Monday, April 7, 2014

Five for the Fifth: or my answers to Ruth's questions from...SATURDAY!!!

I know I’m late.  It’s the 7th, and I generally try and knock these out on the day that Ruth posts them, but that was on Saturday, and as a rule (that is VERY rarely broken), I don’t touch my blog on the weekends.  I’m obsessed enough with it as it is, so devoting my weekend to nothing but my friends and family is kind of a must for me.

So here we are, two days late and so I’m tempted to turn this into a ‘Seven for the Seventh’ and ask Ruth two questions, but I’m just not up to that right now.

I’m so fucking tired.  Teething children are the devil.


Anyways, enough about me, let’s talk about Ruth, or more specifically, her five questions!

1) Did you read any April Fools news you wish were real?

Yes, I wish that Ruth really devoted her blog to Ryan Gosling for a week.  I even deemed it Glogging and I was wholly prepared to Glog right along with her!  The realization that it was an April Fools joke (and I did realize it shortly after she posted it) was heartbreaking, not because I actually like him (and I do) but because the idea of the whole thing just seemed like seriously trashy fun.

2) So, how would you rank these 10 Marvel movies (those involving characters from the Avengers films)?

Bubbawheat is probably going to disown our internet friendship for this, but I’ve actually only seen 6 of these films.  I haven’t seen Ang Lee’s Hulk or either of the Thor movies, and I haven’t seen Winter Soldier yet (although I really want to despite not really caring for The First Avenger).  I’d rank them as so.

1) Iron Man
2) The Avengers
3) Iron Man 3
4) Captain America: The First Avenger
5) Iron Man 2
6) The Incredible Hulk

I only loved Iron ManThe Avengers and Iron Man 3 were good, but flawed.  The bottom three had aspects I liked (especially The First Avenger’s visual effects) but overall found them seriously flawed and underwhelming, and all three suffered from clustered and clunky finales.

Maybe I’m just a DC guy, which was NEVER the case as a kid (I was Team Marvel all the way).

3) What do you think of Locke, and which actor would you like to watch in a similar confined settling like this one?

I agree with you that casting is key in films like this.  I’m a fan of Tom Hardy, and while I like to see him move around, I’m certainly going to check this out.  That being said, I’m not really sure that ‘constantly brooding’ is the way to go with a film like this, and it appears that that is what he’s doing.  He has shown that he can lighten up (albeit in pretty awful films) so I hope that he smiles or laughs or does something to break the constant attention to his morose expression.  I’d love for someone with a broader personality to get a role like this.  Anyone remember that little movie called Phone Booth that came out in 2003, right before Colin Farrell became a household name?  Now THAT is how you handle standing in one place and taking what is thrown at you.  Farrell is so thick with personality.  I’d love to see him get another role like that.

4) Thoughts on the casting rumor (of Ejiofor taking on the role of a Bond villain), and who would you like to see cast as a Bond villain?

I love how my first thought when I read this ‘news’ the other day was “why don’t they cast Idris Elba?” and then BAM, that’s what I read Ruth suggest!  I’m all for Ejiofor getting high profile work, and better this than in Star Wars, since Bond is still relevant (don’t strike me), so YAY for this.  Ejiofor is a GREAT actor, and his role in Children from Men was a great example of playing a tortured activist, where you’d do ANYTHING to get your desired results.  Maybe he could play that kind of villain.  It’s telling though that when reading your paragraph and I saw Ralph Fiennes name, I forgot that he was now playing M and I seriously had this thought of him being the PERFECT villain.  Maybe it’s the fact that I just saw The Grand Budapest Hotel and I want Fiennes to have every great role in the history of great roles.

Speaking of a Fiennes, what about Ralph’s brother?  I mean, I know that the world pretty much decided that Joseph Fiennes was this inferior actor who was confined to walk in his brother’s shadow and so he now is relegated to television shows and movies that no one is anticipating, but maybe he could play the jilted brother of M, who is determined to make his brother pay for being, you know, better than he is.

5) Whether or not you chose to back it (on Kickstarter), what do you think of this project (Enemy of Man) and the cast involved?

I may be narrow-mindedly thinking about this, but I’m so stoked for the Fassbender/Cotillard/Kurzel Macbeth that I can’t get excited for this.  I do like Sean Bean, or at least I do like seeing his face pop up in a film I didn’t know he was in, but I can’t say that the cast excites me much (since I don’t know who anyone else is), and there is something about the poster that reminds me of an HBO television series and I’m thinking that maybe they should just release this there and try and snag some Emmys.  Still, Macbeth is a great story, so I’d see it…I think.


  1. Hi ya Andrew! Sorry man, maybe one day I’ll get on the Gosling bandwagon but as of now I really can’t fathom the idea, ahah. That’s why he makes for a perfect April Fools joke for me.

    You haven’t seen the Thor movies? I’m curious if you’ll love it or really hate it. The 2nd one is sooo goofy! Aww I really have a fondness for The First Avenger, well at least you didn’t put it dead last.

    Ahah, your comment on Hardy had me giggling “…while I like to see him move around, I’m certainly going to check this out” Ha! Well I prefer him to be in motion too but I do like the idea of just seeing that face and hearing his ear-pleasing voice. I should check out Phone Booth one of these days. That’s one of Joel Schumacher’s rare movies that people seem to love, ahah.

    Ahah well I’ve mentioned about Idris as Bond as far back as 3 yrs ago I think, but of course that’ll sadly never happen in this world we live in. Oooo, I like the idea of the Fiennes brothers in a Bond flick! LOVE it! I really think Joseph is massively underrated but that plot you mentioned might hit too close to home for him, ha..ha..

    What what? I didn’t even know there is a Macbeth version w/ Fassbender AND Cotillard??! I had no idea but wow I could see why you’d be anticipating THAT! You’ve never seen Harry Potter have you? Otherwise you’d know who Rupert Grint is :D

    Thanks for doing this again man, enjoyed reading your answers!!

    – ruth

  2. Always a pleasure Ruth!

    Gosling has his passionate followers and those who are passionate in their hatred of him. LOL. At least he has passion!

    I was just never interested in Thor. I saw the first few minutes of the original film, but he was the least interesting aspect of The Avengers for me, so I never gave him a second thought.

    You really should see Phone Booth!

    And yes, Macbeth is possibly my most anticipated movie of 2015 (since I'm pretty sure it won't be coming out this year). Cotillard and Fassbender are the best actors of their generation, so BRAVO!

    And no, I've never seen any of the Potter movies.

  3. LOL. Captain America: The First Avenger is my favorite. Iron Man and The Avengers are just beneath it though.

    Really looking forward to Locke. You reminded me I need to rewatch Phonebooth.

    Joseph Fiennes would be an interesting choice, but I'm all for Idris Elba getting the role. Other (somewhat) outside of the box choices I'd be interested in would be Michael Fassbender, Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Mullan, Viggo Mortensen, Jude Law or Gael Garcia Bernal. Some of them could go either way, but I'd be intrigued.

    1. I'm all for Jude Law being in every movie, really, so that would be awesome. Peter Mullan is an inspired choice too, but he seems like he may be too carnal for the Bond world.