Monday, December 23, 2013

Let's Review Something: The Internship

I don’t think anything really made me smile quite as much as the year 2005, when Vince Vaughn realized that he was a really great comedian and that he should just steer clear of dramatics if he wanted to reignite his, at that time, pretty dead career.  His rebirth as an actor and celebrity is rare.  Usually, once you’ve passed your so-called prime, there is no turning back.  After that it’s straight to DVD releases and guest spots on television shows no one watches until you hit your 70’s and then some young director takes pity on you, remembers you from their youth when you were interesting and decides to reboot your relevance by casting you as a salty grandpa in an Oscar contender and you wind up getting your 15 minutes of fame relatively close to your last 15 minutes on earth.

Not so with Vince Vaughn.

Sadly, since his resurgence, he’s played it VERY safe and wound up playing very slight variations of the very same character in each and every one of his films.  Sometimes this works well, other times it makes for very uninteresting cinema.  A lot of this has to do with the script and the actors he’s working with.

No matter how entertaining Vince can be, dull is dull.

But ‘The Internship’ has another very big problem.

Are two old guys singing awkwardly in a car funny anymore?
Some films annoy, not for the sake of anything other than annoyance.  That is how I felt while watching ‘The Internship’, as if this film had no other purpose than to be annoying from every possible angle.  The characters are ridiculous stereotypes that serve no other purpose than to spout banter that feels forced and contrived and unintelligent despite supposedly being an intelligent form of witty banter.  There are certain characters that leave such an awkward stamp on every frame they’re in (I’m looking at you Lyle) that the entire film feels like an exercise in patience.

The formula here is a tried and true one, and yet it is also one that nearly everyone has tried and botched and will try and botch again.  Billy and Nick are old dogs who need to learn new tricks in a world designed to cater to the young and gifted.  When they lose their jobs, their lives take a tumble and they wind up reaching for the stars when they apply for an internship at Google.  For some strange turn of events, they actually get the internship and from then on they defy odds and use their experience to teach their team of misfits all about strippers and booze and irresponsibility and overconfidence and BSing their way to the top, and they do, obviously.

You both look about as ridiculous as this movie...
Oh, and there is the overconfident British punk who berates them every step of the way.

The formula just doesn’t work here.  Shawn Levy, the guy behind tighter offerings like ‘Date Night’ and ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, doesn’t know how to make this movie work.  His script is a messy collage of ‘Juno’ inspired banter that comes off as cheap and grating, and his cast of characters feel like overblown Saturday Night Live sketches.  Owen Wilson is looking more and more like a late in life lesbian and Vince Vaughn regurgitated shtick sticks out sorely in this film (he’s also far too old to continually get cast alongside young, hot girls who would NEVER date a man like him unless he were a celebrity).  The horrible strip club scene is ten minutes too long (seriously, edit this movie) and the finale feels so contrived I wanted to throw someone at my own head for thinking that the names ‘Vaughn and Wilson’ would guarantee a laugh or two.

The only laughs this movie got were those of the uncomfortable kind.

I would have rather been pounded...or fisted!
I give this mess an easy F.  It was that bad.  LOL, have The Razzies announced their nominees yet?  Expect this to be high on the list.


  1. Haha, I stayed away, and will continue to do so. ;)

  2. The film looks like one giant advertisement, I don't want to to pay to watch an advertisement.

    "(he’s also far too old to continually get cast alongside young, hot girls who would NEVER date a man like him unless he were a celebrity). "

    Think I said something similar in my review of The Dilemma

    1. LOL, but at least in The Dilemma he was paired up with Jennifer Connelly, who is at least close to his age. Here we are supposed to believe that JoAnna Garcia Swisher is swooning for him, and she's not only ten years younger but looks at least twenty years younger.

  3. When I read that it was going to be directed by Shawn Levy. I knew the film was going to be bad because that guy is a fuckin' hack. I never liked anything he did. Plus, I fucking hate Vince Vaughn right now. The guy used to be funny but he's now become lazy with the film choices he does and ends up playing the same fucking character. When I saw The Watch on TV some months ago, I was infuriated not just how bad the movie is but at how bad he has become. I really want to knock the fucker out right now.

    1. I'm with you on Vaughn. Like I said, it was so exciting in 05, but he's grown incredibly tiring.