Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fincher's bid for Oscar?

He's awesome...

I'm not going to hide that fact that I'd probably give my left nut to get David Fincher an Oscar.  I already have three kids, I don't need anymore, and it's not like I need both of them.  His Oscar loss in 2010 to that troll, Tom Hooper, is probably the most disgusting thing to happen at the Oscar ceremony ever.  Yes, it's worse than Brokeback Mountain getting the shaft for something as offensive as Crash.  Since his loss, I've been holding my breath until he came to plate for something that would put him in the spectrum of Oscar without selling him out completely.  I don't want him to win for directing some shitty melodrama simply because Oscar would bite.  I want him to win for being David fucking Fincher.  They snubbed him for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which makes sense in retrospect.  I've read the script for Gone Girl and I highly doubt he gets in for that, and while I think the concept of him directing something as epic as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea sounds baity as fuck, is it really going to happen?

For as obsessed with Fincher as I am, I've completely let a certain project slip under my radar.  It came to light last month that Fincher was in talks to direct Sorkin's script for a Steve Jobs biopic.  Now, I don't know about you, but I outright refused to watch that Ashton Kutcher biopic because it looked like an SNL skit gone terribly wrong.  Still, the idea of a Jobs biopic written by Sorkin (honestly, anything written by Sorkin) sounded really intriguing.  Throw in Fincher, who has already captured lightning in a bottle thanks to a Sorkin script, and you have my undivided attention.

Now, it appears that Fincher wants Bale for the lead.  I'm all for this.  Bale is an excellent choice, and with the way his career is finally exploding, this could be Bale's ticket to that Lead Oscar win.

But one thing that I read, more than any other, that has me excited about this film is the way in which Sorkin penned it.  The idea of the film consisting of three thirty minute scenes, filmed in real time, centering on three important product launches sounds so fucking cool.  Typical biopics are so tired, but this already feels fresh and is ripe for some serious character development and ACTING, and we all love that (and Bale knows how to CHEW, in a good way).  I'm really interested to see how Fincher tackles this.  

This could be my most anticipated of 2015!


  1. WHOA! I can just see this in the poster: Sorkin. Fincher. Bale. That's it man, I'm sold!! I like Sorkin's concept on the script, and w/ Fincher directing and Bale's intensity, this is definitely gonna be the one to look forward to in 2015. Hopefully Bale will agree to do this.

    – ruth

    1. Oscars for everyone!!!

      This really does sound like The.Dream.Team!

  2. Christian Bale as Steve Jobs... SOLD!!!! He'll show that kettlehead exactly... how... it's... done...

    1. Yeah, I really hope this works. He'd be perfect!