Monday, February 23, 2015

A Fisti Oscar Recap!

"Hold on, you mean Richard Linklater wanted one of these?"

It's been a long weekend.  Oscar weekend is pretty much what I live for every single year.  As you know, this blog is all about following these awards and pitching our two-cents about everything, and every year gets even more and more exciting; and the most exciting things are when you actually have a pony in the race with a chance at actually WINNING THAT RACE!!!!  Last year, I was all in for Gravity, and BAM, it may have lost the big prize, but it cleaned up everywhere else.  This year was special though.  My #2 of the year (Birdman) was neck and neck, seemingly, with the most overrated film of the year (Boyhood) and so settling in to watch Boyhood fumble so hard was just glorious.

Well, it would have been glorious, had I not been dealing with puke.

Yeah, this weekend was long, not because I was amped up for Oscar, but because all three of my children have been taking turns puking all over different areas of my house, and last night, about twenty minutes into the Oscar ceremony (which I actually was going to be able to watch live due to using my children's sickness to get out of other family obligations), my daughter puked all over EVERYONE in the bed.  So, I watched Oscar in a very stop and go fashion.  I did get to semi-live tweet, which was nice, but I'm bone tired (since the puking didn't stop until about 3AM).

I also missed the entire red carpet, which I never do.  Like, I hate those E! people, but I always spend Oscar Sunday with a lot of beer and my comfy pants while I ogle all the pretty dresses.

Don't judge me.

So, this morning I was honestly going to just list the winners and then go back to bed, but I'm up and I really spent all season fleshing this shit out to the point that I'd almost feel like Richard Linklater if I went all '12 Months a Blogger' only to crash on the big night and give you nothing.

So here it goes:

Ok, I'm done.  I probably should have just closed with this, but MY GOD, Scarlett Johansson looked incredible last night.  She is having the greatest of all career-resurgences and I'm so happy to witness this.  She's always a stunner, but this slick, reptilian inspired, alienesque gown completed with that breathtaking necklace (suck it, Britt!) takes the cake.  Best dressed of the night, in a cake walk.

But that last picture brings us to this:

What the hell is happening here?  Like, I applaud you John, for actually poking fun at yourself and taking it like a man (no pun intended), but like, what are you on?  Why is this happening?  Poor Idina.  She looks so fucking uncomfortable.  You can see her inner monologue of "stop touching my face, please stop touching my face" but he WON'T STOP TOUCHING HER FACE!


Speaking of awkward, can we talk about how bad Neil Patrick Harris did last night.  Dear baby Jesus, I was really expecting him to be great, especially after that awesome opening number.  He's such a showman, but he's obviously not a comedian, and last night he was trying to be that instead of what he is.  Like, hosting the Oscars is not like starring in a sitcom, where you can make a joke with a sharp punchline and then move onto the next scene.  So many times, Harris would open with a joke and then just drop it and introduce, leaving this stale air in the theater.  Unfortunately, this picture pretty much sums up his performance last night:


Yes, some of his jokes landed (I died at "because you're rich") but the majority of them felt...dumb, especially his ridiculous magic trick.  But, I apparently shouldn't have an opinion, since this also happened last night:

What is with people on Twitter.  Like, I know I was snarky...but "FUCK YOU"?  Really?

I blame that asshole for all the puke.

Speaking of the Oscar ceremony itself, let's just hash this out.  The production values were incredible.  Don't they give out Emmys for Production Design and Cinematography?  Yeah, this should win.  Like, it was beautiful.  The stage was incredible looking, the sweeping scope of the whole thing, it was just a stunner, and the clips used and the way they were put together was for the In Memoriam, which I didn't care for too much.  But, what the hell is wrong with Oscar and their time management skills?  Like, every year they go over, but this was fucking nuts.  

