Monday, July 7, 2014

Poster Break: Fathers and Daughters

So, it's still 2014 and this year's Oscar race hasn't even started yet, but that has never once before stopped us from talking about Russell Crowe, aka God.  I've been silently awaiting news on Fathers and Daughters for months now, since the idea of this film and the Oscar prospects it could bring Crowe's way delights me.  Now we finally have a poster.  At first glance, it is rather simple.  Two heads, light undiscernable backdrop, crying child.  Still, there is something here that screams BACKSTORY and it is really pulling me in.  That backstory obviously involves the mental breakdown that Crowe's character undergoes in the film (OSCAR!!!) and so I'm all for finding it all out.  Gabriele Muccino may not be the most reliable director, but he has a style that could sway towards Academy voters.  He directed Will Smith to an Oscar nomination back in 2006, and his films back in his home country of Italy have received better ink than his American fare.  The last thing he directed was that panned Playing for Keeps, but this premise and cast is promising.  I'm holding out all hope for Crowe's eventual reunion with Oscar.  He deserves it.


  1. Ooh, I forgot all about this! Bring on Oscar #2!

    1. I'm praying to the Academy gods as I type! It's about time!!!