Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gotham Award Winners

The Gotham Awards were last night, and while these don't make a huge difference on the race, they are worth noting.  You can see my post on the nominees here, and I correctly predicted four of these.  You can see all the nominees and winners listed on the Gotham website.

And, here they are:

Best Feature/Inside Llewyn Davis

Best Documentary/The Act of Killing

Best Actor/Matthew McConaughey

Best Actress/Brie Larson

Best Breakthrough Director/Ryan Cooglar

Best Breakthrough Actor/Michael B. Jordan
I'm actually proud of myself for correctly predicting Brie Larson.  She feels like an indie darling this year.  I'm really shocked to see the blow that '12 Years a Slave' took this morning.  It lost everything it was up for, and considering that it has the most Oscar buzz of any film in contention, I really expected it to at least take Picture.  McConaughey is on a role right now (he also took Rome a few weeks ago) and 'Inside Llewyn Davis' is getting some recent ink that has me thinking I was a fool to underestimate it!

NYFCC announces today as well, so yay!!!


  1. My thinking on Inside Llewyn Davis has always been: if A Serious Man can get nominated, so can it. I'm stunned that it beat 12 Years a Slave, though.

    1. Yeah, at this point I'd say it's firmly in the top ten...but where else?

    2. I think it could get 5 or 6 nods without a director nomination. Maybe it gets picture, screenplay, production design, cinematography, and song nods.