So much what this guy said:

They were twenty minutes to deadline with seven more awards to hand out and a special (not so special) Sound of Music tribute to do.  Why do they do this to themselves?  The opening number was exquisite, but it should have ended there.  We don't need to have everything take so damn long.  I like the musical numbers, when they have a point.  The original songs being sung; awesome, especially when they are as incredible as the one for 'Everything is Awesome' and especially 'Glory', but do we need to have Jennifer Hudson come out and sing AFTER the In Memoriam is done?  What's the point, other than to take up time that you don't have to waste?  WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU PAYING TRIBUTE TO THE SOUND OF MUSIC?  What is the point?  I fail to see this.  Yes, it's 50 years old.  Awesome.  What does that have to do with Oscar?  Yes, it won Best Picture and all that, but come on people...we already had Carrie Underwood pay tribute to it...oh, wait...maybe this was needed...


She slayed!  Like, that voice, UGH...and she was so beautiful...but, I still find the whole segment pointless and the Oscars were already running over by, like, a half hour at that point.  But, Julie Andrews, who is like a goddess, did come out right afterwards, so it wasn't all in vain I guess.

I'm heart just stopped for a second because Twitter just informed me that Antoine Olivier Pilon just favorited the Tweet I made about him giving the best performance of the decade.

Ok, back to Oscar talk:

So, before we talk about the winners, can we just say that last night was an incredible night for speeches!  Like, so many incredible speeches that were so articulate, so thought-provoking, so profound and moving.  It's almost hard to pick the best of the night, to be honest, but this hit me so hard:

I have no words.

So, how'd I do on my predictions?  Out of all 24 categories, I correctly predicted 20 of them.  Here's how that went down.

Best Picture: Birdman
Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu/Birdman
Film Editing: Whiplash
Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game
Original Screenplay: Birdman
Lead Actor: Eddie Redmayne/The Theory of Everything (I stubbornly predicted Keaton)
Lead Actress: Julianne Moore/Still Alice
Supporting Actor: J.K. Simmons/Whiplash
Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette/Boyhood
Art Direction: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Cinematography: Birdman
Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Makeup & Hairstyling: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Visual Effects: Interstellar
Sound Editing: American Sniper
Sound Mixing: Whiplash
Score: The Grand Budapest Hotel (I predicted The Theory of Everything here)
Song: Glory/Selma
Foreign Film: Ida
Animated Film: Big Hero 6 (I predicted How to Train Your Dragon 2)
Documentary: CITIZENFOUR
Live Action Short: The Phone Call (I predicted Boogaloo and Graham)
Documentary Short: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1
Animated Short: Feast

Overall, this is a pretty incredible list of winners for Oscar, possibly their best overall year in a very long time.  Birdman slayed, which was awesome.  It's such a visionary piece of work, and it's rare for true artistic films to win at a place that often caters to conventional.  While The Grand Budapest Hotel is not my favorite Anderson, and it is not one of my favorites of the year, it is a visually rich film and totally deserved all of its wins!  My only wish is that 12 Years of Mediocrity had lost it's footing earlier in the year, so that Arquette's nothing performance (and her dreadful speeches) could have been replaced by ACADEMY AWARD WINNER KEIRA KNIGHTLEY!!!  Like, I haven't even seen The Imitation Game yet, but that girl needs an Oscar.

And, yes, I made my favorite joke of the night:

Anyways, I think I'm done.  I'm going to go on record saying that I have not seen The Theory of Eveything and so I don't hate Redmayne's win as much as many do.  I don't even hate Redmayne as an actor.  I think he's a bitch who pimped himself out so hard FOR that Oscar that I find nothing about him genuine at all, so his speech made me want to puke (or, maybe that was the smell of puke that was already in my house), but my heart breaks for Keaton, an actor who I generally don't like at all but who poured his heart and soul into his only shot at Oscar glory, and now it's gone...but always the gentleman, he's just happy to be there!

For a more insightful and interesting takedown of the Oscars last night, visit these incredible Bloggers and their reactions to the ceremony:

I'm going to go clean up more puke.


