Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Fistful of Thoughts...about King David, angry rappers, and some Oscar snubbies!

I'm writing too many reviews.  Well, not really, but I don't want this blog to basically turn into one long feed of review after review.  That wasn't the only intention I had when starting this blog.  I wanted to talk about all aspects of film!  I know, I do that, but lately I've been catching up on so many films that it feels like I only have time to post one review after the other.  In fact, I'll probably post a review for Rio 2 this afternoon.

So let's take a few minutes to just shoot the shit.

First, I reported here last month that things were looking pretty awesome for the Fincher/Jobs movie.  Sorkin, Fincher, Bale = a complete cinematic wet dream.  Well, my dream has dried up midst reports that Fincher has backed out of the film due to issues concerning money.  PAY HIM!  He deserves it!  I don't understand this.  I mean, what's ten million dollars (I'm being sarcastic, but seriously)?  This whole project, while on the outset seemed like a doomed idea (Ashton Kutcher anyone?) was starting to shape up to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2015.  It just sounded so original, conceptually, and inspired from the page to the people involved.

But with the death of one Fincher related dream, another continues to blossom.

Have you seen the latest trailer/poster combo for Fincher's Gone Girl yet?  If you haven't, you're in luck, because I have it here!

Thoughts?  I'm not sure what I think about this.  The tagline feels almost like a rom/com or something, very out of place and the fact that it finishes with Girl makes it all the more...ridiculous?  "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, girl"...  Yeah, I don't think I like that much, and yet there is something about it that feels kind of fresh I guess.  I'm torn.  The lack of the film's name makes it a little confusing.  Anyone unfamiliar with the fact that the film is coming out of unfamiliar with the story (who is Amazing Amy to anyone who hasn't read the book?) is going to be completely confused as to what this movie is.

Still, the image is brilliant.

But, with a lackluster (is it?) poster, we have this marvelous (and I mean MARVELOUS) trailer:

Fincher has a real knack for presenting us trailers that give us just what we need to become completely enthralled with his subject without saying too much.  There is an element of surprise.  He is withholding everything he needs to (I read the script and he is only giving you a small splice of the story, which is so incredibly smart) in order to blow you away in the theater.  Remember that incredible Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer?  The way that these scenes are spliced together with the song choice (marvelous song choice, BTW) creates such tension in all the right places.  The calm before the storm.

And let's talk about how underestimated Ben Affleck is this season.  Looking over all the early predictions for this year's Oscars, it seems that Josh and myself are the only ones predicting Ben Affleck, while the rest of the prognosticating world predicts Gone Girl in every other category.  Affleck has such a tremendous role here.  Nick has the largest arc, he's in 90% of the film, he has bait on top of bait (plate smash, suffering husband, accused of murder, did he?  didn't he?) and heaped atop that he has the celebrity, charisma and charm to carry a campaign AND the recent director snub/Argo goodwill that will cause Oscar voters to watch his film and in particular WATCH HIM.

From one trailer to another, have you seen the latest Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars?  JA, over at My New Plaid Pants, has the trailer and a gif of Moore being violated by Robert Pattinson.  I don't think this was a successful trailer in that the song choice was too on the nose and the scenes presented almost make the film look like a campy soap opera, but Moore looks kind of marvelous here and she so fucking pretty!

Tell me again why Julianne Moore doesn't have an Oscar...

Speaking of Oscar snubbies, I was watching Love Me Tender the other night, as I attempt to wrap up my 1956 Fisti Awards, and I had this weird realization.  Elvis Presley was NEVER nominated for an Oscar for his musical contribution to film, despite the fact that he was a HUGE star and wrote and performed so many beloved classics over the course of his film career.  I mean, Love Me Tender alone would have been a worthy nominee, but what about Jailhouse Rock?  I gave it the WIN in 1957, but Oscar didn't even give it a nomination.

Am I the only one who finds this kind of odd.  I guess he was the male equivalent to Madonna.

Moving on from one musician to another, I have to close this post with a little ink on the controversy surrounding the MTV Movie Awards, namely Ice Cube's big fat stupid fucking mouth.  Have you seen what he has said about his loss to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel?

"We was robbed," 
"Shame on you MTV."

"We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated, for us not to win was crazy," 
"We were the best onscreen duo, period." 
"They should have gave it to him before he passed away," 

Is this guy for real?  He went on to say that the reason Paul Walker won was because of sympathy votes and then he said that the show was lame and that's why he left halfway through.  He left because he lost and he was pissed.  This is disturbing for two reasons.  First, he's being incredibly disrespectful with regards to a recently deceased actor.  I was not a fan of Paul Walker and I dissed his acting many times before his death, and even when he died I made mention of the fact that the hoopla and outpouring of "we lost a legend" Twitter comments was ridiculous, but come the fuck on Ice Cube, have some class.  But the real disturbing aspect of all this is that he is this pissed off about AN MTV MOVIE AWARD!  It's a tub of plastic popcorn.  What is there to be so mad about?  It's not like he's Robert Downey Jr. and he just lost the Oscar to Heath Ledger.  

