Monday, January 12, 2015

Golden Globe Winners!

This has really been one of those mornings.  I composed this entire post under the name 'BAFTA Winners' and was getting more and more agitated that I could not find a single picture of Julianne Moore holding a BAFTA and I'm like "I SAW HER WIN IT LAST NIGHT" and then I realized that last night were the Globes and a simple change in my Google search gave me what I needed.

What I need is another anxiety pill and a nap.

So, last night I wanted really badly to live chat the whole awards, but dinner and game time and kids who did not want to go to sleep wound up making me hit pause way more than I wanted to.  Still, I did pretty good with predictions (I didn't post them here, but I had them posted over at AwardsWatch).  The only two categories I missed outright were Foreign Film and Animated Movie.  

Feast your eyes on these winners:

Best Picture ~ Drama

As expected, mediocrity was the theme of the night as Boyhood took top honors.  I'm so tired of people saying that this was some kind of huge step for cinema or some great new idea.  It wasn't.  It was a guy with a camera and absolutely no idea what he wanted to use it for, so he gave himself 12 years to try and come up with an idea.  He never did.  

Best Picture ~ Comedy/Musical
I kind of hate that I didn't see this coming even though I kind of saw it coming.  I predicted that Birdman was going to swoop in for this one, but in retrospect, The Grand Budapest Hotel is really the perfect Globe choice here and it makes perfect sense.  It has made such a rousing revival this award's season.  I never would have expected it to enter the Oscar race THIS strong.

Best Director

I don't get this at all.  I mean, even those who are fans of his work have to admit that he said more about life in any one of his Before films than he did in this sloppy, aimless feature.  This is a true case of a gimmick completely blinding the masses to the quality of entertainment.  This is not quality.  This isn't much of anything, at all.

Best Screenplay

My biggest shock here is that Birdman won this award and The Grand Budapest Hotel won Best Picture, and in my mind if there was going to be a split it would have happened in the reverse.  I'm glad that both Wes and Alejandro won something last night, but it just felt odd that it was for the opposites of what one would have expected.  I think the Oscar is between the two of them, but I'm not sure which one in the end...unless it winds up being...Richard fucking Linklater.

Lead Actress ~ Comedy/Musical

At the very last minute (or, like right after her BAFTA nomination), I changed my prediction for the Globe win from Moore to Adams (I had initially envisioned Moore having her Winslet moment).  Adams didn't see this coming (she made that clear on the red carpet), but it seemed inevitable when you look at it.  No one else in that category has a sniffling of a chance at an Oscar nom, and Adams is looking very possible to be that filler nominee, so why not hand her the win.

Lead Actress ~ Drama

I said this months ago, I'll say it again...every televised award, with the possible exception of BAFTA, is going to land in Julianne's hands.  It's her time.

Lead Actor ~ Comedy/Musical

I'm sure you've seen my post on the reasons that I think Keaton is going to win the Oscar.  In those reasons, I had listed his humility, which was evident in his acceptance speech at the HFA.  His speech last night was just as rich, human and moving.  I'm telling you, there is no possible way he doesn't win the Oscar.  NO WAY WHAT SO EVER.

Yes, if he loses, I'll eat crow, but tis the season for bold statements and placing our feet in our mouths!

Lead Actor ~ Drama

Cumberbatch who?  Yeah, sorry Benedict, but your 'British Vote' has been overturned and instead handed to that other funny looking young actor with a baity role this year.  Expect Redmayne to repeat at BAFTA as well, even though he'll lose SAG and Oscar to the superhero.

Supporting Actress
Well, it's probably a done deal now.  If Arquette was going to surface as a mere critics thing and then disappear at the televised awards for a better performance or a more Oscary one, it would have happened last night.  Instead, she continues to barrel through towards her undeserved Oscar.  Remind me, what scene in Boyhood was she in again? 

Supporting Actor
I've come around from being annoyed that Simmons was winning everything to being kind of happy for him in a weird way.  He's such a likable guy, and the more I think about how cool it is that Whiplash as a whole (mind you, I still haven't seen it), is this little film that could do more than anyone expected, I'm glad that it'll walk away with an assured win.  Poor Edward Norton though.  I mean, HE DESERVES TO BE CALLED AN OSCAR WINNER!

Original Score

I had Birdman pegged for this, simply because the Globes often go with a more obscure choice, and since it was ineligible for Oscar I figured they'd love to say "we are better than you and you know it", but instead they went with The Theory of Everything, which I hear is GORGEOUS and have a feeling could actually win the Oscar this year, no matter how many nominations Desplat walks away with.

Original Song
This could be Selma's only win on Oscar night.  It feels like a consolation prize in a year where the only real contender up until now was that catch pop song sung by those guys from SNL.

Animated Film

Really people?  How to Train Your Dragon 2?  UGH.  Talk about a mediocre sequel to a mediocre film.  Is this going to be our Brave?  Is this going to be that film that opened to moderately good reviews that got lost in the shuffle thanks to much better and more adventurous animated films coming out of the woodwork (and winning every single critics award) only to come back from the dead and steal what does not belong to it?  I have a really bad feeling about this.  I said all year that Oscar wouldn't be cool enough to hand LEGO the win, but I thought for sure they'd at least chose Big Hero know...a good movie.  Oh, Christ.  If we get Boyhood, Ida and How to Train Your Dragon 2 as our BP winners this year, it'll be the worst set of Best Picture wins in a LONG time.

