Monday, July 7, 2014

2013 Fisti Awards: Best Director

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting around to composing and publishing my personal awards (the Fistis) for 2013.  I know that I'm late to this, but whatever.  If you caught my post (and poll) last week, you already know my lineup for Best Picture.  Now, I put to my readers the idea of extending my personal ballots to six nominees instead of five, considering that my Best Picture lineup consists of six this year, but since the results were not swayed heavily either way, I've decided to keep the norm at five.  Now that the glass ceiling has been shattered though, we may see some 'exceptions' to rules more often.

So, now that we've discussed Best Picture (and if you haven't weighed in, please click the above link and do so), let's talk about my nominated directors.  I've posted them on my 2010's Fisti Page, but for the sake of this post, here they are:

This is a rare year for the Fistis.  We don't often have the lack of a lone director, and yet here we are with five out of the six BP nominees represented here.  These are also my top five films (with Frozen being my #6) so there was no chance of a lone director.  This is also one of those years where this makes perfect sense since not one of these films would have worked without their respective directors.  For four of these films especially (my top four directors), these films are very much a part of these director's personalities.  Jonze and Polley are especially personal here, exploring facets of their own lives, albeit obscured (or not so).  Dolan is always a very personal filmmaker, and it shows (and aids) in the development of his themes.  Kechiche was one that I didn't initially consider top five, despite considering his film a masterpiece, and he almost fell victim to the lone director (who would have been the VERY individual Sophia Coppola) but despite not infusing a signature style into his film, the end result is very much a direct result of his directing style.

For me though, this year always came back to Alfonso Cuaron.  Not only is his Oscar win one of my favorites in the history of the awards, but his direction is probably the finest I've seen in decades.  His film simply would not have worked AT ALL without his guiding hand, and he had those hands all over every aspect of this film.

It's funny how my #5 film (really though, all six of my BP nominees are masterpieces in my eyes, and ranking was all about splitting hairs) takes home the award here, but this is not the first time that has happened.  In fact, it happened in 2011 (when Refn won), in 2009 (when Tarantino won) and in 2000 (when Aronofsky won) and I'm sure it'll happen again!

This is also Cuaron's SECOND Fisti win (he previously won in 2006 for Children of Men) and also both times his film lost BP.

So what do you think of my lineup?  Who would you nominate?  Is Cuaron your clear winner as well?  As I finish up and post the rest of my ballots, I'll be discussing them here on the main page, so look out for more ballots later this week.


  1. YAY! Cuaron wins Best Director CinSpecs for those two films, and he wins Best Picture for them too. :) I had three lone directors (Cianfrance, Dolan and Korine), but I want to catch The Great Beauty soon, as I suspect Sorrentino might replace Scorsese (and make that FOUR lone directors!).

    1. Sorrentino's directorial work is so languid, so artistic in breadth. Narrowing this down was a struggle.