Monday, November 18, 2013

Love you's a link!

I planned on doing this Friday and then, well, the day escaped me.  Then I planned on doing in this morning and, well, the day escaped me.  So, I'm throwing some link love out there to some fellow bloggers who wrote the pieces I read this weekend or, err, um, today.

I guess patience is a virtue, since some new ink was dropped today that made me happy to include it!

First, Josh tackled 25 movie songs that failed to catch Oscar's attention...but should have!  I can't believe how much that 'Kissing You' snub stings when thinking back on it.

Brittani digs up a little scene gem of a film in 'Pieces of April'.  Back in 2003 I was in love with Katie Holmes, and she is aces in this role.  I wish she hadn't sold her soul to Tom Cruise, but thankfully she's broken from his clutches and should be getting her life back on track.  Oh, wait...she's fucking Jamie Foxx now.

I pretty much love 'Pan's Labyrinth' more in retrospect today than I did when I initially watched it (in concept that film is amazing) and so reading through Michael's breakdown of the '20 things you may have missed' was really incredible.  If fact, his piece moved me to watch the film over the weekend.

Remember when 'Argo' won the Oscar last year?  Remember how divided the world was on the film's worth?  I liked it, but thevoid99 kind of loves it, and his review is up and awaiting your attention.  As always, he writes a great review!  personally, I don't love the film, but I liked it better than 'Life if Pi', so YAY!

3 Guys 1 Movie breaks down the new DVD releases for the week.  Yeah, I'm not in a hurry to see any of these.

I'm a huge fan of reading other bloggers personal awards (thus my own Fisti Awards) and so when a blogger starts to post their rundown of a particular year and then abruptly stops...I get really depressed.  Thankfully, Encore's World decided to pick up where he left off months ago and let us in on his final installments of his 2012 breakdown.  He picks up with his choices for Best Ending.  I have to say, I completely agree with his take on these!

Speaking of personal awards, Nate needs to finish his Film Bitch Awards from last year too...but until then, he's debating the Critics Choice for young actor this year and is completely dreading (as are most of us) a double nod for Chloe Grace Moretz.  All I can say is, Tye Fucking Sheridan!  Seriously, I haven't seen much, but you could nominate the casts from 'The Bling Ring' and 'Mud' and you'd have a VERY worthy lineup!

And lastly, if you haven't gotten in on Mettel Ray's Breaking Emotions blog-a-thon, make today the day.  This weeks assignment is up!


  1. Thanks so much for the link!

    I'd give Pan's Labyrinth an A, but I think that has more to do with the concept than the actual film. Still, you can't fault the concept.