Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NAACP Image Noms...

So, these just happened...

Outstanding Motion Picture
Beyond The Lights
Dear White People
Get On Up

This is an extremely respectable lineup, considering the reviews these film's have received.  The NAACP Image Awards tend to shed light on the sad fact that African American actors and filmmakers are just not given their share of good material.  Thankfully, this year had some great moments.  I'm shocked though, that Top Five isn't here.

Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture
Chadwick Boseman/Get On Up
David Oyelowo/Selma
Denzel Washington/The Equalizer
Idris Elba/No Good Deed
Nate Parker/Beyond The Lights

This is where weakness is starting to show.  Boseman and Oyelowo make sense, and have the reviews to back it up.  Parker's film and co-star swallow him whole though, and while I love Elba and Washington as actors (alright, I like them...not love them), these nominations seem like jokes.  I mean, Washington is nominated every year here for the most mediocre of work.  Like, he's their Meryl Streep.

Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture
Gugu Mbatha-Raw/Belle
Quvenzhané Wallis/Annie
Taraji P. Henson/No Good Deed
Tessa Thompson/Dear White People
Viola Davis/The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

So, Davis is Lead in Eleanor Rigby?  Hmmm.  I wish they had just double nominated Gugu, because, like, let's be real here.  She better win.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
André Holland/Selma
Cedric the Entertainer/Top Five
Danny Glover/Beyond The Lights
Wendell Pierce/Selma

I never thought I'd ever in my life ever say this...but where is Tyler Perry?

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Carmen Ejogo/Selma
Jill Scott/Get On Up
Octavia Spencer/Get On Up
Oprah Winfrey/Selma
Viola Davis/Get On Up

Remember when Viola Davis was going to win the Oscar this year?

Outstanding Independent Motion Picture
Dear White People
Half of a Yellow Sun
JIMI: All Is By My Side
Life of a King

So, they can note Andre for his work in Selma, but they can't nominated him for JIMI, when the Spirits did, and he would have probably made a more respectable nom than Elba or Washington...

Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture
Chris Rock/Top Five
Justin Simien/Dear White People
Margaret Nagle/The Good Lie
Misan Sagay/Belle
Richard Wenk/The Equalizer

So, here is where Rock gets the nom...

Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture
Amma Asante/Belle
Antoine Fuqua/The Equalizer
Ava DuVernay/Selma
Gina Prince-Bythewood/Beyond The Lights
John Ridley/JIMI: All Is By My Side

Should I see The Equalizer?  Like...really?  Yay for THREE female directors though.  But, like, where is Simien?


  1. "So, they can note Andre for his work in Selma, but they can't nominated him for JIMI..."

    LOLLLLL. Andre Holland and Andre Benjamin aren't the same person.

    This is probably one of the strongest Image Award lineups ever. I'm very happy about that. Yes, The Equalizer is actually pretty good and Denzel is badass as always.

    Black people worship at the altar of Viola Davis, so if we have to pretend she's lead in Eleanor Rigby, we will! She's actually quite terrific in that film.

    1. Bah, my bad on the Andre thing. So...then...my point still stands though...where was his nom?

      This really was strong, especially in BP and Director, but there are some points I'm still confused by...like...any love at all for No Good Deeds. Didn't that get panned?

      I love Viola...so I'm ok with it, even if it makes no sense.

    2. Well, Jimi wasn't enthusiastically received either and No Good Deed was very popular in the black community. Image Awards tend to take that into consideration (that's why Tyler Perry's films tend to do well here).

  2. Though I haven't seen many of these movies, yet, this appears to be one of the stronger list of noms they've had in quite some time. In the past, it's been a rundown of the movies that are most popular with black audiences regardless of actual cinematic quality. So I'm actually quite pleased with this.

    Two yeses: yes, you should see The Equalizer (very fun action flick), and yes, Denzel is our Meryl Streep.

    1. Yeah, this seems like an unusually strong year for the Image Awards.

  3. Glad to see Tessa Thompson got nominated, even if she's arguably supporting. It's a shame that Belle is overshadowing Mbatha-Raw's superior work in Beyond the Lights, but I'm glad to see both films here. Seriously, Mbatha-Raw better win.

    1. Thompson is one of the remaining performances I've yet to see that I'm really, really excited about. I hear she's great.

      I think that Belle was rallied behind because it felt like the easiest Oscar nomination for her...despite the fact that her more recent work is stronger.