Thursday, December 5, 2013

Five for the Fifth: My Answers to Ruth's Questions for the Month

I’ve been busy as shit this week, and today is no exception, but I really love what Ruth does with her ‘5 for the Fifth’ and I try hard to participate every month.  This month, thankfully, I have a ready answer for each of her questions and so this won’t take me all morning (that is, unless my son decides to vomit on my computer while I’m typing this).

Let’s break into some Brits, Disney, Holidays and Scarlett fucking Johansson!

1)  What are YOUR favorite Disney movies?
I sing, I dance, I cry...don't judge me!
I have answered this question two different ways for years depending on who is asking me.  The honest answer is ‘Beauty in the Beast’, in a fucking heartbeat, but not many of my friends respect or understand that answer.  Yes, when the film was rereleased in 3D I took my daughter and yes, I sang along to EVERY SONG without shame or hesitation (fuck you, I’m at a Disney movie…let me sing!).  But, when someone who doesn’t get it asks me that question I usually say ‘The Lion King’.  Honestly though, that movie isn’t even #2 for me.  That would probably me ‘The Little Mermaid’, and recently I’ve become VERY partial to ‘Peter Pan’, which I think is an absolute masterpiece.  I have to say this as well.  I recently reviewed ‘Frozen’ as well, and it is an instant classic and will probably be in my top three one day.

2)  Should voice acting be considered for major awards like Oscar?
Fisti nominee James Gandolfini
I think that our minds should be expanded for this, even if it is pure bias and a cheap way to pimp Scarlett Johansson for an Oscar.  Honestly, I always discounted voice acting before (at least in animated films), but in 2009 I nominated James Gandolfini for his beautiful work in ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and that was pretty close to mere voice acting.  In fact, there was a time when I nominated Keifer Sutherland for his complete vocal work in ‘Phone Booth’, he was that convincing, so I really think it depends on the performance.  From what I hear, Scarlett Johansson should be nominated.

3)  What do you think of Anchorman 2’s marketing campaign?  Are you excited for the movie?

I think this is brilliant.  Some films just know how to market.  This will get an ass in seat, and despite myself being personally unimpressed (as a whole) with the first Anchorman, I’ll be seeing this!

4)  What are your thoughts on ‘Summer in February’ and ‘Out of Darkness’?

First, I must see ‘Out of Darkness’.  I’m into exploring short films at the moment, and anything Hiddleston is intriguing at this point for me.  I have no clue what this is about, but I’m in.  As for ‘Summer in February’, I’ll eventually see it, but with period pieces like this you really need to grab my attention with something unique, and I didn’t get that here.  It felt very generic, but the cast is intriguing and so I’m all for checking it out…eventually.

5)  Favorite holiday-themed movie?

Um, I hate the holidays and don’t watch most movies ‘themed’ around them simply because I could care less (I know, you think I’m evil right now) but maybe I’d say ‘Love Actually’, mostly because I associate it with the tremendous ensemble and not the actual holiday.

I’ll end by saying that no, my son is not sick, but he is only six months old and tends to spit up on everything, especially while he’s bouncing like a crazy person on my lap.

Oh, and Ruth…I think it’s about time you add my blog to your ‘Friends of Flixchatter’ list ;-)


  1. Hi Andrew! First of all, YES I've added you to my blogroll. I'm so sorry that I didn't do that before, I'm so behind on updating my sidebar but it's no excuse as you are definitely a friend of FlixChatter! :D

    I LOVE Beauty & The Beast! So you won't get any gripe from me, the songs are really great, I agree.

    Interesting that you ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ as that's another one of Spike Jonze's right? Yeah I do think Scarlett warrants a nom and this comes from someone who's generally not a huge fan of the actress.

    Wow, so I guess the Anchorman marketing DOES work! :)

    I think w/ Summer in February, the cast and the premise already won me over, too bad that I heard the reviews haven't been good in the UK.

    Hey, so we pick the same holiday movie! Hope you kid is better soon :D

    Thanks again for doing this Andrew, it's always fun reading your answers!

    – ruth

    1. Awe, thanks for adding me.

      Yeah, Wild Things is also Jonze. It's one of my favorites of the aughts.

  2. 1. I listed Beauty, Peter Pan, and The Lion King too! Love those. I enjoyed The Little Mermaid growing up, but I've not seen it in over a decade.

    2. I'm in favor of including them in the main acting categories, but not having a special category.

    3. Although I admire the strategy, I won't bother with the sequel, as I hated the first film. Will Ferrell is too hit and miss for me. I love his performances in Elf and Stranger Than Fiction, though.

    4. The cast of Summer in February has me interested, but it's not a must-see for me.

    5. Love Actually is a great choice. It'd be in my top 5, but my #1 would be the obvious pick: It's a Wonderful Life.

    Glad to see you're now a friend of FlixChatter! :D