Thursday, June 26, 2014

The 1956 Fisti Awards!

"It says here that we only received ONE Fisti nomination!"
Alright, so the 1956 Fisti Awards have been posted!  This has been a confusing year for me to compile.  It's all those damn foreign film release dates that have messed with me.  Here over at A Fistful of Films we pride ourselves on a really loose rule system when it comes to nominating foreign language films.  Basically, when they have multiple release dates (home country/US/festival circuit) I allow myself to chose the year I think they best fit...if they haven't gotten any Oscar play.  If Oscar bit at all, I try and place them in the year that they had Oscar play.  Some films are tricky, because back in the day a foreign film could technically play in multiple years.  Take La Strada for instance.  It won the Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1954 (when it was released in it's home country) but then was nominated for Original Screenplay in 1956, when it was released stateside.

What to do?

Well, 1956 had another issue.  It was a bounty for film adaptations, but I had such a hard time finding original screenplays!  So, I moved over La Strada to this year (as well as a few others, like Umberto D.)!

Also, Around the World in 80 Days is a crap movie and one of the worst Best Picture winners I've ever seen.  Like...what the hell?

So check them out and PLEASE give me feedback.  Love to know what you think!


  1. Cool you include The Red Ballon (short) in best film of the year category. Short films deserve to be seen, especially the best ones.
    Written On the Wind (Douglas Sirk) is my favorite film of 1956, I was also impressed by Giant and La Strada(as you were)
    Should I understand the awards as bronze, silver and gold?

    1. Glad you mention that Red Balloon is a short, because I meant to mention that in this post. Shorts are films and should be regarded as such, just like Docs and Animated films.

      I don't know why, but Written on the Wind was tonally uneven for me, and the leads were awful bores, but those supporting turns were iconic and I liked the film overall, just didn't love it.

      And yes, Gold, Silver and Bronze, but you can see the full ranking under the nominees.

  2. Again, great stuff man. Glad to see you give "Whatever Will Be..." the win! I promise I'll rewatch High Society before I do images for '56, but I just couldn't get into it the first time.

    I know you didn't love The Killing, but have you seen A Man Escaped or Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

    1. I liked The Killing enough, but yeah...I didn't love it. I haven't seen the other two though. I wanted to see Body Snatchers but couldn't get my hands on it.

      I know you didn't love High Society...but I hope a rewatch ignites something, at least for Crosby!