Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NYFCC Winners

The shit has officially kicked off, and today the NYFCC announces (in piece mail) their winners.  The winners are in and it's been a really long day so I'll just let you have at it.


Initial Thoughts:  So fucking deserved!  Granted, I've only seen four documentaries so far this year, but this one is just so damn good and one of the best FILMS I've seen this year, period.  I'm so happy for Polley.  What a marvelous win!

Initial Thoughts:  I'm all for this.  It's not like there were a lot of alternatives, but I love this film and consider it a VERY worthy winner.  Anything that pushes it to an Oscar nomination is alright in my book!

Initial Thoughts:  This movie is doing far better than I thought it was going to!  I really expected 'small studio = poor showing' but it's been picking up notices everywhere.  I'm anticipating the film, so I hope it's as good as these critics notices are leading me to believe it is.

Initial Thoughts:  I didn't see this coming at all, but I wish that I had.  When that trailer dropped all those months ago, I was sure this was going to slay with Oscars (and awards alike).  It looked so flashy and fun and yet no word kills buzz and I pretty much forgot about this.  This actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Initial Thoughts:  I'm kind of shocked with this, since the film only had an LA release.  I thought for sure that 'Frozen' would appeal to the Broadway crowd, but maybe that was wishful thinking.  I really want to see this film!

Initial Thoughts:  I've been bullish on his chances for a while now.  I have a feeling he's going to win pretty much everything at this point.  His reviews, the role, the point in his career...it just feels VERY right.

Initial Thoughts:  Remember in 2009 when 'Summer Hours', which was ineligible for Oscar, won a slew of critics awards?  Looks like the same is going to happen this year, which means predicting the actual Oscar winner is going to be a bitch.  This is expected, and I expect this to repeat quite a bit this year.  But, if support rallies, it could mean that Oscar will recognize the film in other categories (Actress/Screenplay) and for that I say...YAY!

Initial Thoughts:  I never even considered her a possibility, to be honest.  I just regarded her as a filler nom at best, but now she's looking like a serious contender and not just a fringe possibility.  This came out of nowhere (at least for me) but she does look sensational in the film.  Still, I really wanted Scarlett Johansson to take this.

Initial Thoughts:  I didn't see this coming, but that may mostly be because I expected 'Her' to perform well here and had my sites on a Spike Jonze win.  McQueen is having a banner year.  I almost wish that this film and 'Gravity' hadn't come out in the same year, because watching one of these directors lose the Oscar is going to be sad.

Initial Thoughts:  Well deserved!  She's exceptional in the role, and really cycles through such ranges of emotion with ease.  She's certainly poised to take the Oscar at this point, we'll just have to see if she steamrolls her way there.

Initial Thoughts:  Right about now I hate that I overpredicted 'Her' (I had Phoenix pegged as the winner here) but I had a feeling that Redford could surprise.  I think his Oscar nomination is secure, and unless DiCaprio makes a big stir, the Oscar is probably his as well.

Initial Thoughts:  I had a feeling this would happen.  Months ago, when all the hoopla over '12 Years a Slave' and 'Gravity' was taking off I said that a Academy friendly 'safe' film was going to come out of nowhere and win everything, and I even predicted that it would be 'American Hustle'.  I allowed myself to become deceived into thinking that it wasn't so, but here we have it.  At least this looks fun, but I just don't love O'Russell, like at all, so I'm skeptical.

So here we have it.  It's been a long ass day.  I've done very little other than troll the internet waiting for the voting to finish with these.  It's a pretty exciting start to the year though.  I mean, there really isn't a consensus anywhere, and that makes me happy.

And NBR is tomorrow!!!


  1. I wonder: could a Gravity/12 Years split give a film like American Hustle the win? And who wins director in that case? I'd love a rocky awards season!

    1. We will see. Remember, last year Zero Dark Thirty won here, and almost everywhere, only to be snubbed, so this isn't the end all. Then again, Argo was the safe film in that scenario so I don't know where I'm going with this. I still think that either 12 or Gravity will take the Oscar.

      This did solidify that Hustle has supporters though, and will probably perform pretty well with Oscar...and Lawrence is going to be a three time Oscar nominee.

    2. Yeah, the Hustle train might not go very far. I'm starting to think the Academy will go with Gravity, but 12 Years feels like a film they would vote for.

    3. Cuaron did well this weekend, and he's due, so I have a feeling that Gravity will take it in the end.