Foreign Film
YAY!  No Ida!!!  I didn't think Ida would win, I was predicting Force Mejeure, which I am hoping will snag the Oscar away from Ida, but I'm thrilled for Leviathan.  I have not seen the film, but I'm a HUGE fan of Andrey Zvyagintsev's The Return, and I really liked Elena, so I'm really looking forward to this one.


  1. I agree that Boyhood is not as spectacular as every critic in this country seems to think. However, it did touch way close to home for me in its realism and is important as a unique cinematic experience. The simple identification with the changes in time period, music, political affiliations and elections. As a child of divorce, I did totally identify with this movie. My only criticism of it is that it plays too long in the end and that kid just got so lame and annoying. My problem with its wins really is that if you give Arquette this award, you should give it to Hawke as well. Problem there is: J.K. Simmons is too badass.

    1. I need to add that the only other nominee in the category I've seen besides Boyhood is The Imitation Game. I like The Imitation Game better, but it's definitely not as "cool" as Boyhood. That's why it will win here and on Oscar Sunday.

    2. I just found Boyhood so underdeveloped. Like, the idea is great, but Linklater did nothing with it. Let's watch him grow up, but we have to know why we are watching him...otherwise, why not just walk outside and spy on your neighbors? None of the scenes really felt connected, a lot of the side characters (who were major parts of Mason's life) felt splintered in for a mere line of delivery and then they disappeared.

      And Arquette (really anybody in this film) did nothing deserving of awards.

    3. I agree about the side characters for sure. It whittles 12 years into such a finite amount of screen time that nothing can develop other than the family aspect. At the same time, though, I felt a great deal of emotion watching this movie, especially in the single mother/flighty father aspect. Just close to home for me. It's nowhere near my favorite, or the best, film of the year.

    4. I can appreciate that. I've had films that others have disregarded that I personally felt so deeply connected to, so I get that. I just expected more...I wanted more...a lot more.

  2. Oh, fuck Julianne's 'time'. This is gonna be one of the most hated wins in the history. Tumblr, twitter everyone exploded with almost as many 'no!' as when that Les Mis reject won. Moore deserves better.

    Them choosing The Grand Budapest Hotel over Birdman just made them look pathetic. They look like a bunch of hicks too dumb to appreciate a real masterpiece to me now. But at least they are not Middle Ages hicks like Academy with Crash over BM decision.

    1. I'm with you on all fronts here. Moore has an incredible filmography and has had an awful run of losing over very mediocre nominees. Her work in Boogie Nights TOWERS over Basinger. Her work in Far From Heaven TOWERS over Kidman. She was dull in The Hours, so glad she lost that one, and while she was wonderful in An Affair to Remember, Swank was the only option in 1999. So, she's finally getting her due, but it comes at the cost of Pike, who was truly extraordinary in Gone Girl. It's a shame.

      And the Budapest win felt like a weird way to try and spread the wealth. Like, why didn't they give it screenplay too, which it had been winning all year, or give it screenplay and Birdman picture? Still, Budapest feels like a Globe BP winner simply because it is so unwaveringly comedic.

    2. It's Julianne Moore with the "We owe you one" award.

    3. Yeah...unfortunately...and I say that with only a slight sadness, since it truly is HER TIME, so in all fairness, we should be happy for her. She's earned this performance after performance after performance.

    4. But they really need to stop giving it to overdue people at the cost at better performances.

    5. I wholly agree with you. It's a catch 22 because certain actors and actresses should NOT remain Oscarless, but Oscar so rarely awards them for the right performance. I mean, Al Pacino? Kate Winslet? Paul Newman? They didn't win for their best, and they even won in years where others were better (well, I really like what Winslet did and find her best of the five, but it's far from HER best) but it happens all the time, and I'm happy they have Oscars.

  3. That song Glory is one of three great things about Selma (Oyelowo and the cinematography are the other two). We disagree, of course, but boyhood is such an amazing movie to me, heartfelt, honest and truly truly touching. and i hate grand budapest with all of my entire soul. sucks that there was a gone girl shut out though. welp.

    1. LOL, I knew you didn't like Grand Budapest...but you hate it with your entire soul!?!?!

  4. I am in the middle of watching the Globes and enjoyed the gals and Ricky Gervais. I may be the only one that likes him but I do. Now I watched Boyhood over the weekend. My critical opinion on the huge undertaking of a film that took 12 years of everyone on this film is.......Zzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean what a snore. I have seen after school specials that were more riveting than this. The sister is the one I liked the best. The main kid I just wanted to smack and he looked like Hayden Christensen's awkward kid brother with attitude plus not much talent. I suffered through this film and there were moments but that doesn't make it a great film and should not even be considered for the Oscars. If this wins I will place it up beside The Greatest Show On Earth as one of the dumbest wins in Oscar history

    1. Every time a person says they hate Boyhood, a grade school bully turns over a new leaf. It really is the most humane thing to do. We should all say the end we may have world peace!

      Oh, and I love Ricky Gervais...LOVE HIM!

  5. I love everything you said about Boyhood, but HTTYD2 was wonderful! So was the first one. I can't get enough of those movies.

    I don't care of Redmayne or Cumberbatch had baity roles, they were both fantastic, as were the movies they were in. Far better than anything Boyhood has to offer.

    1. And also I hate that Moore's "gimme" year is this year. Pike deserves it so much.

    2. Yeah, it's hard to root for or against Moore. I mean, she's paid her dues...she DESERVES to be an Oscar just sucks that Oscar fails to ever reward the best of the year...and Moore has been the best BEFORE.

  6. LOL. Your Boyhood comments are always entertaining. I might not be as high on the film now, but I do *like* it. :)

    1. I liked it more before I started talking about it...