Sunday, November 9, 2014

European Film Academy Nominees...

We can once again balk that these mean nothing with regards to accurate Oscar predicting, but they are Awards nonetheless, and this is a site dedicated to film and awards and so let's get to dishing.  Besides, we love European film here at A Fistful of Films and so any awards body that is going to reward and bring awareness to films that are often overlooked by the American public is a great thing in my eyes.

Sadly, they chose to highlight that awful Ida movie and that abomination known as Nymphomaniac, but beggars can't really be choosers, can they?

They can't.

So, let's take a look at the official nominees for the 2014 European Film Awards (and some of the early winners).

Best European Film
Force Majeure
Nymphomaniac vol. 1 & 2
Winter Sleep

Both of the films I've seen from this lineup suck, horribly, but whatever.  I've heard amazing things about the other three, so I'm intrigued, but I'm also pretty shocked that both Mr. Turner and Two Days, One Night were snubbed here.

Best European Comedy
Carmina & Amen
Le Week-End
The Mafia Only Kills in the Summer

Best Director
Nuri Bilge Ceylan / Winter Sleep
Steven Knight / Locke
Ruben Ostlund / Force Majeure
Pawel Pawlokowski / Ida
Paolo Virzi / Human Capital
Andrey Zvyagintsev / Leviathan

I've only seen Ida, and I hated it, but Pawlokowski's direction is rather inspired, or at least intriguing, and so I'm glad to see someone with his potential mentioned here, even if I was not a fan of his film at all.  I've loved previous films from Ceylan and Zvyagintsev, so I'm excited to see their 2014 films.

Marian Alvarez / Wounded
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi / Human Capital
Marion Cotillard / Two Days, One Night
Charlotte Gainsbourg / Nymphomaniac vol. 1 & 2
Agata Kulesza / Ida
Agata Trzebuchowska / Ida

I've seen the three from the aforementioned terrible films I've seen, but despite the awful film, Kulesza is astonishing in Ida.  That being said, I'm blindly pulling for Cotillard to win all awards she's up for, because she's amazing.

Brendan Gleeson / Calvary
Tom Hardy / Locke
Alexey Serebryakov / Leviathan
Stellan Skarsgard / Nymphomaniac vol. 1 & 2
Timothy Spall / Mr. Turner

I'm really kicking myself for not having rented Locke the other week when I had the chance.  And to think that I settled on The Rover instead!  Yuck!  I have loved Skarsgard for a very long time, but he was kind of awful in that awful film.

Two Days, One Night
Winter Sleep

And now for the awards that have already been doled out!


This is absolutely deserved, for it is one of the most stunning 'looking' films I've seen all year.


Production Design
The Dark Valley

Costume Design
The Dark Valley

Under the Skin

OMG YES!!!  Levi's score is one of the best of the year, for sure.  In fact, it's currently my #2 (right behind Mansel's score for Noah) and yet I could easily see it becoming my #1 before the end of the year.

Sound Design
Starred Up


  1. Ha, if you hate 'Ida' so much I would be surprised if you like 'Mr. Turner' or 'Two Days One Night'.

    1. Well, if you read my review for 'Ida' you'll see that it's the pure stupidity and pointlessness that I can't stand, not the slow moving pace. I often love films that are slow...but if you're going to have a slow burn you better be impactful. 'Ida' is just dumb.

  2. I have not seen any as I live in a town to get even good North American films never mind foreign. There was 1 theatre showcasing some foreign films but they got flooded out and closed-bummer. I have to look up a couple of these

    1. Cannes was kind to quite a few, so I'm really intrigued.

  3. What? You mean those two masterpieces? I kid, I kid. ;)

    That score win is awesome, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Locke and Starred Up. I'd love to nominate Hardy (for Locke or The Drop) and O'Connell (for SU right now), but Best Actor is so stacked already.

    1. I need to just buckle and watch the both of them.