Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nevada Film Critics Society...

Best Film - 'Gone Girl'

Best Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal 'Nightcrawler'

Best Actress - Rosamund Pike 'Gone Girl'

Best Supporting Actor - JK Simmons 'Whiplash'
Best Supporting Actress - Tie - Jessica Chastain for 'A Most Violent Year' and Patricia Arquette for 'Boyhood' 

Best Youth Performance - Ellar Coltrane 'Boyhood'

Best Director - Dan Gilroy 'Nightcrawler'
Best Screenplay - Dan Gilroy 'Nightcrawler'

Best Ensemble Cast - 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Best Documentary - 'Citizenfour'
Best Animated Movie - 'Big Hero 6'
Best Production Design - 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

Best Cinematography - 'Interstellar'

Best Visual Effects - 'Interstellar'


  1. You are an awards machine! I honestly had no idea so many of them existed. Great work!

    1. This time of year I feel like I have no time in the world, but I try and make some time to post these...that way we can all stay on track with what's going where.

      The rest of my blog suffers, but awards season comes only once a year!

  2. I'm loving it whenever not just Arquette wins. It's so undeserved, all that praise for her. I bet Chastain is much better

    1. Arquette's Oscar win could go down as the least deserving I've ever seen in this category. Like, worse than Zellweger and even the hell did she do?

    2. Zellweger and Spencer at least did something, she was just...there

    3. I'm with you 100%. Like, I didn't really like what they did, but they did...something.

  3. At this point, I really hope Gyllenhaal manages to get that second Oscar nod. He deserves it!

    1. He's in a great position to. I just fear that his film isn't Oscary enough...and right now I see him as the only nominee for the film...which has me wonder if it's enough.

  4. Interesting about Gyllenhaal-he may very well be up for Oscar

    1. I doubted him...a lot, but his critics showing is incredible.

  5. You are an awards machine! I honestly had no idea so many of them existed. Great work!

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