I feel bad for Kevin Hart.  I hope he turns this into a great comedy sketch where he makes Ice Cube a punching bag for being an idiot.


  1. I like that poster for Gone Girl. I think if Cloverfield can get away with not advertising their title, so can this one. I'm just annoyed all the copies of this book are checked out of my local library.

    The trailer in the link you used has been removed, by the way. :(

    Ice Cube...come on man! What are you, Eddie Murphy losing to Alan Arkin?

    1. SONOFABITCH! Did you see the trailer? It's incredible.

      Ice Cube is apparently a douche.

  2. I know why Sony didn't want to pay Fincher but that's not a valid reason. If you're going to do a bio-pic on Steve Jobs, get a filmmaker like Fincher who we all know will make a kick-ass film. Plus, I like the trailer for Gone Girl as I found the song choice inspiring.

    I'm a big Cronenberg fan as I hope his new film is really good as I was extremely disappointed by Cosmospolis.

    I wouldn't put Elvis in the same league as Madonna. Elvis was cool and some of his movies were good. Madonna just tries to hard to be respected as an actress/filmmaker only to become so full of herself as she tries to be relevant by singing with Smiley Virus.

    Here's what I have to say about Ice Cube. Remember when he was a hard-ass gangsta rapper rapping for N.W.A.? Remember when he was known as the Gangsta-Gangsta talking about "fuck tha police", straight outta Compton mothafuckas, all of that shit! That's the Ice Cube I know and love.

    Now look at him, he's been in some shitty movies with Kevin Hart or some kids where he looks like an ass. Then he acts like a whiny little bitch over some stupid award from an awards ceremony that has very little relevance in the world of cinema. Call Ice-T, get him to kill his sorry whiny ass.

    1. Yeah, I don't know what happened to Cube. He used to be one of my favorites...then he sold out. That's what happens when you start on the street and end up on Park Avenue.

      I didn't really mean that Elvis and Madonna were in the same league musically or even in their career paths, but just that Madonna, despite contributing so many memorable songs to film, has never been nominated for an Oscar. But I just found out today that Elvis never wrote a single song he sang, despite being listed as the co-writer. It was some unethical clause in his contract that basically allotted him a writing credit for his vocal talents.

      I'm still drooling over that Gone Girl trailer!

  3. For some reason the trailer was removed yesterday but it's now available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esGn-xKFZdU

    Interesting use of the song 'She' but it reminds me so much of Notting Hill and I think it worked better as an opening for that film. In any case I'm curious about this one.

    Bummer about Fincher out of that Jobs biopic tho.

    1. I've never seen Notting Hill, so maybe that's why I don't make the comparison.

  4. Dude. Duuuuuuuude.

    First, I wish I wrote half as many reviews as you do. You're a god-dam sexual tyrannosaur when it comes to churning them out. It's also funny that you state you don't want your blog to become 'review after review' when that is EXACLTY what I intended. I never wanted to write about anything else other than a given movie. When I veer off course, I think shit. Then I think, Oh, yeah. Who gives a f--k?.

    Anyway, enjoyed the post. Ice Cube used to be my motherf--ker, but I'm assuming he lost his f--king mind at some point. I can barely comprehend that he's in family movies, but being pissed at losing an MTV movie award? That's like being upset you didn't get gang-raped in prison.

    1. BAH! If my reviews were half as entertaining as yours, that's all I'd do too.

    2. I kind of dig being a sexual tyrannosaur though ;-)

  5. Gutted about the Jobs movie news, but maybe Fincher can get back to the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

    The Gone Girl trailer is awesome! I could definitely see Affleck getting nominated.

    I don't know what to make of Maps to the Stars, but something needs to get Moore that Oscar.

    re: Elvis. To be fair, he didn't actually write Jailhouse Rock. Love Me Tender was adapted from an old Civil War ballad, but it WAS eligible (and Elvis wrote it). I haven't seen either film yet. :/

    Ice Cube... really? Why even go there?

    1. Yeah, I read that about Elvis the other day. Oh well. Moore looks amazing in that trailer, but the trailer looks...odd.

  6. That Gone Girl poster is not good. Not mysterious and dark enough for the story. Does the script you read includes the changed 3rd act? I'd love to read that.

    The trailer would be great if it wasn't for the version of the song they used. The lyrics of great are an awesome choice for the trailer but the vocals sound like whoever is singing is freaking dying.

    1. It didn't have the changed third act. I can't find that version anywhere, and I think Fincher is smart in keeping it VERY hidden.

      I kind of love the use of that version. It adds that needed dissection between the lyrics and the tone.