  1. Dang man, the "Boyhood" hate is insane! ;) I understand you not going for it. In fact it requires you to relate to it on an emotional level to appreciate it. But that doesn't mean it is "overrated". I mean I thought "Birdman" was hollow and not nearly as profound as it tried to be. It was loud and showy (not automatically a bad thing) and stroked the Academy's creative egos. But I don't think it is overrated and I wouldn't have taken any satisfaction in it or Iñárritu losing.

    And we were so together last year with "Gravity"!!!! *sniff sniff. What went so wrong!?!?!?!?!?! :)

    1. LOL, you know what it is...the critics haul that Boyhood had was ridiculous. All the praise lavished over it for the way it was filmed and the fact that every single critic was giving it the win for BP was just too much for a movie that, at the end of the day, didn't say anything. I know that it has it's fans, and I can respect that, but I'm just happy that a film I really loved defeated a film I really didn't like; at all.

      I guess that is the difference too...I genuinely did not like Boyhood. I wanted to. It's the kind of film I usually really like, but it was so shallow.

      But there is always next year! Maybe we'll be in sync then. Remember, it's just a movie and someone's opinion about that has nothing to do with its fans :-D

  2. Haha I love your commentary.... so I'm about to leave a nice long-ish comment!

    It's ridiculous how many writers they have working on this show yet NPH had some seriously crappy material to work with. At least the opening number was great.

    I also was conflicted between the completely unnecessary Sound of Music tribute and the absolutely amazing way it was done. I can't believe people didn't know Lady Gaga was so talented before last night... she's always had that voice, but I guess her persona is too distracting for people to pay attention.

    Yes, there were some great speeches.. especially the Ida director and I agree Graham Moore's was definitely the most moving. I appreciated that the speeches weren't as boring as usual. Also, I loved how everyone who won awards for Grand Budapest gushed over Wes Anderson.

    You had probably the closest predictions from what I've seen, by the way!

    And yay Birdman!!

    1. I've been a fan of Gaga for a long time. I love when she does her stripped down performances of her overworked pop ballads. Her and a piano is just wonderful.

      Harris...that was a MESS! What was going on. Like...WHY!?!?!

      Someone tweeted that Wes was mentioned more than anyone else last night...and yet he didn't win anything. Poor guy.

      Yes, YAY BIRDMAN!

  3. Oh sorry to hear about all the puking...maybe the saw Neil Patrick Harris's performance:) I hope they are feeling better today. I did love Scarlett's dress except for the necklace thingy. I also think she is now too thin. Michael Keaton should have won. I saw The Theory of Everything and it's good but I can see his lack of experience in the film compared to Keaton. Creepy guy(Travolta) better watch out or Scarlett will bitch slap him. I could go on about the fashions too actually. I didn't mind the tribute to The Sound Of Music and Ga-Ga was superb! I hope they bring back Ricky Gervais because he is such a brat. I hated the Lego movie musical number-tacky, tacky but it harkens back to the 70's and 80's (Paula Abdul). Glad Budapest won so many and so, so glad Boyhood crashed-heheheheee

    1. Really? I think ScarJo is a beautiful size right now. She lost the baby weight but kept her figure. LOVE!

      I just think Ellen should host every year.

  4. Great post man. Sorry about all that puke! I agree the speeches last night were really something else. Graham Moore's speech was iconic.

    Just realized that Matthew Price guy follows me on Twitter. Definitely going to stay away from that guy. Jesus.

    1. LOL, Awards Season brings out the bitch in everybody. I'm not immune to it, but I try and keep all of my snark in a playful tone, because at the end of the day we all have to realize that the differences in opinion is what makes film and the enjoyment of film so special. Some people don't understand that.

  5. Glad you got to see most of the show, puke and all :)

    Lady Gaga, I never knew she had it in her to sing like that. Her pop music is so different!
    Agree some of the speeches were great, Arquette's message about equal pay hit home I thought, even though it was a bit awkward she read from a piece of paper

    1. YES!!! Arquette's speech would have really had more impact if she DIDN'T HAVE TO READ IT! It really dampens your moment so much...but she doesn't care what we think :-P

  6. Sorry about the puke, man. That sucks. You're right about NPH. He opened strong but his jokes didn't land. I did very much love the Birdman spoof though. Loved it! Scarlett was the talk of our party as well. She is amazing. I should've mention "Everything is Awesome" in my post. That was one of the best Original Song performances in recent memory. And, I'm sorry, but I loved Patricia Arquette's speech. I wish she hadn't read it, but, shit, I'd be a nervous wreck too.

