Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From my lips to God's ears: my plea for an inspired casting call...

Biopics will never go out of style, and exploring the lives of Hollywood royalty will always be a draw for the public and filmmakers today.  He invite these people into our homes, and yet do we really know them?  Finding out that their lives were not as peachy as they appeared onscreen can bring us layers to these people we didn't know existed.  So now we have word that one of Hollywood's most famed couples (on and off screen) is being captured in a biopic and I for one am...skeptical.  The film is set to cover a twenty-five year time span, covering when Tracy and Hepburn met on the set of 'Woman of the Year' up until his death in 1967, 17 days after wrapping their final film together, 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'.  Their relationship, both private and public, is interesting in itself, but the real draw here is the private life of Spencer Tracy, who was well known to be a drunken philanderer.  Not only that, but he is honestly one of the greatest actors of all time (if I had to throw together a top ten actors list, he'd be on it) and so I'd be really anxious to see his story told.

The question remains; who should play him?

So, after giving this a lot of thought, I settled on an Irish born actor who has the talent to pull this off yet will probably be passed over completely; Brendan Gleeson.  He's a doughy Irishman and could really pull this off (besides, his career deserves it) and yet I wonder if he'd be considered too old for the earlier segments (and yet, that is what makeup is for).  I'd love for this to happen!  That being said, the screenwriting credits go to some guy who worked on CSI, so maybe I don't want Gleeson to take this on.

I wonder if Blanchett would reprise her role as Hepburn, or if she'll pass.  I'm pretty sure she'd pass, but if the script is actually good and they can secure a decent director (a lot of the fate of the film would lie there) I'd love for her to snag the role, since I'm in the camp in favor of her 'Aviator' performance (even if I personally wouldn't have nominated her).

What are your thoughts on this project?  Are you for it, or against it?  What about casting?  Do you think Gleeson could pull this off?  You think he'll get a shot?  Who would you suggest?


  1. I'll go with Gleeson and Blanchett too, but I have a feeling we'll see two other actors in those roles. I've no idea who though.

  2. I'm uneasy about this because I have a B.A. and a Masters in Kate Hepburn idolatry, so this is going to be rough for me to see. I adored Cate as Kate, but even though I like Spencer significantly less he's even more difficult to embody and I'm always worried about how this story is going to be pitched (especially since I've been planning my Kate bio since I was 12).

    Ideally, there'd be no movie but you just know Kate wouldn't want to be the subject of one but if there must be I feel a film on Kate and Spencer just happening to be in it a significant but supporting character would be better. Her relationship with him is truly one of the least interesting things about her.

    1. I love your Hepburn worship!

      I'd almost rather them make a film on Spencer, since his personal life is ripe for a biopic (two time Oscar winning pudgy drunken Irish philanderer with star charisma and charm) but I have a feeling this premise will play out like 'My Week with Marilyn', which is not a good thing.