Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1997 Fistis!

Nominate me like one of your French girls...

I did it!  I finished up the Fistis for 1997 before leaving for vacation.  Hell, I even had time to spare.  Bounce on over and check them out and let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear all your thoughts.  A pretty neat little fact about the Fistis and this particular year; it is only the second published year (39, 56, 57, 67, 74, 81, 87, 88, 90-97, the aughts, 2010-13) where Oscar's actual Best Picture winner wound up in my personal Top Five.  Yup, I shamelessly love me some Titanic and I still consider it an astonishing film, despite the fact that it really isn't a very good movie.

The other year where Oscar's BP is in my lineup is 1974, duh.

So dig in and comment, comment, comment!


  1. I would've gone for Boogie Nights for best film of 1997 but I'm fucking cool w/ Happy Together. I should note that "I'm Deranged" is not an original song since it was originally released in 1995 from Bowie's album Outside.

    1. That's what I thought too, but when I checked the eligibility chart on AMPAS website, it was listed, so apparently the song must have been written for the movie and was just released before the film was completed.

  2. Chalk up another Best Pic vote for Boogie Nights, though I wouldn't mind seeing L.A. Confidential get the win. Just no way in hell I'd have given Titanic a nomination in that category. Even less chance I'd nominate that god-awful Celine Dion song, much less give it an award. Honestly, I don't hate the movie, but I do hate that song. Ugh. My silliness aside, it's more great work, Fisti.

    1. Like I said...I shamelessly love me some Titanic! It's not a good film, like at all, and yet it's wonderful!

  3. Nice! I've had Happy Together in my Netflix queue forever and I haven't watched it yet. I should probably do that. I love all the love you gave The Ice Storm (And Fifth Element for costumes!)

    1. The Ice Storm is one of those films I wish I could give more love to. It's such a great film, and one that rests on the viewer and gets better and better the more you think about it.


  4. Oh, I love Titanic as well! It's in my top 10, though it doesn't make my Best Picture lineup. Actually, 8 films from my top 10 are in your top 12. The only ones missing are Good Will Hunting and Donnie Brasco.

    Love all the Happy Together wins! I could only fit in Best Actor and Cinematography.

    Your screenplay lineups are awesome! (I have Funny Games in '98, though I only give it Picture and Director nods that year.)

    WINSTONE!!! He'd easily be my winner if I had Crowe in supporting. Glad he wins a Fisti and a CinSpec, albeit for different films.

    I really wanted to nominate Kinnear, Spacey, Reynolds, Duvall, Holm and Hunt. This year was too crowded. I still need to see In & Out, Ponette, Eve's Bayou, Spawn, and Waiting for Guffman.

    No Gattaca mention in Score? LOVE the Full Monty nod by the way.

    Glad to see we both give "My Heart Will Go On" the win. It's a great ballad, and such an iconic song.

    Will Smith is a Fisti nominee! Nice. I wish I could fit that song in my top 5. Ah, I might bump "Alive" from Chasing Amy and replace it with "MIB". (My new rule is: no tweaking once I make images, unless I see a NEW film I really want to add.)

    1. Donnie Brasco was in my Top know how I feel about Good Will Hunting as a film.

      Happy Together is just one of my favorite things ever.

      If I had moved Funny Games to 98, it would probably land in Actress as well...

      I'm so happy to finally be able to give Winstone a win! I love him so much, but he's always been on the outside looking in, and so many times I've been so angry with myself for giving Gosling the win in 06, but now all is right in the world!

      This was such a rich year. So many of my non-nominees were so close to making the cut and it really hurt to not nominate them.

      The Gattaca omission was a fluke. It was on my list and I think it got left off in the compilation by mistake.

      Yes, so much yes, to loving My Heart Will Go On!

      LOL, I hate Will Smith the person, but in the 90's he was quite the performer, and I don't ignore that because he's a tool.

      I love the new adds an extra weight to these awards (at least I've always felt so). That's why I try and cram so much into my watchlist before I post anything.

    2. Yeah, Winstone seems to be one of the most underrated actors (outside of the UK, at least). He's phenomenal in NBM, but his performance in The War Zone continues to haunt me. I wish he could get a beefy supporting role for someone like Scorsese, and get a proper Oscar campaign.

      Ha, I wanted to nominate Smith for Ali and even I Am Legend, so I might throw him a bone for MIB.

      Exactly. Plus, the new rule prevents me from correcting old snubs, which can be quite painful at times. Kicking myself now for not nominating Blue is the Warmest Color for Screenplay, for instance.

    3. LOL, I feel the pain. I look back at my awards for the aughts, for instance, and see so many snubs and mistakes and WTF nominations that I want to fix everything...

      But I think when I get back I'm going to work up a post of Fisti snubs for the end of the year. LOL.