    1. I can't fault the point behind Arquette's speech, at all (there were a lot of points being made last night), but her delivery was just so...dull. Like, you're yelling at us and yet your eyes never leave your paper! LOOK UP!!!! LOL, oh well.

      At least we have Scarlett!!!

  7. I didn't watch it last night except for the last 5 categories as my dad wasn't happy that Eddie Redmayne won as he wanted Michael Keaton. He was happy that Inarritu won and actually laughed at Sean Penn's joke (he's Honduran so don't judge him). I wasn't surprised by who won as it was just too predictable which is why I didn't watch it.

    Travolta.... please, please, please don't have him at the Oscars ever again. Scarlett looked uncomfortable around him.

    She is in my top-5 best-dressed ladies with Rosamund at #1. Sorry that you threw up. That's OK. I was throwing up when I had the flu 2 months ago. I think I might throw up if I Travolta was touching me inappropriately.

    1. LOL, but, like Travolta should present everything! LOL, he's so fucking awkward it's amazing!

  8. Mind if I number my thoughts again? So much good stuff here

    1. That Hudson performance was so pointless. Like, what the hell? They already did a lengthy nice in memoriam, do they have an obligation to bring in irrelevant past winners to give them something to do?

    2. I think Idina was more uncomfortable with the closeness of Travolta's face which is scary. If I changed careers and became I hooker I would not be wearing half as much make up as he did

    3. I can't wait for you to see Imitation Game - yes, it's Oscar bait but it has so much heart. Keira should have won, her performance was amazing and her clip alone was clearly the best out of the 5

    4. Arquette is the least charismatic actress ever. And what the hell did the wages have to do with her character in Boyhood? That felt so random and phony

    5. The history will look on this ceremony with just one question - how the hell did Keaton lose? This is so disgraceful. I would love this ceremony but this is just awful - Redmayne is whoring himself out so much he will have so many opportunities for Oscar but it was just a perfect time for Keaton to win

    6. I know you didn't like Ida but what did you think of Pawlikowski's speech? I loved it because it's such bullshit unknown filmmakers get such short time for their speeches

    1. Numbering makes things so much easier!

      1) Agreed...dumb.

      2) Travolta was too close to everybody! LOL, those memes flooding the internet right now are giving me so much life!

      3) Imitation Game hits DVD in like a month, so YAY!

      4) Yeah, that speech felt odd. Like, she made a great point, but it was ruined by the paper in her hand...and the way she delivered it felt so "I must make this moment mean something or everyone will harp about me being boring again"...

      5) Redmayne winning makes sense in the scope of Oscar. I knew it...I should have accepted it. When I saw the clips before they announced the winner, I's just too Oscary. I mean, back when the trailer was dropped I tweeted that Redmayne was winning the Oscar, but I allowed my love of Keaton's humility and then my love of Birdman to cloud my predictions. Still, Keaton was SO DESERVING and it sucks that it'll never happen for him.

      6) LOVED HIS SPEECH! I was cheering for him. The speech times felt so rushed this year, probably because they knew they had Gaga coming out to sing to the dead winter trees and they needed the time, but it is so awful the amount of time given to the unknown winners.

  9. Sorry the kids are sick, its hard enough when one is down but all three is brutal.

    Graham Moore's speech was my favorite too, it was so heartfelt and he obviously moved the audience as well. I also liked JK Simmons admonishment to call your parents. My least favorite no surprise was that damn Patricia Arquette. You're a professional actress for heavens sake, memorize your speech and lose the stupid paper. If she was trying to look unprepared because she didn't expect to win it was foolish. It was obvious a month ago she had it in the bag. I'm all for parity in pay for all but what the hell does that have to do with you winning an award.

