Sunday, December 1, 2013

R.I.P. Paul Walker

I honestly never thought I'd be writing a post on Paul Walker, but last night he...died?  This is so bizarre.  This year is taking so many actors from us, and the fact that he was so young (and the terrible irony of his death being the result of a car accident) makes this especially tragic.  Now, I'm no fan of his work (I actually had a conversation a few months ago where I labeled him the worst actor working today, and I meant it) but he was a young man (I can't believe he was 40) and had a young daughter, and even if he were old and had no children, death is always a tragedy.  I cringed at a few of the Facebook status updates last night, as the countless teenagers I follow labeled him their favorite actor ever or their childhood hero (one of my acquaintances actually said "Hollywood is mourning the loss of a legend") but hyperbole follows tragedy, I guess.  My heart goes out to his daughter and his friends.

This is just awful...

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  1. I'm still shocked. He was a low-key presence in the industry, but I really enjoyed him in the Fast and Furious movies. And I quite liked his performance in Noel. He seemed like such a nice guy. It's tragic, to say the least.