Friday, February 28, 2014

Using the Spirits to predict the Oscars...

"But...I wasn't nominated for the Oscar..."
As each Awards Season comes to life and then dies at the podium, it becomes increasingly clearer that these various awards bodies are less concerned with voicing their own opinion and more concerned with predicting the Oscars.  They all want to say that they called it first, even if countless cinephiles discredit them and even resent them for falling in line to 'call' a bunch of bullshit.  I remember back in the 90's when not ONE of the nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards was actually Oscar nominated.  I miss the variety.  In recent years that cutoff point of funds gets pushed further and further back to allow supposed Independent films financed by big companies with a shot at Oscars a chance to rack  up nominations in a place they have no business being.

So, with the Spirits happening on Saturday night, are we going to see a bunch of Oscar nominees take home more trophies, or are REAL Independent Films going to be rewarded?

Will Blanchett, McConaughey, Nyong'o and Leto attempt to propel themselves to Oscar glory a night early, or will actors like Brie Larson, Oscar Isaac, Melonie Diaz and James Gandolfini get their due?  I'd weep for a Gandolfini win here (PLEASE) but I'm almost positive that the four Oscar hopefuls (I don't think Nyong'o is winning the Oscar, but I'm pretty positive she's winning this) will just pick up more awards for their mantels.  

It's kind of telling that 11 categories that repeat with Oscar, the Spirits match with them 23 times!

It's a two-edged sword, because on the one hand it looks as if Oscar is finally embracing smaller films, but when you look closer it really feels like the Spirits are embracing larger films; and that's just not what these were meant to be.  I don't want to watch the Oscars ten times in a single Awards Season.  I want to watch the BAFTAS!  I want to see British Film embraced, not Hollywood films skirting a thin line to parade as British in order to win yet another award.  I want to watch the SPIRITS!  I want to see small films no one has heard about get embraced and receive their due, not watch a bunch of Hollywood films shave a few dollars from their budget in order to barely qualify for awards they don't need.

Yes, I'll be watching...but it'll only feel gratifying if Brie Larson beats out Cate Blanchett.


  1. I'm with you 100%. I want the award shows to be varied. It's often exhausting to see one performance win everything.

    1. We have the Fistis for variety!!!

      And the CineSpecs!

    2. Haha, we really do have variety. We often have a few of the same nominees, but we rarely have many of the same winners. I love it! :D