    I hate, hate, hate when they have someone sing before, during or after the In Memoriam!! It makes the segment about the singer and that's wrong it should be about the folks who are taking their final bow. Meryl Streep's intro was lovely, I wasn't crazy about the sketches-would have preferred clips but it was nice none the less. I don't know who is in charge of that segment but they suck, how hard is it to include everybody? It certainly isn't a time issue since they throw all kinds of crap into the program. The major misses for me this year were Elaine Stritch and Joan Rivers, true their major claims to fame weren't specifically movies but both worked in that side of the business extensively, wasn't Rivers documentary even in the discussion for awards consideration the year it was out? But the most egregious was the exclusion of Lizabeth Scott. There was no good reason for it, she may have been out of the spotlight for years but so was Deanna Durbin who was included last year, she was a significant star of her period co-starring with everybody from Bogart to Elvis and she passed away in plenty of time to make the cut. Louis Jourdan was there and he died a week after her. That stuff burns me. They can't say it's not a popular part of the program, almost everyone I know who watches says it's one of the parts of the ceremony they always make sure to catch. But every year it's done in a very slipshod fashion so they can bore us to death with yet another inappropriate musical sequence.

    Lady Gaga was fine, though the tats distracted from the look she was going for, and I love that Julie Andrews came out after but the whole thing could have been cut.

    I was disappointed in NPH but there's been worse. It's a tough gig but I have a feeling he was poorly advised to try and fit a certain slot rather than playing to his strengths. Not everybody can be Johnny Carson.

    ScarJo's outfit was striking but I can't say I loved it, my choice for best was Rosamund Pike. That red dress suited her perfectly. Lupita Nyong'o's dress was probably the most interesting and as always she looked great in it.

    As far as the acting winners: I'm thrilled that the great Julianne Moore has an Oscar, now if they could just find a role like that for Sigourney Weaver! Disappointed for Keaton but happy for Simmons. Ugh to Arquette and that nothing piece of work, she is now tied for me with Zellweger in Cold Mountain for worst winning acting performance. So glad Boyhood more or less finished out of the money.

    Travolta gives me the heebie-jeebies. Yuck!

    1. Arquette will be remembered as one of the absolute worst winners in this category (or any) ever.

      I didn't notice the missing Rivers, but that bothers me now that you mention it. Movies (or red carpet) was her life, and it would have been a great way to honor the attention she actually brought the Oscars every year. It's a shame they missed that opportunity.

      Pike was stunning, but because I missed the red carpet this year, I didn't see her dress until this morning...since she sat the whole evening.

  10. I thought that NPH crashed and burned for sure. He gave it a good try, and he did get me once or twice, but overall I'd rather see Jackman back. Or Franco.

    I really wasn't vested in this year's ceremony. Maybe had I seen half these damn movies, I'd have been all in...simply not the case this year.

    At least I got to see a Dr. Frankenstein's version of Danny Zuko manhandle the Frozen lady.

    Oh, and ScarJo? Damn. Just....damnnnnn.

    1. I almost said that Franco was better...because he was...but I figured I'd get lambasted for it.

      ScarJo...there are no words.

  11. Awesome recap Drew!! Thanks for the link man!

    So sorry about your kids making a mess all over the house, man that’s rough. Hey I also can’t stand those E! people asking ppl what they’re wearing, ugh, that’s why I could only stomach a half hour of red carpet, tops. Nowadays I just relied on Twitter anyway to see the pics.

    ScarJo is seriously incredible, she looks like a freakin’ alien she’s so out of this world!! Her post-baby body is even hotter than ever! Heh Glom Gazingo had to be all creepy and ruin her red carpet moment, heh.

    I honestly wish they’d never ever invite NPH to host Oscar or Golden Globes, soooo lame and unfunny. That Birdman spoof was embarrassing because it’s as if he just wanted to show off his body, ugh.

    Who’s this Matthew Price dude?? Seriously, is he one of NPH’s homies?? NPH did NOT *kill it* but Lady Gaga sure did! Never been a fan of hers but color me impressed!

