Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rome loved her; will Oscar?

Is that you Scarlett?

And by 'her' I mean Scarlett Johansson, and by Scarlett Johansson I mean her performance in 'Her', where she is never seen, only heard, and yet apparently her vocal performance is so strong (the reviews and praise are unanimous) that she's winning awards for it!  Yup, forget Matthew McConaughey; the best thing to come out of the Rome Film Fest is that acting win for Scarlett!  So, the idea of an Oscar nomination here has been flirted with for a while now, but could it really happen?  I'm not so sure (it's such a braze and risky prediction), but it surely is a possibility!  

Oh how the times have changed.


  1. I would be stoked if she got an Oscar nod and it's been overdue. She's not likely to win but to be nominated just for her voice. That would be awesome.