Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Fistful of Thoughts...about fallen Princesses, comebacks and cinematic loneliness!

Yup, it's that time again for us to shoot the shit!

So this week has been a bounty of awesome, and I really was debating biding my time a bit and posting this on Friday, in case more surfaced I wanted to talk about, but I couldn't wait.  I have been watching a certain Emma Stone video non-stop for the past two days, so I just had to go ahead and get your thoughts on this.

But first...

So, Grace of Monaco has always felt like My Week With Marilyn to me, except less interesting (if that is possible) and so I was never high on it's chances of being very good or even Oscary.  In fact, last year when everyone had Kidman in their #1 spot for Lead Actress, I had her at a cool #6 at the highest, never bringing her into my top five.  It just never felt right to me, even with Weinstein in its corner.  Then Weinstein started dropping the ball and the movie got pushed back to 2014 and I was pretty sure that it was going nowhere near Oscar, but there was still this small swell of supporters who were confident that Weinstein was just trying to build anticipation and was going to drop it in a year better suited to reap more nominations.


Now, he's debating dropping the film altogether!

Apparently Weinstein and the film's director, Olivier Dahan (who directed Cotillard to an Oscar and Zellweger into obscurity), were fighting over the final cut of the film and when Harvey gets barked at, he throws gloves to the ground and fucks your whole movie over.  Harvey is reportedly unhappy with the film, which doesn't surprise me since Dahan isn't the greatest director (even La Vie en Rose was a mess).

This could be a hoax, but I kind of have a feeling that this movie is going to the Walmart bargain bin by this time next year.

Next, I've been thinking a lot about Haley Joel Osment lately.  I recently saw that he was attached to Kevin Smith's new film Anti-Claus, which is about some sort of Christmas demon, and that caused me to check out his IMDB page only to see that he has quite a few films coming up this year!  This makes me happy.  If any child star deserves a comeback, it's him.  His output in the late 90's/early 00's was exceptional, and his Oscar nomination was well deserved.  Sadly, he got drunk, wrecked a car and disappeared when Hollywood got confused as to what to do with him.  I mean, you follow up two of the most inspired turns in child actor history (The Sixth Sense and A.I.) with The Country Bears and the go straight to voicing video game characters?

Having just seen Joe this morning, I wonder what would have happened to Osment had his star rose a few years later.  Could he have had the career that young Tye Sheridan is about to have?  I mean, Osment was RIDICULOUSLY talented and so he could have done anything he wanted to and then...he just didn't.

Anyways, I'm really fucking happy he's coming back.

Next, I have a personal question.  I thought about this last weekend when I was trying to find something to do to kill the time my wife and I actually had without children.  I checked the schedule at the local art house theater (I say local, and by that I mean an hour away) and they had Dom Hemingway, Joe and Under the Skin all playing!  I got really excited and then realized that I had to spend the day with my wife and knew immediately that I would not be going to the movies, unless it was something like The Other Woman, and god forbid I suggest a double feature.

We wound up at Target, the mall and Starbucks.

The thing is, my wife and I are not the same when it comes to movies.  I could actually sit and watch movies all day.  I would have gladly spent my entire Saturday sitting in the theater, but I knew that my wife would not be interested.  On top of that, she had no desire to see anything as artsy as Under the Skin or as raunchy as Dom Hemingway.  I possibly could have swung Joe, but I didn't even bother.  It's on VOD.  I could watch it alone later.

So here is my question: is there anyone in your life that you can share your love of movies with?

I want to find this person.  Thank god for the internet and this amazing group of cinephile friends I've found, because I don't really have anyone to go to the movies with.  I do have one couple friend that loves movies, but they are very busy and so we usually see them separately and talk about them later.  Outside of that though, I'm alone.  I don't mind it too much.  I've actually grown accustomed to finding solace in the alone time I can spend in the theater while the wife and kids are out and about and work is slow.  Hitch a ride over to the theater up the road and catch an afternoon flick.  But I do admit that it would be nice to vocalize all the thoughts I have on cinema, and no one in this house would pay attention to my rambling.

So, have you seen this lip-sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone?  If not, sit back and enjoy.  If so, watch it again:

This woman is perfect.  I just absolutely love the hell out of her, and I'm so happy that she is about to have the biggest year of her career.  She's got a Woody Allen flick coming out later this year, Spider Man out this weekend and she's looking nice for an Oscar nomination for her buzzed work in Birdman.  She is going to be everywhere this year!

And lastly, I just heard a bit of news that made me really excited.  Apparently, Martin Scorsese is no longer attached to direct The Snowman, but now Tomas Alfredson is.  Now, I mentioned this project back a little over a year ago, after I read the book, and I tried my hand at casting it.  I still stand by my idea of Bruce Willis in the lead (and pretty much every other suggestion I made) but more than that, Alfredson seems like the perfect choice for this story.  I do hope that some tweaking is done on the ending, since it was kind of ridiculous, but other than that, this is a very visual story that would lend itself well to the big screen.  Alfredson has a great style for this type of flick.  I just hope this actually means that The Leopard will come next, because that book was exceptional.

I do question starting with The Snowman.  I understand that it was the first book in the series to take off in popularity, and it is really compelling, but having read a lot of the Harry Hole novels, I have to say that starting at the beginning would be better.  I personally started with The Snowman, and having worked backwards somewhat I have been answering questions in reverse and it is kind of weird.