    HURRAY for Birdman!!!

    1. The whole E! family is painfully obnoxious. It's really a shame.

      The most embarrassing thing about the Birdman spoof was that the Spirit Award did the same thing the night before...just WAY better!

  12. NO YOU SUCK IT!!

    Apparently everyone's kids had stomach bugs this weekend because mine did too. And got sick in the car. It was awful, being a parent blows sometimes.

    I don't even feel bad for hating on Boyhood. The tears are delicious.

    Gaga pisses me off. The girl can sing, yet she hides behind crazy costumes and auto tune. She doesn't need any of that, she's too good! The Sound of Music and Hudson's performances were pointless.

    They could've given that time to Ida's director so he could finish his speech.

    I can't wait for you to see Imitation Game too. It's so good. That Oscar should be Keira's.

    Thanks for the link!

    1. Keira just needs an Oscar. I love her so much. She also had a great year.

      LOL at the Boyhood tears. I like my water salty ;-)

  13. Excellent post! You did a great job on your predictions.

    Thanks for the link! :)

    Glad you got to watch ceremony live, even if it was in shifts. I don't mind it running long necessarily, but the musical numbers were a bit much, apart from the song performances. "Glory", for instance, was a great moment. The chorus never fails to get me, though the song kind of falls apart for me in Common's parts.

    I was just 'meh' on NPH. That "rich" joke to Oprah had me rolling, though. Apart from Travolta's creepiness, the moment with Menzel was pretty great. Some of the speeches, as you mentioned, were fantastic. (I was really hoping Arquette had moved past the paper.)

    Love that Pilon favorited your tweet!

    I actually liked The Theory of Everything, as well as the performances from Redmayne and Jones. I'd happily watch the film again, even if it's pure Oscar bait. The only thing that soured me on Redmayne's win was the shameless campaigning on his part. Well, that and Keaton lost. ;)

    1. Glory was an amazing moment, for sure. I don't mind the Common parts at all, but that chorus is an incredible hook.

      I will keep that Twitter email forever!

      I have nothing against Redmayne, the actor. Like you know, he has that Fisti nom for Les Mis, and he's keeping it...and he may get a nom for Theory of Everything. From what I've seen, he looks incredible in the film. I just hated all his obvious whoring of himself this year. It was gross. Had he won on merit alone, despite my love for Keaton's performance, I would have been happy for him.

    2. I'm pretty much with you 100% on Redmayne. I like him as an actor, but I'm annoyed he won, in this case.

    3. Yeah, it's sad...because he may have absolutely deserved to win, but this win will forever be soured due to his actions.

  14. Sorry your kids were sick. That ALWAYS sucks.

    As for the Oscars, great speeches ruled the night, but let up on the time, my goodness!! Get rid of pointless shit like Jennifer Hudson's song, and make a better In Memoriam for that matter, and giver everyone a few more seconds to talk! Arquette speech would be better if 1) she didn't read it and 2) she had to put on her readers. Maybe I am just being bitchy about that.

    I love that Wes Anderson gots lots of love from everyone, yet won nothing. I hope he gets his day.

    I am glad Birdman won. I was unsure going to the theater to watch it, but I left amazed. I loved Edward Norton, I loved Emma Stone, I loved Naomi Watts, I love Zach Galifianakis, and I LOVED Michael Keaton. Hell, I loved him as Batman as a kid as I watched it over and over on VHS. Of course, I would have loved for him to have won the Oscar. However, I hate the Eddie Redmayne hate. He was given and Oscar-y role, took it, and actually rose to the occasion. How many other actors have done that? His performance is incredible. The only thing I didn't like about was how the movie tip-toed on how hard his/their life actually was. I think had the movie portrayed that better, people would not be giving him so much hate.

    Although I like Keira Knightly, I really do, I wznted Laura Dern to win. She was AMAZING in Wild. I was happy she got the nomination

    I just watched Whiplash last night, and I am so glad it got all of it nominations and wins, and I hate that this was a strong actor year for Miles Teller because he is quickly becoming a fav of mine.

