Sunday, January 5, 2014

National Society of Film Critics

Best Picture
Inside Llewyn Davis

Joel & Ethan Coen / Inside Llewyn Davis

Foreign Film
Blue is the Warmest Color

TIE: The Act of Killing & At Berkeley

Before Midnight

Inside Llewyn Davis

Oscar Isaac / Inside Llewyn Davis

Cate Blanchett / Blue Jasmine

Supporting Actress
Jennifer Lawrence / American Hustle

Supporting Actor
James Franco / Spring Breakers

REACTION:  Does this mean 'Inside Llewyn Davis' isn't dead?  I love all these mentions for Franco (I called it) even though he has no chance for an Oscar nod.  This was a great day (yesterday) for The Coen Brothers, but I'm still shaky on their Oscar chances.  I was worried from the beginning because of the studio being so small, but the critics won me over.  The guilds have been less inviting, and they are really what matters when it comes to Oscar chances, so I'm thinking that it could wind up on the outside looking in.


  1. I think Llewyn is virtually dead, but it theoretically could get enough #1 votes to get in. :/

    1. I actually tend to agree, but this is the Coen brothers and there is passion, in small pockets, for this movie so I really think it's still snagging a BP nomination, even if it winds up snubbed everywhere else except Cinematography. A Coen film in BP without a Screenplay nom seems weird though.