and that film is so iconic at this point it's going to be really hard to pay homage to AND be something entirely new without looking like an unfortunate copy cat.  I'll possibly give this a try, but I don't see this lasting past season one, to be honest.

And lastly, since the rest of the world is weighing in on the very IDEA of Idris Elba taking on James Bond, we might as well too.  Recently, the famed Bond villain Yaphet Kotto said that this was a very bad idea and kind of went all Michelle Rodriguez with regards to black actors taking on roles written for white people.  What do we think of this?  I've mentioned my thoughts back when Michelle opened her mouth (she has a point, but not a full one) but I'm curious what any real Bond fans think of this.  I have absolutely NO soft spot for Bond.  I've been watching a slew of the older Bond films in preparation for Fisti Awards and they all kind of suck hard, you know, except for the new Daniel Craig born films, and so I have no longstanding love for the character at all.  For me, Elba would be a great fit because he has the suave stature, the commanding presence and the sex appeal and so I'd love to see him take on the role and NAIL IT since I have a strong feeling he could give the series the same aggressive vitality that Craig did.

So, I'm a yes...but what about you?


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Thank you guys so much for playing along, and to anyone who hasn't yet, there's is no time like the present to keep it going!  And to everyone else, I've got a busy day of blog perusing ahead of me, so I'm sure I'll be swinging by your place as well!


  1. I don't have much of an opinion on Bond. The only one I've actually sat through from start to finish was Skyfall, but I love Idris Elba. He's very talented and is easily one of the hottest guys I've ever seen, so fuck everyone. He can be Bond. lol

    Movies into TV shows. That's a interesting question. For some reason The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the sequels popped into my mind. That could make an interesting show.

    Thanks for the link! I hope more people watch Starry Eyes. :)

    1. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be an interesting series. The original Swedish films were actually released overseas as a mini-series. It lends itself to that kind of format.

  2. My siblings absolutely love The Incredibles. They're gonna freak out when they hear there's a sequel...

    I adore Bond. And I think that's because I've ONLY seen the ones with Daniel Craig (who I completely and utterly love...). I'm not sure I could see Idris Elba as a Bond. I mean, like you said, he has a lot of the qualities that a Bond actor needs, but...idk...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You're quickly becoming one of those bloggers who I'm like ohmygoshtheyactuallycametomylittlecorner! and it's kind of a big deal...

    Anyway, keep up the good work here on FOF! You have a faithful follower here.

    1. Yeah, Incredibles 2 will be a big deal in my house kids love the first one.

      I'm certainly willing to give Elba a try in the role.

      And you're so welcome! I love getting acquainted with other blogs and the bloggers who run them. Thank you for stopping by here as well :-D I appreciate the kind words of encouragement!

  3. Now I am a Bond fan big time. Yes I know his way with women and I really do think, with everything he has done, his dick has probably fallen off is under scientific study right now but, in keeping with Ian Fleming's Bond one should stick to Bond being a Scottish man who is white-sorry but I think it is more in keeping. he has to be a bit of an S.O.B. ( well allot actually) and a dying breed so the white male is better for that. Now does this mean that an African American could not play a great spy-absolutely!!!! A film should be created without the Bond behind it though and make it original as they can. I think a teen film based on Ulysses will suck big time. I have no reason to see a TV series about a serial killer of teens but I would see The Incredibles. Thanks for the shout out. :)

    1. I can totally see where you're coming from regarding Bond, and a lot have raised the same concern or reason as to why Elba would not work. It'll be interesting to see if he takes the role now if offered considering the backlash he'll likely received from a large section of doubters even if the critics bite.

      And you're very welcome!

  4. They're remaking The Creature from the Black Lagoon? Why? I mean I love Julie Adams who starred in the original but it was a low budget Saturday matinee programmer that managed to do better than most but it is pure foolishness and nothing that's worth a remake.

