Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Fistful of Thoughts...about outspoken actresses, hate crimes and movies nobody gives a fuck about!

It's been a little while since I've put one of these together.  I've had so many stories I wanted to talk about and yet, they come and go and there is no time and I'm just so damn busy!  Taking a few days off for family time always throws a wrench in my normal schedule and makes everything extra tight.

How dare I go on vacation!

Anyways, there isn't a whole lot of heavy lifting in this episode, just some musings on some diva behavior, politically incorrect wordplay and a possible retirement.

OK, there is some heavy stuff here...

First, let's talk about Jonah Hill.  I know that, as a talent, he's polarizing.  Most people are pretty shocked he's a two time Oscar nominee, and yet there is something almost magnetic about this guy that makes it all sort of make sense.  But, we aren't here to talk about his talent today.  No, we're here to talk about his mistakes!  So, apparently he got pretty pissed at an aggressive paparazzi and spouted off some pretty terrible words.

"Suck my dick, you faggot!"

Now, he's apologized (a few times) and doesn't even ask for forgiveness (he says he doesn't deserve it) but asks that we learn from his mistake.  Maybe I don't have a right to weigh in here, considering that I'm not gay (at least not all the time) and so I can't profess to have felt the pain of these words in my heart (at least not from a personal level), but I have to say that I think he's being genuine.  I mean, he's been in the hot seat before for spouting off or being accused of being a douche, but I have to say that he always seems to be a level headed and responsible guy, and I've kind of always been in his corner.  What he said was terrible, but how many of us have said similar things when really, really upset?  I know I have, and if you say you haven't, you're lying.

But anyways, I'm not condoning his words, but I think he is truly sorry and I believe every word he's said.

Moving on, Angelina Jolie says she may retire after Cleopatra!  Take it with a grain of salt, since retirement is something threatened by a lot of famous faces, but the idea is disheartening.  I love this woman.  It's funny though, because I love her more as a person than as an actress, so maybe retirement is an OK thing, since everything else she does is far more enriching!  

Speaking of Cleopatra though, remember when this was supposed to be David Fincher's next film?

Oh, Jupiter Ascending is getting the shaft till next year, and not even summer of next year, but FEBRUARY!  Learn to never write things like this off, but it doesn't instill hope in my hearts.  The look of the film was kind of iffy, to me, and so this doesn't come as a huge shock.  I also have not yet seen Cloud Atlas, so I can't say I was actually looking forward to this.  

What do you think?

So, I know that this is old news (like early last month news) but I didn't stumble upon this until yesterday and I just wanted to talk about it for a second.  Diane Keaton has been rather hush hush about the whole Woody Allen fiasco from earlier this year, but she has finally broken that silence in a recent interview and said some things I didn't expect, but think I respect.

When being asked if the criticism against her by Farrow stung, she replied:

"Not really. That I didn't know her? I saw her maybe three times. I didn't know her. It's not a bad accusation. I was never friends with Mia – I was friendly. Sort of like I'm friendly with you. I like you, I like the way you are. I like the way she is, too. She's very charming. But I never knew her as a friend. A friend – that's a commitment. It's as close as you can get to family, and sometimes it's even closer. Friendship requires a lot of time. I don't have a lot of friends; I have acquaintances and people I think are charming, and I like to see them. I like to see Sarah Jessica Parker, I like to see Meryl Streep. I don't know them – I mean, I made a movie with them, once, and that's nice – but I know nothing about their lives."

And then she adds this, after the molestation is mentioned:

"I have nothing to say about that. Except: I believe my friend."

I am not about to get into a debate on the politics of this case, because it is a VERY touchy and no-win situation, but the comments made about friendship struck me, because I get it.  I had a conversation about this with an acquaintance one time.  I had been accused of something that was untrue by someone, and I had a certain person I perceived to be a friend of mine take his side unquestionably and basically turn on me.  I was blown away that he didn't even want to hear my side of the matter.  Then, this other acquaintance and I were talking about the situation and he says to me "if I told you the same thing about him, you'd believe me too" and I looked at him like he was a complete idiot and said "no, I wouldn't".  I believe in loyalty and the core of friendship cannot survive without that trust and loyalty and if someone told me something awful about a friend of mine, I would immediately go to them and divulge what I had heard, and like Keaton, I would believe my friend.

End of discussion.

Well, you know, unless there was indisputable proof, but by that point my friend would most likely have to tell the truth, and then I would once again believe him.

And lastly, let's talk about William Nicholson.  This is a pretty funny story, actually. Apparently the screenwriter for last year's ill-fated Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom blames 12 Years a Slave for his film losing out on Oscar nominations.  Obviously he hasn't watched the movie he penned, because if he had he would have realized that his script sucked and that that was the reason the film failed to ignite passionate support.  In fact, 12 Years a Slave and the movement it created last year would have only aided his film, had it actually been any good.

But there is really more to this.  Nicholson's comments are just so off base and alarming.

"It didn't get the kind of acclaim I wanted. It didn't get Oscars."

Really?  This is all that matters to you?

