Monday, November 17, 2014

Hollywood Film Awards!

So, Friday night, for the first time in the 17 years that this has been a thing, The Hollywood Film Awards presented their ceremony live on television.  I saw about twenty minutes of this.  I saw Jack O'Connell bow to Angelina Jolie, Chris Rock completely dismiss this awards show as the joke that it is, Michael Keaton start his march towards Oscar and Johnny Depp become this years John Travolta and then I was done.  I didn't catch it from the beginning because in all honesty I forgot that they were even getting their own time slot this year.  I did get into some kind of weird Twitter debate with Sasha over at AwardsDaily (I have no desire to link her site, but look it up if you want) about whether or not these were really all that important (they are not) and she seemed really sore that people were dismissing these (but, let's be honest, she's sore about everything).

I'll report of these, and the Globes (which don't really matter either) and the BFCA (which, let's face it, have never mattered) and the Ohio Film Critics Society (which may or may not still exist this year) because, who am I kidding...this is awards season and I want to talk about every single award, no matter how little it matters in the complete scheme of things.


So, let's talk about the Hollywood Film Awards, voted on by about a dozen people and existing only to try and predict the Oscars by creating a slew of categories allowing them to honor everyone in contention for an Oscar.

Hollywood Film:
Gone Girl

Hollywood Blockbuster:
Guardians of the Galaxy

Hollywood Documentary:
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

Hollywood Animation:
How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hollywood Comedy Film:
Top Five

Hollywood Ensemble:

Hollywood Director:
Morten Tyldum/The Imitation Game

Hollywood Breakout Director:
Jean-Marc Vallee/Wild

Hollywood Screenwriter:
Gillian Flynn/Gone Girl

Hollywood Actor:
Benedict Cumberbatch/The Imitation Game

Career Achievement:
Michael Keaton/Birdman

New Hollywood:
Jack O'Connell/Unbroken

Hollywood Breakout Performance, Actor:
Eddie Redmayne/The Theory of Everything

Hollywood Actress:
Julianne Moore/Still Alice

Hollywood Breakout Performance, Actress:
Shailene Woodley/The Fault in Our Stars

Hollywood Supporting Actress:
Keira Knightley/The Imitation Game

Hollywood Supporting Actor:
Robert Duvall/The Judge

Hollywood Cinematography:

Hollywood Visual Effects:
Transformers: Age of Extinction

Hollywood Film Composer:
Alexandre Desplat/The Imitation Game

Hollywood Costume Design:
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Hollywood Editing:

Hollywood Production Design:

Hollywood Sound:
Gone Girl

Hollywood Makeup & Hairstyling:
Guardians of the Galaxy

Hollywood Song:
What is Love?/Rio 2

Hollywood International Award:
Jing Tian

So, I guess it's time I start compiling that Awards Tally Page...


  1. I don't think Mark was there - if he was one of hundreds of tumblrs dedicated to him that I follow would have pics - so i won't watch that, but who actually votes for these? Were these movies even screened for these people? It's kinda suspicious already with Globes - I remember people saying that they probably didn't see Dragon Tattoo and Sherlock Holmes at the time of nominations.

    Hey, hey, hey. Sasha Stone is pretty much the only critics out there who shares my views on Amy, I even mentioned her article in my own :)

    1. Yeah, these are kinda dumb. I highly doubt they saw these films yet, or at least some of them. They also go out of their way to reward everyone with a possible chance of winning an Oscar, so that makes them mere Oscar predictors, and who needs all of those.

      Ew, Sasha. Like, I used to LOVE her, but she's so bitter all the time and talks out of her ass a lot. She has some legit passions and some views I agree on (her general love of Fincher and loathing of his Oscar loss), but the way she frames everything, for someone in her position as a go-to Oscar source, is unsavory and off-putting.

    2. "she's so bitter all the time and talks out of her ass a lot." - that's like, my biography :D

  2. Also Transformers winning over Guardians is embarassing

    1. Or Interstellar...

      I mean, I understand spreading wealth or the idea that not everyone shares the same opinion, but rewarding a film that has done the same thing that the other four who came before it has done over a film that is said to have reinvented the way we look at Visual Effects is fishy...and if they simply didn't see the movie...THEN WHY HAVE THE AWARDS YET!?!?!

  3. I have not even heard of these awards:) I am still sad that they don't showcase the honourary oscar and the jean Hersholt Award at the actual Oscar ceremony.

    1. Yeah, bumping the Honorary and Jean Hersholt to 'off-screen' was ridiculous.

  4. Haha, I saw a little of the ceremony, and I've watched some of the clips. It was entertaining, but totally unnecessary. I predicted Gone Girl would win Hollywood Film, and I must say, Affleck did nail that acceptance speech.

    1. I was shocked it won, to be honest...pleasantly shocked!