Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Watch List: First Third

So trying to come up with a Top Ten most anticipated films of 2014 is hard.  I see them floating around the web and I really wanted to participate, but there are so many I want to see and so many uncertainties that it became more of a hassle to actually condense my list than to just expand it.  So, I'm expanding it.  I've decided to focus on the year in thirds (Jan-April, May-August, Sept.-Dec.) and so I'm going to post my Baker's Dozen (because I couldn't even cut it to ten) for the first third below.  These are the 13 films that I want to try and see in the theater.  It won't happen.  I'll see maybe three of them in the theater, but a boy can dream.

#13 ~ The Monuments Men
I'll be the first to admit that this looks rather bland, and the push back from 2013 to 2014 sparks the idea that this probably IS really bland, but it's early in the year and the prestige factor is still enticing...and I would like to be able to write a scathing review of something associated with George Clooney so...I'll see it. 

#12 ~ Dom Hemingway
I don't know much about this one, but I've been in love with Jude Law since 1999, and I'm all for his return to the screen.  He needs to be in more movies, and early word is that he is hilarious in this movie. 

#11 ~ Mr. Peabody & Sherman
I have three kids, and so I have to see a ton of kids shit every year.  That being said, this one actually looks really funny and so I'll be more than happy to see this opening night, which I'm sure I will. 

#10 ~ Noah
Had that double whammy of the trailer and the poster not been so awful, this would probably be my #1 right now, but I'm pretty much preparing myself for a disaster at this point.  The visuals do look impressive though, and we all know that my love for Crowe knows no bounds, so I'll be seeing this for sure...but I'm scared. 

#09 ~ Muppets Most Wanted
I really liked the 2011 film, so I'm excited for this.  It looks crazy and chaotic and scattered and possibly not as good as the first, and yet all of those reasons could actually make this a ton of fun.  The cast is also TO DIE FOR, so I'm in! 

#08 ~ Like Father, Like Son
You all know how much I love a good Foreign Indie, and this one looks like a real tear jerker.  It already wracked up some wins last year in its homeland, and this plot seems right up my ally, so I'll be 'hoping' to catch it when it arrives here (in limited release). 

#07 ~ Transcendence
Cinematographer turned Director Wally Pfister has quite the following, and this cast is inspired (even if I could really give or take all of them) so I'll be anxious to see how Pfister stacks up against his obvious inspiration, Christopher Nolan.  The premise sounds REALLY promising. 

#06 ~ St. Vincent De Van Nuys
Murray + Watts + that fat chick from 'Bridesmaids' = something that looks really promising.  I have this pegged as the biggest Oscar potential vehicle of the first third of the year, and so I'm anxious to see how Murray in particular handles the plot points.  This could be really, really good. 

#05 ~ Enemy
Gyllenhaal needs to continue to rebuild his career, and he's been doing a decent job since 'End of Watch'.  This looks really, really good (and he's re-teaming with his 'Prisoners' director) and early ink is very promising, so I'll be anxious to check this out if it comes near me.

#04 ~ Winter's Tale
The trailer looks a little too...'adapted', and the director sparks NO confidence, but this was the best book I read last year and quite frankly one of the best I've ever read, and the cast is exquisite, so I'm really excited to dig in.  Besides, this could be the perfect Valentine's Day movie! 

#3 ~ The LEGO Movie
"Everything is awesome!" and this movie certainly looks it!  I think the six-year old in me just shit his pants.

#02 ~ The Grand Budapest Hotel
I've always liked Anderson, but I absolutely LOVED 'Moonrise Kingdom' and so my fandom is in the beginning obsessive stages really, and this trailer looks delicious.  Not only is it visually appealing, but the cast (and Fiennes in particular) looks ravishing! 

#01 ~ Under the Skin
Delayed from 2013, this Venice splash has me so anxious I can't contain myself.  Scarlett Johansson has risen so high this year thanks to remarkable reviews for her performances in 'Her' and 'Don Jon', but 'Under the Skin' earned her her first raves of the year, and yet I have to wait until April to see it!!!


  1. Is that an official UtS poster? It's pretty cool. Looking forward to the movie, it probably won't be half as good as the novel but I bet Scarlett is great in it.

    1. I actually think I read somewhere that it was fan made.

      I hear that the movie is pretty amazing. It got wonderful ink out of Venice, and friends I know that saw it at Cannes say that it is a masterpiece. Very visual and avant-garde and Scarlett is said to be pretty impressive. She was in talks for the Vulpi Cup this past year, so that says a lot for her performance.

  2. Nice list man. Enemy made my longlist. Loving the latest direction of Gyllenhaal's career.

    Haha, The LEGO Movie looks kinda brilliant.

    I totally blanked on St. Vincent De Van Nuys and Like Father, Like Son, but they look very promising. Can't wait!

    1. This first third looks remarkably strong. If the rest of the year is as promising, we could be looking at yet another amazing year at the movies!