Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Watch List: Second Third

Well, it's about time to post my next batch of anticipated films for the next four months.  I posted one back in January for the first third of the year, and in like manner, I'm going to post thirteen films (a Baker's Dozen) coming out in the next four months that I'm most excited for.  This doesn't mean that I'm going to see them all, but I'll make my best effort to.  Out of the thirteen films I wanted to see most from the first batch, I only saw five of them, despite having seen nine films (Nymphomaniac counts as two films, and I have yet to review In Your Eyes).  Still, I'm going to try really hard to see all of these (and catch up on the ones I missed from the first third).

This was much harder to narrow down, as there are a lot of films coming out of festival talk and big blockbusters and early Oscar fare and so narrowing this down was a real pain in the ass.  As it is, I left off films that I do plan on seeing regardless, and some that I may even see more easily (or readily) than some that made my list, but this is a list of the ones I'm most excited over, not necessarily the ones I'll see first.

Here we go!

#13 ~ Guardians of the Galaxy
I'm kind of over the influx of superhero movies, and this year is going to bring us a thousand of them yet again, but they all kind of look good?  I debated putting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 here, because despite thinking that the first one was unnecessary in every way, the recent trailer looked rather amazing, but the concept here seems so original and unlike any of the others coming out that I had to give my wild card slot to this summer movie! 

#12 ~ Godzilla
I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I saw the 1998 debacle in the theater four times, but I was like fourteen and it was everything my fourteen year old self was in love with.  This actually looks really impressive and like one of those movies that HAS to be seen in the theater.  It also has an amazing cast (for this kind of movie especially) and the marketing team really should get paid double for making this look like the greatest monster movie ever made.

#11 ~ Chef
I'm a foodie, I absolutely love Scarlett Johansson and I have this weird man-crush (or is it just a crush) on Jon Favreau so I'm all in for this one.  Early ink is favorable and the trailer makes this look like a lot of fun.

#10 ~ The Congress
I know absolutely NOTHING about this movie and yet the reviews for it last year were very favorable and some friends of mine who have seen it have raved it (and Wright's performance), so I'm intrigued.  The mixed media angle makes me even more intrigued, since they can be astonishing when done right. 

#09 ~ How to Train Your Dragon 2
I really liked the first one (although it was a tad overrated in my opinion) and this one looks even edgier, darker even.  My daughter really wants to see it, so I'll be there, but this is also one of those animated films that looks like it could be great for the adults too! 

#08 ~ Calvary
Somber drama with religious and morality conundrums offering a raved performance by an actor I adore and wish would get more quality roles and recognition?  HELL FUCKING YES!  I'm there. 

#07 ~ Filth
It feels like this was supposed to come out like four years ago, since we've been talking about it forever, but this looks incredible, and I love McAvoy (or at least think he is worth more than he's been relegated to) so this looks like a trashy yet provocative way for him to get back in the game. 

#06 ~ Snowpiercer
This is another film I really know nothing about except for the fact that it's kind of beloved by anyone who has seen it and has one of those casts that makes you go "what the fuck" and "fuck yes" at the very same time. 

#05 ~ Begin Again
I loved Once so much!  Everything about this film, from the cast to the storyline to the director to the trailer to the reviews have me really, really excited! 

#04 ~ A Most Wanted Man
Like Enough Said last year, a big reason that this film has jumped so high in my 'Must See' list is because of the premature passing of its star; in this case Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Early word is that he is very good in this, and the trailer left me wanting more, more, more!  The source is an obvious vote of confidence as well.

#03 ~ Lucy
She goes from sexy alien luring men to their deaths to sexy drug mule turned superhero avenging her condition, all within a few months!  Scarlett Johansson is coming back with a vengeance, and I for one am so freaking excited about it! 

#02 ~ Neighbors
Trashy fun?  Probably.  Hilarious as fuck?  It looks it! 

#01 ~ Boyhood
I'll admit, the trailer looked a little generic, but it really is the idea behind the filming that has me the most intrigued.  I had no idea that this was actually filmed over the course of 12 years using the same actor so that the lead, Ellar Coltrane, actually grows up during the course of the film.  The fact that he filmed this from age 7-18 is just astonishing and this is probably my most anticipated performance of the year for that reason alone.


  1. I've never heard of Boyhood, but damn, that sounds fascinating now. I'm excited for a lot of the same films you are. I never thought I'd say that about a Godzilla remake either.

    1. When Godzilla was announced, despite Binoche attached, I was determined to pass. The trailers and stills have changed all that.

  2. The films I want to see for the summer are: Boyhood, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Chef, Snowpiercer, and Guardians of the Galaxy despite the fact that the film features BOO-tista!

    1. I'm really shocked that Lucy isn't high on your watch list, considering the ScarJo factor!

    2. It looks cool but... it's just that I've been constantly disappointed by Luc Besson's recent output as I don't think this new film will change anything despite the fact that it looks cool.

    3. Besson isn't the most consistent, but this is certainly in his wheelhouse and that means he'll at least be comfortable, which could lead to a pretty cool flick.

  3. I've seen Filth(already out on dvd in Europe) the trailer pretty much had all the best scenes, McAvoy is great though.
    I'm not sure about Lucy, it looks like a rehash of Limitless, I think I'll go with Under The Skin instead.
    Boyhood I want to see, I hope Linklater and the cast deliver. The Double and Locke I hope to see sooner or later.

    1. Limitless was actually decent, in my opinion, and mix that with Nikita and you have my attention. Besson may not be a genius, but he's really, really good at what he does.

      The Double and Locke are really high on my list too. Narrowing this down was really hard.

  4. I'm all about these! Especially Boyhood, Begin Again (Once is my #2 film of 2007) and Calvary. I keep forgetting about The Congress, but I'm highly anticipating it as well. And Filth is on iTunes, so I'll watch it soon. :)

    1. I just bought Filth on I should be watching it tomorrow hopefully.