Any thoughts?


  1. I'm sorry that you can't share your love for film with people you live with but yes thank god for the internet and blogs. I normally tend to watch movies with my sister but her opinion doesn't tend to go beyond "it was good/bad." I'm also really excited to see that Woody Allen movie starring Emma Stone!

    1. Yeah, most of my friends just don't care that much. I've tried having a deeper conversation on film with them and they just stare blankly until I stop talking. I have one friend who had a pretty deep conversation on 'Magnolia' with me about a year ago. I just wish those moments were more readily available.

  2. Emma Stone is killing it though I won't see the new Spider-Man. She is great at lip-syncing but.... she's not Paul Rudd.

    Is there anyone to share my love for the films? No sadly. I don't have any friends.

    Fuck Harvey Weinstein. He's been too controlling about cuts and such as he just cares about accolades.

    1. I kind of think that Paul Rudd is the perfect human being, so I must now YouTube this lip syncing you speak of.

      I now have that Toy Story song stuck in my head...

      "You've got a friend in me!"

      Weinstein is a twat, seriously.

  3. I love Emma Stone...but I wish her Spider-Man run will end soon. She seemed to have disappeared since she signed with the franchise. I can't wait to see her Woody Allen film though! As for sharing my love for the movies, I grew up surrounded with people who love movies, but even that's a bit limited.

    1. I was irritated she signed on for Spidey, only because it was so unnecessary, but this year is going to be huge for her, and at most she's got one more left (unless they kill her off in this one) so I think she's in a good place right now.

  4. Oh my best friend loves movies, we talk about them all the time. But on principal he doesn't watch big blockbusters so I'm gonna be one lonely person at Godzilla screening.

    Grace of Monaco movie looks like a mess. La Mome was like something directed by someone on acid.

    1. LOL, Godzilla is possibly the ONLY film I'll get any of my friends to see with me this year!

      La Mome was a mess. I applaud Cotillard's performance, but that film was horribly uneven and the work of a director with marginal talent.

  5. Totally with you on the solo aspect of this thing. Every time I start, people are like, yeah...that's you watch regular movies? But like you, I don't really mind going alone. I may actually prefer it.

    Emma Stone. Awesome.

    1. LOL, my favorite friend/movie conversation was when I was at a dinner party (do they call them that anymore? I feel like I'm in a 30's screwball comedy right now) and I was having a movie conversation with two of my buddies and one of them says to me "what's your favorite genre?" and I said "does French count?" and he says "why the fuck would you read a movie?" and I knew then and there that we'd never talk about movies again.

  6. Lots of folks in my "inner circle" are movie lovers. They're just all big blockbuster/goofball comedy lovers, wife included. She is also a lover of Tyler Perry, which is why I've seen every one of his crappy movies. Ugh. I do have my sister-in-law and my nieces to chat horror with, but no psychological stuff, just the slice-and-dice kind. Anything artsy, foreign, and/or obscure (as compared to the major studio releases), I only have my fellow bloggers. Maybe I'm just used to it now, but I'm cool with it.

    1. BAH, I thank God every day that my wife hates Tyler Perry, because her taste in movies is already grating on my intellect as a cinephile. Her favorite movies are The Terminal and Out of Africa, although I did drag her a few years ago to our independent theater (the one I mentioned in the post) to see Ondine and she LOVED it, so since then we've traveled out that way for a few flicks (most recently Blue Jasmine and Enough Said) but I have to be selective. If they are too gritty or artsy she'll hate them and it'll kill my chances to return with her, so I have to pick more commercially crafted films.

  7. "who directed Cotillard to an Oscar and Zellweger into obscurity" - LOL. What happened to Renee Zellweger? It's like she evaporated or something.

    My husband loves movies, not quite as much as I do, but he'll usually see most of the things I want to. I have one friend that has the exact same taste in movies I do, but since I moved to a different city we don't get to see films together anymore. Mostly, I end up going by myself, and talking about them with people online, which I don't mind at all. I kind of prefer it, actually.

    1. She won an Oscar for a universally loathed performance and was so ashamed she changed her appearance and tried to disappear.

      I do admit, and I'm kind of happy to see everyone pretty much agree, that going to the movies alone is not a bad thing. I went to see Noah at midnight by myself and my brother told me I was weird. Why? I can really soak it in by myself.

  8. Haha, I kinda feel like I've already seen Grace of Monaco at this point. I guess it will be Kidman's Diana.

    I really hope Osment's career gets back on track. He was phenomenal in The Sixth Sense and A.I., and it's great to see him back.

    My aunt loves movies and follows the Oscar race, but she's not as avid as I am. She'll watch Lifetime movies and the latest rom-coms, though she also watches art-house films and most award bait movies. Obviously, we're not in total sync, but I talk movies with her a few times a week.

    That Emma Stone vid was brilliant! I hope she finally gets a CinSpec nod this year. :)

    I'm not that invested in The Snowman at the moment, but Alfredson sounds like a great choice. I'll keep an eye out for it.

  9. BAH, Grace is going to be such a mess.

    I'm with you, obviously, on Osment. I'm excited for this new chapter in his career.

    It's nice to have someone to bounce movie views off on!

    UGH, I'm falling madly in love with Stone...MADLY!

    I wouldn't give two fucks about The Snowman if I hadn't read the book, to be honest :-P