Monday, December 1, 2014


I had to work today, on the road, away from my computer, and so I'm just now getting to talking about these, but WOW, I was not expecting what I got here.  Tomorrow I'll post the Satellite Noms and the Annie noms and the Gotham wins, but for now let's get these out of the way!

Let's just break it all down.

Could this really be our Oscar winner?  I was skeptical for a long time, but the buzz has held for just as long and it is now set to be our critical sweeper, which could mean that it winds up snagging that Oscar win after all, especially with larger Oscar contenders failing to get the boosts they were expected to.

Could Linklater win too?  I'm still on the fence here, but if the film becomes unstoppable, will they really BP/Director split three years in a row?

I don't think this will happen.  I mean, he has a lot of respect and it could be seen as one of those 'about damn time' nominations and yet, I'm not buying it.  I kind of think this is where his train ends, but I've been wrong many times in the past.

I want to believe.  I want to believe that this will happen.  Sadly, I'm afraid it won't, but for now, I'm going to predict it...because who else?

I'd argue that Simmons is a bigger lock to win the Oscar than Moore herself, to be honest.  This is only the beginning of his complete awards domination.

Doubting her may seem foolish, but I think we're in for some surprises in this particular category.  That being said, she smells like a critical darling.

I just...can't...with all this talk about this being a good movie.

I still think that this is loosing the Oscar to that big Disney hero, but it wouldn't surprise me if this became this year's Paranorman, the critical favorite.


I'm sort of really surprised, considering that this could have been yet another area to reward Boyhood, but I'm never upset about an Anderson upset.  I do wonder if this will get the Oscar nom, though.  This is a really tight year in this category.

Please, of GOD please, let this be the one film everyone thought would be forgotten that comes back with a strange vengeance this award's season.  Cotillard's win was also for this film, so it could be a critic's thing and become a real player.  It would be WELL deserved.

Everyone is talking about it, and it looks like the one Oscar would really bite for, but it's too early to call this winner right now.


  1. I'm fucking happy that Marion Cotillard won Best Actress as well as the awards for Boyhood, Timothy Spall, J.K. Simmons, and Patricia Arquette. I think these awards mean a hell of a lot more than the Oscars.

    1. The Oscars have become so political that these awards are truly becoming more prestigious.

      I'm all for Cotillard winning everything all the time.

  2. oh don't count your chickens as I often find the NYFCC votes differently from the average joe actor/actress etc... Time will tell:)

    1. Oh, I'm not counting anything yet. This is only the beginning, and these never line up 100% (last year they awarded Redford, and he wasn't even nominated).

  3. Boyhood doesn't feel like a Best Picture winner, but it would be awesome if it wins. I'm not predicting Cotillard or The Immigrant at the moment. Keeping hope alive, though.

    1. Boyhood is looking more and more like the eventual Oscar winner. I was so skeptical, but it appears to be the consensus choice for film of the year.