Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Because God is understanding...and I'm quite busy at the moment!

If you didn't see this, here is a reminder about my blogathon inspired by the rebirth of the Biblical Epic.  My original deadline for this was March 30th, because I was going to be posting my post as well as links to everyone else's on Monday, the 31st, but due to some scheduling issues on my end and the end of some who want to participate, I'm extending the deadline.  Josh, over at The Cinematic Spectacle has already posted his entry, and I love it!  Ryan over at The Matinee has also recently reviewed Jesus of Montreal for his personal Blind Spot series and has graciously submitted it to this blogathon as well.  

But I want more!

So, the new due date for these is Thursday, April 17th.  Feel free to post your posts anytime between now and then and just send me a link to it and I will hold onto it until Friday, April 18th, when I post my post and link every one of the participants (including the two I linked here).

Please click the link above for full set of rules.  I'll be tweeting reminders to everyone as the date approaches.  I hope all can participate.  Remember, this isn't a blogathon about religion.  This is a blogathon about film, and film broaches God in many different (and subjective) ways, so I encourage all of your viewpoints and posts so as to make this a well-rounded collection of thoughts!


  1. Thanks for extending the deadline. I'd like to participate but have not decided on a topic or film yet.

    1. You're very welcome. I can't wait to see what you settle on.

  2. Thanks for the link man! Glad you loved my entry! :)

  3. Thank youuu! I'm very busy, but interested in participating, so now I'll definitely write something up. :P

  4. I'm so glad to hear that! Be sure to comment either here or on the main post with a link to your entry when you have it up.

  5. What a wonderful idea for a blogathon. I just saw it today! I wish I could have joined. Next time!