Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Fistful of Links...

I know that it's not Friday, but I have something else planned for tomorrow (God is in the Movies!) and so I'll be linking more posts for that, and I didn't want to go overboard in a singular day with link after link after link, and then again, I just started my 'Fistful of Links' last week and didn't want to skip a week already,'s here a day early.

But, since when is that a bad thing?

Following a similar format:

Posts That Made Me...

I hate that Bruce Willis is an afterthought for so many when it comes to Pulp Fiction.  His segments in the film are probably my favorite, and he really deserved an Oscar nomination!  Thankfully, The Film Experience chose to highlight him this week.

I love anything relating to Vertigo, and Rambling Film chose it for her Blind Spot this month!  I know she'll get a link elsewhere at the end of the month for this, but I love how honest Britt is with her Blind Spot reviews.  Who cares what the rest of the world thinks...SPEAK YOUR TRUTH GIRL!

jdbrecords is always so kind as to highlight the work of others, and this week is no exception.  He has the most eclectic taste in music and art, and it shows in this post regarding the work of Jeremy Olson.

Surrender to the Void pens a beautiful (and accurate) review of the 2004 Best Picture winner.  Finally, someone else who loves this as much as I do!  WHY is this film so berated?

Film Actually reviews a film I haven't seen but think I aught to!

I know that this post is technically from last week, but I really wanted to highlight a Kickstarter campaign for a special cause.  Please check out the work The Matinee's wife is doing.

The two Andersons (the ones that matter) are up for debate over at Keith & the Movies!  Love this post and love this discussion!

Another Oscar Oddity from The Cinematic Spectacle!  

Who doesn't love a great dual role?  I mean, when an actor you know and love can tackle TWO characters in a single film and make it work, it's heaven!  And So It Begins breaks down his top ten.  Do you agree?

I don't have the highest esteem for Denzel Washington.  It's not that I don't think he's talented, but I do find him severely overrated.  That being said, he exudes such charisma and I often forget that.  Serious Film reminded me of that this week.

Speaking of someone I'm not as keen on as the rest of the world, I also find Jessica Chastain incredibly overrated, but My New Plaid Pants gushes a little over her, and over a performance that I particularly found bland.  Should I give it another watch?

I've written my thoughts on The Broken Circle Breakdown (I didn't really care for it), but Defiant Success really did, so take a gander at their post regarding the deeply emotional and controversial movie.


  1. Hey Andrew, thanks so much for the link. Love hearing that the list made you think!

    1. It was a great list! I love when bloggers break down different aspects or start different conversations on film. We need more of that.

  2. Aw, thank you for linking me! Hopefully my honesty doesn't come back to bite me in the ass with next month's Blind Spot..I was not a fan of the one I chose. :S

    1. I honestly love it when someone dares to debate the worth of a classic. I've done it MANY times. I was rather scathing on The African Queen (and especially Bogart's ridiculous performance) and was berated on Amazon for my review. Tell it like it is!

  3. I love Million Dollar Baby. Such a wonderful film, fully worthy of each of its wins.

    I find Chastain insanely overrated in ZD30, as the movie itself. That scene she was yelling was ridiculous. I only made it through this film because of Gandolfini and Stephen Dillane. And as always the lovely Jennifer Ehle.

    1. I really liked the film, despite my feelings on Chastain's performance. Ehle was wonderful, and it was my first real introduction to her (Contagion was the first, actually) and so I was happy to see her shine. Can't wait to see more from her.

  4. Thanks for the link-love. Anyone who thinks Million Dollar Baby is crap should get shot in the face by Clint or be knocked out by Hilary Swank.

    1. It really is VERY uncalled for hate! I'll never really understand it. I mean, it's not like the rest of the lineup was better. The Aviator? Finding Neverland? Ray? Sideways was very good, but Million Dollar Baby was still much better.