Monday, December 2, 2013

Disney knocks another one out of the park!

So, if you see 'Frozen' anytime soon, you'll get to see this Animated Short (which also made the semi-finals with the Academy last month) and, quite frankly, this could be the one to beat.  What starts out as a nostalgic yet semi-awkward look at Disney animation (that perverse cow made my wife and I do a double take) turns into an inspired and beautifully hilarious combination of old and new and basically made my entire theater smile and cheer.  It was delightful and everything that you want from Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

You can catch a sneak peak here, but you need to get to the theater to catch it in its entirety.

The mixture of animation styles is really impressive here and the amount of sheer joy that comes from each frame is incredible.  It's a great little film that never overstays its welcome and makes the most of every second. The basic premise is simple, with Peg-Leg Pete raining on everyone's parade when he hitches up to their wagon and kidnaps Minnie for his own...pleasure.  What happens next is nothing short of spectacular.  With familiar faces getting layers you wouldn't expect (visually), 'Get a Horse!' is paving a way for an Oscar win.  Could this be the year of Disney?  Could we see Pixar taking a backseat to its elderly father, now rising back to glory?  

I hope so, because they deserve it!

I give this an A+.  It's just delightfully brilliant from start to finish.  I still have a lot to see, obviously, but I have a gut feeling about this one.


  1. This was a very fun short. The year of Disney is fine with me, but is the animated short category that easy to predict? A frontrunner could be upset in such a category.

    1. Oh no, it isn't that easy. This could easily lose (like I said, it's the only one I've seen) but this could also get a lot of passion votes from people in the Academy who look back fondly on the early days of Disney.