Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One final look at Oscar Night (link time, bitches)...

I apologize for the banner being really fucking small.  I wanted it to fit but I also didn't want to condense the moments I chose to highlight.  You can always enlarge it, if you so choose.

Anyways, if you haven't seen my personal recap of Oscar night, here it is (yes, that is called shameless self-promotion), but this post really isn't about me (or is it?).  Instead of blabbering about Oscar highlights I forgot to mention (some of which are showcased in my banner) I decided to hand the reigns over to some fellow bloggers who made me smile, laugh and cheer with their hilarious post-Oscar reaction posts.

So, let the linkage commence!

  • Brittani mourns The Hunt's Oscar loss and debates changing her Oscar banner to Brad Pitt stuffing his face.
  • A lot has been said about Adele Dazeem, but my favorite dedication post comes from The Awards Nazi.
  • There is so much greatness (and Spike Jonze love) to be seen in Nikhat's post; bullet-point by bullet-point!
  • Elina gifs up her post with some great speeches and moments and pizza and poor, poor Leo...
  • As per always, Ruth gives a pretty awesome rundown of the whole shebang, and offers us her faves and least faves of the night.
  • I love that MrJeffrey chose to highlight the wonderful graphic designs from Sunday's show.
  • Possibly the most entertaining blogger in the entire blogosphere, Sati, has compiled a hodgepodge of gifs, bullet-points, snarky observations and personal feelings to pretty much ensure that her post-Oscar post is the best one out there!
  • Well, it would be the best one out there if Nate over at The Film Experience hadn't done this.

And that is that!  Until next year, bitches!!!


  1. Hey thanks for the link love, Andrew, you rock! Btw, do you what day it is? Well I personally invite you to Five for the Fifth :D

    – ruth

    1. I was waiting for your post! I'm hopping over right now!

  2. Thanks for the link and kind words! I'm sure most of JLaw fans are looking for my address right now, though.

    1. Bahaha! The consequences of messing with America's new sweetheart ;-)

  3. Nice banner and batch of links man! I'm kinda glad Oscar season is over for now, but I can't wait to see how my first predictions for next year turn out.

    1. Trying to compile the perfect April prediction is messing with my head right now!