    I'm not a huge Bond fan, all the Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan ones are equivalent to a root canal for me though I like some of the Connerys and On Her Majesty's Secret Service mostly because of Diana Rigg and the new Daniel Craig's are good even if he is more brutish than the others who have played the role. The part has shown its flexibility by having all the various actors in it so why not Idris. I'm not sure why he would want to do it though, aside from Sean Connery it's pigeon holed every actor that's played the part and it even took Sean years to break free from the shadow.

    I think Lupita Nyong'o is charismatic, talented and young enough to work at making it in features for a while yet but unless she can find some defining roles, along the lines that Sidney Poitier was able to, she'll do better moving to TV as Viola Davis had to. One of the problems that she faces that Poitier did not is that when he was rising small dramas like The Slender Thread and The Bedford Incident were still being made and finding a large audience, those type of films are niche now limiting the public's awareness of her. Another ace Sidney had in his corner was that his best friend was Richard Widmark, a huge box office star at the time, and they teamed up for several films which help establish him before his big breakthrough. I wish her luck but it's going to be tough despite her Oscar.

    The Odyssey with that production team is a doomed project.

    1. My main fear for Nyong'o is that she's going to get typecast as the 'African actress' despite the fact that she speaks with a British accent and is well educated. Her Oscar winning role was of an African slave, her follow up projects are two African characters and I believe she has a role in The Jungle Book as the voice of a wild animal. Just because she's of African decent does not mean that she can't play a European or even an American. I mean, I'm sure she can hide her accent (WHICH IS BRITISH). She may have distinct African features, but that means nothing. She has charm, beauty and talent. She deserves a rich career. I hope she gets it. She needs talented directors to snatch her up quickly and expose her range (banking on the idea that she has some).

      I hope the Creature project either dies or ScarJo passes.

  5. Remakes often fall under the category of thinking they are better by "upgrading" the cinematography, special-effects, cast, etc. but remain boring because they don't necessarily have anything new to say. The original movie brought to light how horror movies had a formula to them with suspense, which characters survived etc. I'd check out the new Scream but it just kinda regurgitated the movie.

    I'm not a hardcore Bond fan but I love the idea of Idris Elba. Craig isn't going to be Bond forever, as great as he's done rebooting the series. It'd be nice if sometime soon Hollywood became more diverse instead of giving the same parts to the same type of actors.

    1. Yeah, that is often the problem I have with remakes as well. Do something different, something new, something unique or DON'T DO IT AT ALL! Upgraded special effects are not enough to validate rehashing a well done subject.

      I wish they'd start remaking cinematic failures, upgrading those and making them better. Stop messing with classics.

  6. The Odyssey: Return to Ithaca Part 1...nah, I'm good.

    Creature from the Black Lagoon remake? I can already hear the CGI machines whirring themselves into a tizzy.

    You have me really curious about The Wolf Who Cried Boy. It sounds fascinating. Unfortunately, I think you're right about Abdi's career arc. Nyong'o should be difficult to cast, but...well...I'd rather not get started on all the -isms in play.

    I'm a tentative yes on Elba. My only beef is that would mean that the series is moving on from Craig who has been a godsend for this franchise. I'm not ready to give him up.

    1. Yeah, Abdi is going to be a very hard sell as a stable and versatile actor. He's inevitably going to be reduced to seedy sidelined supporting characters who either start trouble, get roped into trouble or die relatively quickly.

      The problem is that Nyong'o SHOULDN'T be hard to cast at all...but apparently Hollywood is trying to act like she is, which is just repulsive.

  7. I didn't watch the MTV Awards... then again, I could care less about that crap event.

    1. I'm with you on that. It's become such a predictable joke over the years. There was a time when it was fun but also somewhat respectable, but it's become so consumed with trends that it has become more representative of the opinions of tweens than of the actual public.

  8. Thanks for the link!

    Wait, you were enjoying a vacation with your family? How dare you have a life, you should be watching Game of Thrones already! :D

    I'm all for Elba being Bond. That would be the first sexy Bond since Sean Connery.

