Monday, July 21, 2014

A Fistful of Thoughts...about icons who have left us, interesting movie buzz and some TV awesomeness!

You know the drill by now.  Let's just get into it!

So, some sad news over the weekend; James Garner has died.  Apparently, it was natural causes, which is sad and yet, he lived a rich and happy life (married for 58 years to the same woman!) and so it isn't as depressing as it would have been had it been some sort of tragic accident.  Garner's career was one that many may not be entirely familiar with, but his successes were huge, and the fact that he continued to work into his old age was a blessing.  Seeing his face pop up in a film was always something to look forward to, and his early work is something of a treasure to dig up and savor.  

Before we were handed that blow, we were informed that Broadway legend Elaine Stritch had died back on Thursday of last month.  I'm fully aware of her legend, despite having never seen her on the stage, but recently I revisited her glorious work in Woody Allen's September, so if you haven't seen that, I strongly recommend that you do.

Moving on to some happier news, NYFF has announced three slots already, and they are all highly anticipated films!  Inherent Vice and Gone Girl were already slated as of late last week, but now Birdman has been added as the closing film to the festival and I am super excited about this!  

I just wish I could go.

So, has anyone seen this teaser for 50 Shades of Grey that Beyonce posted on her Instagram?  I kind of forgot that this movie was happening, but the trashy awesomeness of getting Beyonce to promote this is getting me excited for it's failure.  I mean, I don't hate Queen B, but I don't like her either, and the idea of her name being tarnished due to the fact that there is no way in hell this is going to be a good movie has me kind of excited to watch it all burn to the ground.

Hell, I may even buy a ticket to see it all happen from the luxury of a front row seat.


Now, I know that this is mainly a film blog, but I have talked about books before, and occasionally flirted with television comments.  Today, I'm going to talk about TV once again.  I haven't said anything here about Fargo, which I actually watched, and I have to say that I loved it!  Guess what!  It's coming back!  Yup, the second season has been greenlit, and I couldn't be more excited.  Nothing is really known other than the fact that it will be a stand alone story and a new cast, but something in the back of my heart is aching for them to do a strict prequel and explore the backstory regarding Molly's father and those mysterious 1979 happenings.

Regardless, I'm in!

Lastly, I want to raise awareness to two Blogathons happening at the moment that I'm dying to contribute to and that I want everyone else to contribute to as well!  The most awesome thing about all this is that these are first time blogathon hosts, and so it's extra special!

First, Flick Chicks want to know what your guilty pleasure is.

Second, Feeling Fuzzier wants to know which films you'd like to see get the sequel treatment.

Two awesome concepts from two awesome blogs!  Check them out, and contribute a post!


  1. Fargo is so awesome, I wish the main girl was a bit more likable though, I actually laughed when Hanks shot her :)

    1. I liked Tolman. I mean, she had to play the frustrated type, but she was the smartest person in the show, and so that made her a little more endearing. You could feel pity for her, especially trapped under the rule of her idiot boss.

  2. RIP James Garner. He was married for 58 years to the same woman?? WOW, now that is VERY commendable in Hollywood. So many blogathons, so little time, but I might check 'em out and see if I can participate. Thanks Drew!

    1. Right! That's a huge accomplishment in Hollywood.

  3. It's sad that both James Garner and Elaine Stritch aren't here anymore yet I'm more bummed by the passing of Tommy Ramone. All four original members are now all gone.

    1. That is sad. I hadn't heard that he had passed too. That's a bum deal.

  4. Shocked to hear about both actors passing. (Incidentally, September is one of the five theatrical Allen releases I haven't seen. I really need to check it out.)

    NYFF sounds amazing!

    Fifty Shades of Grey… I'd almost forgotten about it as well. Let me try again. ;)

    I might check Fargo out on DVD. Right now, I'm finally finishing House of Cards Season 2, and I really need to watch True Detective.

    Nice blogathon plugs! I've been meaning to do a post on guilty pleasures for some time.

    1. Check out September. It's not really top tier Allen, but the ensemble is great. It's one of Allen's more Bergman style films, so you may really like it.

      I hate that I don't like in New York right now.

      What movie were we talking about ;-)

      You really should check out Fargo! It's so freaking good.

      I love a good Blogathon :-D

  5. Thanks for spreading the word for us Fisti! I'm so glad you liked Fargo, I really loved it. I'm super happy that there's going to be a second series too!
    - Allie