Monday, March 3, 2014

And the Oscar goes to...

I debated live blogging this...and then I opted to just lay on the couch and watch it with my daughter.  It is the first year since I've been actively watching the Oscars (since 2001) that I had someone to watch with me BECAUSE they were actively rooting for a film to win.  We were Team Gravity and Team Frozen and we both ended the night very happy with our team performances.  There are so many things I had to say last night that I've completely forgotten about this morning.  Cate Blanchett was, once again, the best dressed of the night.  She also gave the best speech.  Matthew McConaughey gave his best speech, but it was way too rehearsed and kind of annoying.  The fact that he has an Oscar is also very annoying, but bad actors win Oscar all the time.  Lupita Nyong'o is easily one of the most BEAUTIFUL women on the planet.  She's just fucking stunning!  

Cuaron's Oscar win may be my favorite win in the history of Oscar.  

I'm not joking.  


Oh, and HE HAS TWO!!!

John Travolta butchering Idina Menzel's name was atrocious, embarrassing and ridiculous.  I hate that guy.  I mean, you have ONE thing to do on Oscar night and you can't do that right?  Were you surprised that she was singing that song?  Why didn't you practice her name at home?  I mean, you are an idiot.  I blame him for her butchering that last note.  She was nervous.  She just found out that someone else was supposed to be singing that song and she lost her concentration.  John Travolta ruins everything.

Also, the fact that I literally cried when Frozen won just reaffirmed why I love it so much (UGH, when 'Let it Go' won and they dedicated it to their daughters I wept uncontrollably) and further cemented the film in my top five of the year.

I also did decent but not wonderful with my predictions.  I'm thoroughly shocked that American Hustle won NOTHING last night.  I got 17 correct, with 6 alternates and one complete bomb.  The first year that I actually watch the Live Actions Shorts and that's the only category I got completely wrong! 

Oh, and Ellen DeGeneres was brilliant last night.  She should honestly host every year.  That was how the ceremony should go.  She was brisk, to the point and hilarious.  There weren't elongated numbers that took away from the show, but instead she kept us in the moment, and her interaction with the nominees was the greatest thing I've ever seen at the Oscars.  Her selfie, the pizza (my GOD, Brad Pitt passing out paper plates was the funniest thing EVER!) and her pitch perfect timing all made for one of the best Oscar ceremonies ever.

I love her.

So last night was fun.  Next year could be awesome too!  

Oh, probably want a list of winners (like you don't already know):

Best Picture:  12 Years a Slave
Director:  Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)
Adapted Screenplay:  12 Years a Slave
Original Screenplay:  Her
Lead Actor:  Dallas Buyers Club (Matthew McConaughey)
Lead Actress:  Blue Jasmine (Cate Blanchett)
Supporting Actress:  12 Years a Slave (Lupita Nyong'o)
Supporting Actor:  Dallas Buyers Club (Jared Leto)
Film Editing:  Gravity
Costume Design:  The Great Gatsby
Cinematography:  Gravity
Art Direction:  The Great Gatsby
Visual Effects:  Gravity
Makeup:  Dallas Buyers Club
Sound Editing:  Gravity
Sound Mixing:  Gravity
Score:  Gravity
Song:  Frozen (Let it Go)
Documentary:  20 Feet from Stardom
Foreign Film:  The Great Beauty
Animated Film:  Frozen
Live Action Short:  Helium
Documentary Short:  The Lady in Number 6
Animated Short:  Mr. Hublot

Quick recap gives Gravity 7 Oscar wins, the biggest haul of the night (by a VERY large margin).  Both Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave took home 3 a piece.  Frozen and The Great Gatsby each have 2 Oscars to their names.  The rest of the wealth was spread thin.  

Now...why did Gravity lose Best Picture if it was the best directed, editing, visual and aural film of the year?

Oh yeah...

"Possibility number one: '12 Years a Slavewins best picture. Possibility number twoYou're all racists."


  1. You should really get on Twitter, man. Even though Ellen broke it last night for a bit, Oscar live tweeting is the best!

    I thought Ellen was on fire. Dick jokes, yelling at June Squib, pizza. She nailed it.

    The only thing Travolta had going for him last night was the fact that his hair didn't look painted on for once. His intro was far more cringe worthy then Idina blowing that high note. (Although that was pretty awful. I felt bad for her)

    I love that pic of Cuaron. He looks like he's playing with two airplanes.

    1. Ellen! What can I say other than BRING HER BACK!!!

  2. Ellen was awesome. Next year, have her host and get someone famous to do the cooking for pizza and other things. I liked the event as I thought it was pretty good.

    I feel sorry for Idina... I blame Travolta. I think he either put his wig on too tight or he had too many botox injections. Kim Novak and Liza Minnelli looked better than he did. Fuck that aging queen.

    1. Like I said, Travolta ruins everything ;-)

  3. i need to check your blog more often. i love it! thanks for the commentary :)

    1. Thanks! I hope you do. The more the merrier!

  4. Ellen was WAY better this time, and I liked her first hosting gig.

    The Travolta flub was awful. Couldn't he be bothered to learn her name?! Frankly, he should've known it from the start. :/

    I'm thrilled that Cuaron won those Oscars, and Frozen's wins were awesome. Gatsby's wins were deserved too. In another year, 12 Years would've made my top 10, so I didn't have a problem with it winning. But I really thought Gravity could pull it off! :(

    I thought you did better than me, but I forgot that you went with Hustle in two categories. Still, I can't believe that Her actually won. That was brilliant!

    1. Next year I'm refusing to predict any surprises and just going with straight statistics. If I had done that then I would have predicted Her in Screenplay, Gatsby in Production Design, 12 in Picture and Lupita in Supporting. Instead, I fucked all that up by trying to predict swells of support for certain films.