    Oh I'm disappointed and relieved you used the word "Bond" at the end of the title

    1. You're so welcome!

      I will be watching Game of Thrones SOON!!! I've already talked to the bestie about getting together once a week to ingest a few episodes together.

      LOL, I'm glad you liked my...innuendo ;-)

    2. Few episodes...I once got a DVD from a friend saying it's cool check it out.

      It was Thrones.

      Seen it in one night, now I run two fansites :lol:

    3. This may very well happen to me :-P

    4. I hope so! Join the hype and my pervy recaps!

  9. YESSSSS to Idris Elba as a tall, dark & handsome Bond! Heh, what Kotto and Moore said are a lot of rubbish. Moore said the role has to be 'English-English' Yeah whatever! Connery is a Scot, Lazenby is Aussie, Dalton is Welsh, so so far only him & Craig are English, so what's the big deal?

    As a massive Bond fan, I think it's totally ok that a British spy is Black, so long as he captures the essence of the character and has that certain swagger for the role. Idris is more than capable to do the role, he's believable in action AND has the wit/humor as well as grit. PLUS he's just better looking than Craig or even Brosnan, period!

    1. BOOM! You nailed it. I almost mentioned in my post about Connery being a Scot and being the most universally beloved Bond, but forgot. I'm with you. Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of the older Bond films, so that's why I wanted to gather others opinions.

      Craig is an exceptional Bond (real gritty humanity), and I think that Elba would make a great Bond as well, so I'm excited for where this could go.

  10. As you already know, Dalton originated the 'real gritty humanity' of Bond, as he went back to the books to portray the role. But Craig benefited from much stronger script and more talented filmmakers (as well as timing), but I think if Dalton did all of Craig's Bond films, he'd have excelled just the same. In any case, Elba would make a terrific & electrifying Bond. But y'know what, I don't think Elba himself cares about playing Bond, he's got a great career without it as it is.

    1. Elba has made comments recently that he's having a hard time finding quality, challenging work, so I wonder if he'd snatch up a chance to really make a name for himself, a BIG name, in a role that is guaranteed to get him seen by almost everyone. In that way he may find interesting directors taking note and offering him something worthy of his talent.

  11. Thanks for the link! It would be interesting to see a black actor play Bond, although I don't think the producers would take the risk of changing a winning formula.

    1. You're very welcome! I loved the post. I too wonder, now that we've had so much talk about a mere rumor, whether or not they'll actually go so bold or if all this hype/talk/controversy will cause them to go safe in the end.

  12. Thanks for the link! :)

    I have no expectations for The Odyssey, unless the director leaves and they bring in someone like Julie Taymor.

    Love that they're getting cast in those roles. Oh, Nyong'o in a rom-com would be awesome! Just please not a Tyler Perry one.

    Thrilled about the Incredibles sequel. Brad Bird has made 4 great films, and I'm very intrigued about Tomorrowland as well.

    No idea what to make of the Creature remake, but ScarJo has me interested.

    The Scream series looks like it will be hit and miss. I doubt I'll watch it.

    I've been a Bond fan for years, and I'm all for Idris Elba getting cast. Though, I'd love a film or two with Clive Owen as 007.

    1. Taymor would know what to do!

      Yuck, Tyler Perry...hopefully Nyong'o will be smart and stay away.

      Brad Bird is on a roll, for sure!

      ScarJo always has my interest...but I'm uneasy about her stooping to this.

      I'll probably see the first episode and then lose immediate interest.

      Clive Owen really, truly should have been cast as Bond over Daniel Craig, and we all know that I am a HUGE fan of what Craig did with the franchise. That said, Owen just IS what Bond is all about and would have melted into that role brilliantly.

  13. I really do like Idris Elba, I just think he's a bit too old now. I think Dominic Cooper would be a cool choice.

    As for the Scream series, it looks so stupid and dumb, but I know I'm still going to watch it haha.

    1. LOL, I hear what you mean about Scream. It looks so contrived and borderline terrible and yet I'm sure I'll DVR at least the first few episodes :-P