Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Fistful of Thoughts...about sloppy-seconds, desperate actors and some wishful thinking!

Another week, another edition of A Fistful of Thoughts!  Let's see how long I actually keep this up for.  When compiling this I actually felt like dedicating this to my fellow-blogger and vocal JLaw hater, Sati, but I didn't (or did I?).  Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is all over this news coverage (sort of) or at least smack dab in the middle of it!

So what are we talking about this week?

First, I've kind of been all over this Steve Jobs biopic ever since it was announced that David Fincher was seeking out Christian Bale for the lead and it sounded like the greatest thing I'd ever heard (not really, but sort of) and then last week the news broke that Fincher was leaving the project due to a debate over money (I still say they should just pay him whatever he wants).  In my crushed state, I hear now that they are trying to persuade Danny Boyle to take Fincher's place, and Boyle wants to take Leonardo DiCaprio along for the ride.

My immediate thoughts on this are severely mixed.  First, I kind of love Danny Boyle even though he won an Oscar for his worst film.  I mean, Slumdog Millionaire was a mediocre mess, but Boyle has still given us such treasures as 28 Days Later and Trainspotting, so he will always be one of my favorites (not to mention the fact that he handles so many genres so elegantly).  That being said, his last pairing with DiCaprio was really bad (The Beach was such an amazing concept...the book was stunning...and yet that film was so hard to watch) and I just find the idea of DiCaprio in this role as a bit of desperation.  I hope that DiCaprio allows his other obligations (the equally desperate yet far more intriguing The Revenent with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) to get in the way of this so that he passes.  I really want Bale in this role!

What about you?  Are you a fan of this pairing?  Who would you suggest for either the front or the back of that camera?

Next, let's talk about everyone's (or everyone minus Sati's) favorite it-girl, Jennifer Lawrence.  She has a bit of double news today.  First, this isn't really new, but I had no idea there was a comic book dedicated to her fame.  Did anyone out there know this?  I'm sure that Sati has already bitched about it.

I mean, I like her and even I find this kind of ridiculous.

In more JLaw news though, apparently Lindsay Lohan is not a fan.  In a recent interview, Lohan basically said that Lawrence was fake and that she fucks for roles.  Seriously?  The level of desperation in Lohan's mouth at this point is hilarious.  This isn't the first time that JLaw has been accused of being fake by a celebrity (didn't Jared Leto kind of elude to this after the Oscars?) but someone of Lohan's reputation has no right to accuse anyone of taking it in the ass for a film role.  I have a feeling Lohan goes all Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream just for the shit she takes up her right nostril.

Google it ;-)

She's also reportedly claimed in the past that she was up for roles in The Help as well as Silver Linings Playbook and had stated that if she had taken the role in Silver Linings Playbook then she would have received an Oscar.  You know what the real sad part is?  If Lindsay had kept her nose clean (literally), she would probably have the career that Lawrence has right now.  She was extremely talented and very well liked in the industry and was such an it-girl, but she threw that all away and at this point most people forget that she's still alive until she fakes a miscarriage.

Oh yeah, apparently she had one of those and THAT is why she had such diva behavior on the set of her docu-series.  If this is true, then I'm very sorry for her, but it all feels like such a disturbing excuse for herself and a way to try and gain sympathy.  It may seem like a weird thing to lie about, but she's an addict and a manipulator and I have one of those for a sister, and she has faked at least ten miscarriages (and I know they were faked for a fact) in order to gain attention and sympathy so I know that it is possible.

But I refrain from condemnation since I don't know Lohan and I honestly don't give a shit.

And this is coming from someone who thinks that she should have been up for an Oscar in 1998 for her tremendous child performance in The Parent Trap.  I mean, THAT was talent.  She played duel roles to perfection, took on an accent and never once felt like she was playing the same character twice.  She was charming, charismatic and convincing.  Oh how her star has fallen.

But enough about one attention seeking celebrity leech, let's talk about another!

Lady Gaga has declared Marisa Tomei the best choice to play her in a movie.  I kind of absolutely LOVE this idea.  Yes, Tomei is much older than Gaga, but Tomei also looks much younger than she really is (she's 49!) and is also much prettier now than Gaga is so...wishful thinking?  Not really, because the two have similar bone structure and I kind of feel like the only way Gaga's story should be told would be in the way that Tomei ponders, avant-garde in the style of I'm Not There.  Maybe Tomei should play one part of Gaga's many personas.  In actuality, a film set like that would be far more interesting than Gaga herself.

What do you think about this?  Anyone else you think deserves the avant-garde treatment?   


  1. OH man, I really want Bale as Jobs too and Fincher would've been great as director. I'm so bored watching LEO in yet another biopic!! Sheesh, why does it always come down to Leo vs Bale?? Leo almost replaced Bale in American Psycho when he expressed interest and this was after his massive success in Titanic and Bale was a nobody. Clearly Bale is still the better actor.

    As for J-Law, I'm indifferent about her now. I have to admit I like her spunk and she's fun to watch in interviews but I don't put her in a pedestal either. But what Lohan said is out of line and I agree it's an act of desperation. I personally don't believe it, but I don't usually dwell on celebrity gossip.

    As for Gaga, I can't say I'm a fan nor do I care if there's a film about her.

    1. I want Bale too! DiCaprio was cast as Patrick Bateman, from what I read, but his PR team was afraid that he would tarnish his image forever if he played a psycho like that. I personally would have loved to see what it did to him career, because the role was a great one (even though I didn't care for the film).

