Sunday, January 25, 2015

PGA surprise and SAG conundrums...

So, Birdman won PGA last night (and Oscar snubbed Life Itself and The LEGO Movie as well), and this means that Boyhood may not have the straightest shot at the Best Picture win that we all thought it did.  Could this really be a race?  I have to admit, while I have said for a long time that Birdman was #2 in this race, I always meant for nominations and not wins, because I never really saw it as the type of film to win Best Picture.  In fact, I thought The Imitation Game, Selma (well, not anymore) or now American Sniper (with it's bizarre surge of support) had a better shot at snagging the Best Picture win from Boyhood...but could Birdman be a real threat?

And what the hell does this mean for SAG?  I know that Birdman has been doing well with ensemble support, but something tells me that The Grand Budapest Hotel is a serious threat tonight...but now that Birdman has taken PGA...I'm so torn!!!!

We'll find out soon enough!


  1. I still say the snore called Boyhood will win which will be a shame. I have to read more on American Sniper. It is funny that this film which I would say has every Republican drooling, came out so late and has all these awards over Selma which makes gun-toting, Bubba's of the world yawn. Selma came out before American Sniper?? I don't get it

    1. This Oscar thing is a tricky game to play.

  2. I'm currently predicting Birdman for Best Picture, but who knows.