Thursday, June 5, 2014

Introducing the 1996 Fisti Awards!

Making that long walk to the podium...

You might as well call these the 1996 MTV Fisti Awards, considering the amount of 'above the line' nominations films like Romeo + Juliet, That Thing You Do, Scream and Mission: Impossible received, but there is no denying that the quality of the Blockbuster that year was just so high.  Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe it's just good taste, but I continue to find myself awestruck by how strong even the most generic film was from 1996.  And this isn't even getting into von Trier's tremendous breakthrough, Leigh's largest Oscar draw and Campion's period brilliance.  

1996 is the first year of the Fistis that has pretty much concluded in a sweep of the awards.  One particular film (pictured above) pretty much took everything.  With 14 nominations, it walks away with 8 wins and I wouldn't blink an eyelash at any of them.


So check them out here.  I welcome all comments!  What would you nominate?  Who did I snub?  What nominations/wins are you most happy to see?


  1. Nice list. Glad there's another Scream fan out there. Great horror film. Though I'm surprised you didn't give Neve Campbell any love since you nod Craven for Directing and mentioned Barrymore in Supporting.

    My top films of 1996...

    1. I considered Campbell, for sure. She was on my long list for a while, but the year was too strong to keep her in the conversation. She was great though!

  2. I love that you included My Own Private Idaho in so many places. I thought that was River Phoenix's best performance.

    1. I completely agree with you on River.


    Ha, I actually saw the first few categories you posted, and I realized I'd completely overlooked some of my major nominees, like R+J and La Promesse, in the screenplay categories. I updated my ballot accordingly. :)

    I wish I liked The Portrait of the Lady as much. Kidman and Hershey were close to noms, but I only nominate it for Costume Design.

    I have Kristin Scott Thomas just missing as a lead. Otherwise, she'd probably make the cut in Supporting.

    Olivier Gourmet!! I love it! He is Supporting I suppose, isn't he? Completely blanked on that. I'll take away Gary Sinise's nod for Ransom and throw him in. (I do already nominate Gourmet for Best Actor for The Son in 2002, though.)

    I couldn't fit Macy in lead, so I fraudulently put him in Supporting. I guess the same goes for Jean-Baptiste.

    So... does Leo win for The Wolf of Wall Street? He doesn't have a Fisti now, right? :(

    I could've sworn I nominated 101 Dalmatians for Costume Design. Especially over Everyone Says I Love You, which I have on my ballot apparently. Fixing that too.

    I really need to see Thieves, Pusher, Jude and That Thing You Do. I also want to watch DragonHeart soon because that score might be actual winner.

    1. Always happy to help with your ballots my friend!

      I just love Campion's style. She has such sensual grace, and her films are like paintings to me...dripping with style and detail.

      I consider both Scott Thomas and Binoche equals in The English Patient. They have the same amount of screen time and really further the story the same amount as well, so they are either both Leads or both Supporting. Honestly, Scott Thomas gives my favorite performance of the year, in any category, so she'd be my winner in Lead as well (yes, even over Watson, who is uncanny). It's just such a natural and lived in performance. Her body language is remarkable.

      I think Gourmet is Supporting. It isn't his story, and he's missing from many segments. It is all about his son, and he just plays a pivotal role in the film's structuring.

      Macy...just amazing work there.

      I have not decided on my 2013 Lead Actor winner yet, but it is clearly between DiCaprio and Gandolfini. It's very hard for me because I love them both and yet they are both so very different, so I'm having a really hard time saying one is better than the other. Gandolfini is the more natural and lovable performance, but DiCaprio is fearless. At the end of the day, I have a strong feeling it'll go to Gandolfini by default, since DiCaprio will have another chance to win, while Gandolfini will not.

      You MUST see That Thing You Do! So much fun! I've loved that movie for a VERY long time.

  4. WOW, it's quite overwhelming to see all those nominees. Must have taken you a long time to create those graphics Drew, well done!

    First thing I noticed was how hot Jason Patrick was in that photo from After Dark, My Sweet ;-) I love the variety in each category, you included some lesser-known films along w/ a bunch of classics. Whoa, look at Dame Mirren in that sexy lingerie! :D

    Btw, when we're in Paris, we went to the Père Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried. I immediately thought of that when I saw his pic, I haven't seen the film yet though.

    – ruth

    1. So envious of you being in Paris! Glad you were able to peruse my nominees. It does take a while to compile, but the Fisti Awards were the reason I started the blog in the first place, so I'm happy to do it!