    1. Yeah, sick kids are awful...and apparently they aren't done yet, so yay for my week!

      My thing with Redmayne isn't that he won, but how he won. I mean, granted, he probably would have won regardless...the role is just too baity, but he worked it so hard that it soured my taste of him as a person. He was far too aggressive in this 'needy little bitch' kind of way, the way he publicly thanked critics for predicting him to the fuck does that? "Thank you for predicting me all the way. Other critics were predicting Keaton and it made me sad and yet you stuck with me and now, look, I won the SAG." Fucking give me a break!

      LOL, but I like him as an actor and look forward to seeing the performance, actually.

      I just rented Whiplash. I'm watching it tonight...can't wait!!!

  15. No judging AT ALL for the E! watching. I was distraught this year because for the first time ever I do not have E! on my cable lineup and so missed the red carpet. And I can't STAND any of those people but I was really sad. And ScarJo? HOLY CRAP but she was EVERYTHING in that dress.

    The Redmayne win does bug slightly since he was working that circuit like it owed him money, but his performance is really incredible. I REALLY wanted Keaton to win, but I just can't be too mad at Eddie because the performance is so good.

    The Graham Moore acceptance speech is SO interesting to parse - both the speech and people's reaction to it - but he should NEVER have gotten to give it. That is one of the most confused, ungainly screenplays to ever win the Oscar. Aside from the issues I had with it (and Weinstein's ridiculous campaign) as a gay man. Of course, the script's issues made so much more sense upon learning that Moore is straight - which I suppose I probably could have learned at any time, but didn't until this morning, and was SO confused by since he has talked so often about how he identified with Turing and used language very close to that of the gay-centric It Gets Better campaign. But anyway, I need to leave the cultural commentary to someone more eloquent than I. I'll just end up butchering it and digging quite the deep hole for myself...

    I will forever love NPH for that Birdman/Whiplash spoof, but that was NOT a good hosting job. I've said before that all the things that make him a great host are things that mean he is a perfect host for the Tonys and not really anything else. I had hope, since Jackman was the best host in recent memory and they share a lot of similar qualities, but a lot of poor choices were made (probably early on) that essentially doomed him. For every great moment, there were at least two awful ones. Very disappointing.

    1. Yeah, that's pretty much my only qualm with Redmayne.

      With regards to Moore...I mean, his speech really was universal in scope, and I think that boxing it in with the whole 'It Gets Better' campaign as a whole is unfair since 'being weird' and even 'being bullied' goes far deeper than being unfairly treated due to sexual orientation...BUT, I would not be surprised to find out that Harvey Weinstein had Moore disclose the truth of his sexual preference as a way to gain extra sympathy for the script, capitalizing on his more effeminate attributes in a way to make the film as a whole feel more...emotionally invested.

      He's like that.

      Jackman was pretty impressive, I agree.

  16. Regarding what you said about Redmayne's thirst for the Oscar, so to speak, thank goodness! I thought I was the only person who noticed that. When he accepted the Oscar and acted all surprised and dramatic, I thought to myself "Really? You're that shocked?" I was absolutely disgusted. I think he wasn't so aggressive, he would've shown more humility on the campaign trail and his win wouldn't be as sour as it already is. Ugh, poor Keaton.

    1. if he wasn't so aggressive* (sorry, that was a typo)

    2. Yeah, I'm with you. If he had won solely on his performance and not his ass kissing it would have seemed more genuine, and even though it still wouldn't have been deserved, it wouldn't taste so bitter.

    3. Thanks for stopping by the blog, BTW...nice to see new faces :-D

    4. You're welcome. I saw that you commented on post regarding RDJ's..ahem..choice words on independent films. Glad you share the same opinion and that we were equally as appalled.

    5. my post* (sorry, another typo)

    6. Yeah, I'm not really a fan of his.

    7. LOL, it's funny because I was just talking to someone on Twitter about actors/actresses who should just stick to acting and keep their mouths shut. He's one of them.