"'12 Years a Slave' came out in America and that sucked up all the guilt about black people that was available. They were so exhausted feeling guilty about slavery that I don't think there was much left over to be nice about our film. So our film didn't do as well as we'd hoped, which was a bit heartbreaking."

OMG!  Is he really this dismissive of the whole subject?  I'm not even a huge fan of 12 Years a Slave, but to just dismiss it as 'white man's guilt' is ridiculous, and if that is how he felt about his own film than it is really a shame that his name was attached to it, no matter how poor the film was.

"We showed it to test audiences very extensively and it got astounding responses. These things are measured in percentages and it was in the high 90s every time. So, honestly, we thought we had a winner. And when it didn't become a winner it was devastating, actually, it was very distressing.

"I really thought it was going to win lots of awards, partly because it's a good story but also because I thought I'd done a really good job and the director had done a really good job. So it has been very tough for me. Some things work and some things don't. You just have to soldier on."

This is just such a disgusting attitude to have.  I get that someone wants to achieve Oscar status.  I mean, when you are in this business, it is the highest form of recognition that you can achieve and so to want it is only natural, but to throw so much shade around about another person's film is just gross, no matter how you may personally feel.

Neither film was worthy of Oscar recognition, at least not in the Best Picture category, so why are you talking?


  1. I think Hill is genuinely sorry too. I hope we can all move on from this soon.

    You should watch Cloud Atlas. I loved it though I'm not too excited for Jupiter Ascending because the trailers did nothing for me.

    I loved what you wrote about friendship. It's true. Loyalty and trust is very important.

    1. I probably should seek out Cloud Atlas. I was determined to watch it last year and just got impatient with wrapping up my personal awards, so I skipped it.

  2. I think Hill is sorry as well. Even though what he said was disgusting, those paparazzi really do harass celebrities ruthlessly just to get that reaction from them. In a way, I feel bad for him. We've all said things that are insensitive and that we're not proud of.

    1. Yes, and fortunately for us we don't have people video recording us just so they can exploit us for our mistakes.

  3. Now, I didn't see either movie, but that Nicholson guy comes off like quite the dick with those comments. Poor guy. I guess I understand being disappointed when you really think you've got something....but, shit dude. Suck it up.

    1. Right! I mean, have some dignity.

  4. William Nicholson is just a poor loser who couldn't accept the fact that his script sucked and John Ridley did a great job with his.

    I like Jonah Hill and he seems a like a genuine guy. At least he admitted that he screwed up. Besides, his apology is sincere... unlike some other little shit who is has his head so far up his ass.

  5. I think the move of Jupiter Descending to February might work in their favor. There's a line of blockbusters the time of release, so they might not get the financial efforts they were targeting for.

    1. Yeah, I have a feeling it was done for that as well (although they say that the special effects were not ready), but February is not known for giving us great films, so I'm very skeptical.

    2. I think at this point it's not about the quality of the movie, but if they'll make their investments back. February is usually a dumping ground, but with no steep competition, they might get the coverage they want. I saw the trailer, and the movie looks really expensive, so they really might benefit from pushing it back instead of competing with franchises being released that month.

    3. Yeah, I can see that. It would be a real loss for them if it were released on target, since this year is so heavy with films many are pre-determined to see.

  6. I agree on Hill's comments. He seems genuine, and I can't hate the guy for handling his mistake this way.

    I'd hate to see Jolie retire from the movie business, but she can continue to do great things off-screen when that time comes.

    Kinda bummed about Jupiter Ascending, but it wasn't high on my most-anticipated list. Neither was Cloud Atlas, though. (I'll second Nikhat's recommendation by the way.) That was just one of those movies that took me by complete surprise.

    Keaton definitely has a point on the friendship angle. I'd believe my friend before I'd believe someone else.

    Just how big of an ego does Nicholson have? He's already been nominated for TWO Oscars. Sure, another nod or a win would be wonderful, but tacky comments like that don't help.

    1. I don't think she's planning on leaving her humanitarian ways, so we can at least know that she'll continue being an awesome person!

      I know, I know...I remember when you were bummed I wasn't going to watch Cloud Atlas before the 2012 Fistis were announced. I'll see it eventually, promise!

  7. That Nicholson dude sounds like an asshole, not Hill, because as you said, everyone messes up sometimes, and paparazzi are ruthless.

    But nooooooooooooo you kidding me with Jolie? I love that woman. If she retires, I hope she'll work with her humanitarian causes full time or it will be way too sad.

    1. Yeah, that Nicholson clown is probably kicking himself in the ass for saying everything he did. He just sounds bitter and ignorant.

      I don't think Jolie is going to disappear, and like I said...take this with a grain of salt!

  8. The script to Mandela was so half assed if I was its author I'd just shut the fuck up and hide.

    Jonah is a sweetie. He is also being too hard on himself. Everyone snaps when some moron interrupts you/harasses you. It's funny because if he just punched him - I would - the media would not have responded in such a 'oh no he didn't' way.

    1. I'm with you 100% on both counts.