      I like JLaw, simply because she's kind of crazy and I dig that. I understand those who can't stand her though. Hell, at least she isn't that Woodley creature.

      Lohan is the definition of DESPERATE!

      Tomei is one of my favorite actresses, like ever. Gaga is kind of ridiculous and I think she has rode her wave of success to the end and is about to crash onto the beach of obscurity if she doesn't douse herself with a hose and try something completely detached from the crazy she has become.

      A film about her would only be interesting if it wasn't really about her at all but some fictionalized tapestry film about the fake lives of her different costumes. Like, lets get twenty minute films about that egg she rode in or that half horse thing or that meat dress and then combine them into a linear storyline.

      I want Tomei to be the meat.

  2. I do not bitch. I passionately hate :)

    A COMIC BOOK?! This planet disgusts me. I find the comments on Lohan's drug abuse kinda harsh. I mean it's so easy to become addicted - people as a race are weak. I just ignore news and rumors about her, cause it's honestly kinda sad. Let's not forget 20 years ago RDJ was where she is and not everyone can have a miracle in their lives - honestly the fact he is clean now is one of the most incredible things to happen in the history of show business. As for her comments on Lawrence - I would not be surprised if she convinced producers in some...unprofessional way. She has no class and from what I've seen very little dignity.

    As for DiCaprio - holy shit one of these days this guy will allow to get himself killed in the movie and then come back from the dead to get that Oscar.

    1. LOL, I knew you'd love this comic book thing.

      I wish the best for Lohan, but she needs to take a good hard look at herself in the mirror she's snorting coke off of before she winds up a corpse, and this is coming from someone who has a sister addicted to heroin. I know what it does to people. Addiction is disgusting and a horrible thing, but there comes a point where you need to be accountable for your actions and actually try and help yourself, otherwise even your biggest supporters will, rightfully, throw up their hands and say FUCK IT.

      DiCaprio will most likely have to suffer witnessing some young actor win an Oscar for playing him in the story of his desperate attempt to win one himself.

  3. I think Boyle is an excellent backup plan to Fincher...but like you said, just pay DF. But my real vote? Scratch the whole idea and do something what. The other one came out, what...last year? Let that shit fade away entirely.

    Well, if it hasn't already...

    1. I don't think anyone wants to acknowledge that Ashton Kutcher was in a movie, like ever...so I think it's safe...and conceptually it is very different (early word on the script was very good, and it looks really inspired).

      Still, Fincher or bust in my book.

  4. Boyle is a good choice to replace Fincher, but I'm not so sure DiCaprio is the best choice over Bale. Bale just looks more like Jobs to begin with.

    Fucking Lindsay Lohan - sympathy can only go so far. I know the struggle some addicts deal with, but Lohan proves time and time again that she doesn't WANT to get better. She's not losing to her addiction, she isn't trying. She did have talent, a lot of it, and she blew it away. Now she's a total diva and I have zero sympathy for her. I don't believe this miscarriage thing either. The "I had a miscarriage" story is used so often because it gains instant sympathy. Her saying "I would've had an Oscar" if she was in SLP is kind of lame because how does she know she would've brought what Jennifer Lawrence brought to the table? Maybe in 2004 I would've thought Lindsay was capable of that performance. Not now.

    Sorry for the rant, I used to be such a Lohan defender, now I want her to disappear.

    1. Bale really was an inspired choice. DiCaprio feels like a desperate move. I hope he passes, even though I kind of adore the concept of the script.

      LOL at Lindsay thinking she could pull off a JLaw performance. I mean, I don't even think Lawrence is that wonderful an actress, but even I know that Lohan has nothing on her. Like you said, maybe in 2004...but not now.

  5. I love Danny Boyle and I'm a fan of Leo although... I'm not sure if they should do the Steve Jobs film. David Fincher helming with Bale in the role was perfect. They should've paid him more money for what he was to do.

    Hohan is washed-up bitch and I don't buy her claims that she had a miscarriage. She bullshitted a lot of people for so many years. Why would this be any different. I like J-Law as an actress though I think she can be full of herself. Besides, I couldn't Hohan in any of the roles that J-Law has done. It wouldn't be any good.

    Marisa Tomei as Lady Gaga? I could see that. She still looks great for her age.

    1. The answer is ALWAYS to pay Fincher more money.

      I would kind of love to see Lohan's take on JLaw's role in American Hustle...for purely selfish reasons.

      Tomei is not only gorgeous, but she's one of the most talented actresses working right now. I kind of want this to happen just to see her in such a bizarre role.

      Now I want to write the script.


  6. I definitely want Bale for Jobs, but that DiCaprio/Gonzalez Innaritu project sounds great.

    Lohan and LaBeouf should do a comeback film together. :P (Lohan just misses my '98 Best Actress lineup, incidentally.)

    Tomei as Gaga? Yes please!

    1. OMG, Lohan and LaBeouf. She needs to start wearing a paper bag!

  7. Oh man. I love how you love on The Parent Trap. I LOVED that movie so much and I agree that Lohan showed so much potential in that movie - she could have been great, but yeah, she fucked up pretty royally. I like Jennifer Lawrence a lot, personally, I think she has great style - in the sense in how she behaves in the public eye. She comes off pretty normal, unlike the Lohan. *shrug*

    As for a Lady Gaga movie... That seems a bit early and arrogant to me, actually. I dunno about that. I do love Marisa Tomei though, great actress.

    1. Tomei is one of the very best, so seeing her in anything makes me happy.

      This will never happen though.